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Discussion in 'Airtel Mobile' started by stelidevara, Feb 17, 2012.

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    I did not understand how each and every recharge affects the duration of the mobile phone connectivity (incoming as well as outgoing calls and sms). All of sudden I was told that validity of my number has expired and I had to pay Rs 27 to get the number again. At the time of disconnection I still had 330 rupees worth of available talktime. I use this phone day in and day out.

    So my first question is that how does a particular recharge plan affect the duration of the number validity? According to Airtel customer service in Vizag (siripuram) it seems type of recharge that you do affects the duration of the validity of the phone number.

    Second although I paid Rs 27 I did not get information about the extended time period for which my number connectivity is valid. I got an SMS saying that recharge was successful. I am using AIRTEL services.

    Third what is the difference between duration of the phone number validity and recharge plan validity and how are they related?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Recharge Plan validity means your particular recharge validity such as SMS card (Rs.62 gives 1000 local/national sms for 1 month), Internet Card (Rs.98 1gb data for 1 Month) after that period you need to recharge again for that particular plan.

    Mobile number validity is the validity till when you can actually get incoming calls even without a talktime ( For lifetime minimum talktime recahrge is required every 6 months). Like For Rs. 46 you get per second call plan for 6 months validity ( previously it was 1 year) so for this 6 month i can get incoming without having to worry about any talktime or special plan recharge.

    Hope it helps you differentiate.
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    Nowadays recharge validity extends phone no's validity atleast too till the recharge expires.
    dial *123# for airtel in AP. you will get your airtel no's horoscope.

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