Recommended wifi modem for MTNL Broadband

Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by chihu, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. chihu

    chihu New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I want to replace my existing ADSL modem provided by MTNL with a wifi modem.

    Could someone let me know the brand name and model number (and may be the price) of some wifi ADSL modem which I can use with MTNL (Delhi) ?

    Thanks in Advance, :)
  2. rahul.maniac

    rahul.maniac New Member

    linksys wrt45g

    very easy to setup
    brilliant 30m radius
    1600 incl taxes
  3. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Just a moment. WRT54G is an excellent router and I have it myself but it does not have a built in modem. So it cannot replace your MTNL ADSL modem router. What you need is an ADSL modem + wireless router.

    I do not have specific models but you cannot go wrong with Linksys or Netgear. Just make sure that there is a built in ADSL modem inside.
  4. chihu

    chihu New Member

    No one knows what wifi modem MTNL provides.
    Went to a nearby comp shop and the vendor is asking Rs. 1950/- for a D-LINK router. Not sure whether it has a built in modem or not. The person was not sure and also it was to be made available only on order.
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  5. gargnikhil

    gargnikhil New Member

    problem solved

    get yourself a dlink DSL-2640T this one i myself using and is one of the best wifi and adsl modem inbuilt. infact it has lot of features. a must buy n very easy to setup too.
  6. rahul.maniac

    rahul.maniac New Member

    i stand corrected

    i think i may have replied too early
    the wrt54g is only a router, but a really good one at it :)
  7. chihu

    chihu New Member

    Thanks Guys for the posts.
    I am finally zeroing on to the DLink Modem. Here are the detailed specifications.

    Once again,
    Many Thanks.
  8. gargnikhil

    gargnikhil New Member


    if u need help in setup you can contact me too
  9. ap185062

    ap185062 New Member

    price of Dlink DSL-2640T

    Could you please tell me the price of Dlink DSL-2640T modem+router that you just purchased. Also please let me know how it worked for you.

    In US I am getting it for around $80. Just thinking if it is better to boy from India itself or should I get it from here itself.
  10. rakeshgg

    rakeshgg New Member

    You can buy NetGear Wireless Router


    I also had ADSL modem router for broadband. I purchased an additional netgear wireless router and made the connection wifi. If try to buy ADSL + wireless broadband router it will cost u around 5000+. Just wireless router will cost u only 1800 rs. As you have adsl router, I would advise to buy just the wireless router.

    One more benefit is if in future u move to cable net ADSL broadband will not work. The wireless router can be attached to any type of broadband router.

    Hope this helps.

  11. gargnikhil

    gargnikhil New Member

    must buy

    Dlink DSL-2640T present prices are approx inr4000 the best part is you have lot of features in this and also what is the need of buying seperate adsl modem and wireless router when you can have this in one composite device. i am using it for past eight months and find it the best.
  12. ap185062

    ap185062 New Member



    Thanks for your feedback. I think I should buy DSL-2640T in India itself as the price difference is about only Rs 800/-. In India, I will get warranty too and no incompability issues or power adapter/ voltage etc.

  13. nivbiot

    nivbiot New Member

    I am also planning to buy D link 2640T
  14. prashantamina

    prashantamina New Member

    hi well i bought d-link dsl 2640T in hyderabad from Chenoy trade center it costed me 3100 and also you can have a look at linksys WAG200G it cost is 3300/- , why i went for d-link is the warranty ,,, it has 3 years warranty and the servie center is in secundernad only 15km from my home and it will take 3-5 workigday if any problem linksys servuce center is in chennai and it will take 5-10days for repairs.,

    so far i'm satisfied with my new wiress router + adsl2+ modem

  15. nivbiot

    nivbiot New Member

    Can you tell me the range of the 2640T? I saw a belkin router without a modem which supports upto 400ft. I am thinking whether to buy a modem and wireless router separately or as a single one??
  16. gg_bti

    gg_bti New Member

    For wireless router only, with my experiend over last 4 years with wifi routers including Liksys, DLink and some others...Netgear WGR614 is one of the best...very easy to setup and mantain...

    And also, as suggested above, it is a good idea to have a separate Router and yout the flexibility of moving from cable to dsl broadband or vice versa...also if something goes wrong...only one of the 2 machines would need replacement...thereby giving you a cost advantage in long run...
  17. gmg9

    gmg9 New Member

    hello, i am going to buy a d-link dsl-2640T or linksys wag200g router which has 802.11g standard. i have dell studio laptop with 802.11n card installed.

    wounder if i will get any pob connecting my lappy to that router ?
    plz reply with details info as i am not a geek :)
  18. prashantamina

    prashantamina New Member

    the coverage of the router is not as much as wide i thought, i'm having a small house saw abt 100feet in radius and the signal is good enough....

    if belking can support 400ft then go for it, if you want wider coverage
  19. gmg9

    gmg9 New Member

    i have local cable internet connection which connects directly to my lappy rj45 connector. the cable wala give me a static ip address with all details. its "24online" provider. everything is static. they also provide a software to install and connect using that (cyberoamonlineclient). i have recently bought a d-link 2640T wifi+modem+router. what i want is, if it possible....

    connect that 24online's rj45 to my wifi router (it has 4 rj45) so that i can connect to internet through 24online wirelessly. got the idea. so i need to know how do i setup my router for that.

    thx for ur help
  20. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Is there any activation reqired from ISP for wifi from wired

    Nikhi, with reference to your message. I want to use wifi and if i use it with any router with inbuilt modem, do i need any kind of activation from MTNL. My concern is why does MTNL ask for extra charges for wifi.

    I have the settings for wired one, and i guess same can be used if wifi also. Only hardware is the requirement.

    Correct me if i am wrong.

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