Received BSNL 3G Bill Amounting to 15k, Help Needed

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by piyush90smit, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. piyush90smit

    piyush90smit New Member

    I had purchased a BSNL 3G dongle back in January, and had opted for the Rs. 4200 UL Plan - Postpaid. Of course, earlier this month they withdrew the UL plans. I was under the impression that existing customers won't be affected. However, it seems that I was mistaken. I just received a bill of Rs. 15,000 for data usage beyond 15GB. BSNL did provide a rebate of Rs. 6,000; however, even then the bill is quite hefty. I didn't receive any notification regarding my plan being changed. This saga reeks of unfairness. What is TRAI's stance on something like these? Does BSNL have the right to switch my plan w/o notifying me in advance? What are my options at this moment? Guys, please help.
  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Even if the plan changed, existing user can still download at unlimited speed and bandwidth till the 6 month period is over. Have you changed the plan recently hearing this news ? If so, you may be charged. If you are still in UL 4200 plan, you need not worry about the bill. Talk to the accounts officer and seek assistance.
  3. piyush90smit

    piyush90smit New Member

    No, I persisted with the existing plan only. And, thanks a lot for the advice.
  4. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Always Welcome :)

    There is some maintenance happening on BSNL servers. A few other users were also complaining about huge bills. I think yours is also the same case.
  5. v.Na5h

    v.Na5h New Member

    no he has 3g plan
  6. shaardu

    shaardu New Member

    hey don worry,even i have got bill of they think that we are mad to pay so much??they didnt notify anyone abt the new plan nor did they mention abt existing customers in their new ad....also our deal was for 6 months unlimited and they cant change whenever they want...just don pay them a buck...if it happens too much,just throw the sim card and complain....but don pay them 15000
  7. ramli7

    ramli7 Member

    BSNL has no rights to claim such bills, until the end ( validity ) of your promotional offer. One official has told, even the regular existing consumers ( like mine ) can be changed to other plans only after 6 months.

    As I have posted in another thread, I have seen, in person, at BSNL CSC many existing consumers submitting complaints / objections for heavy bills received ( for one guy billed for 3 lakh plus ). They are receiving letters from consumers and sending them by fax to their higher authorities, to get the issues fixed.

    It's better for everyone, to put it strongly in writing or through mails to the regional authorities. You can have their mail IDs in respective regional BSNL websites. :)
  8. sandeep.kolhe

    sandeep.kolhe New Member

    Received Rs.42447 Bill for BSNL 3G ...Please Help me

    I hav been using BSNL 3G DataCard from 11th Nov 2010 with 1359 unlimited usage plan,i received Rs.42447 bill for month of March which include the usage charges also ,which is free before. I contacted account department they told me the tarrif has been change form 18th of feb and they had already send the SMS to all subcribers but i have not recieved any message

    Please help me to get resolve this problem ..:(
  9. rock007

    rock007 New Member


    Talk to the authorities ....if they won't listen just go for consumer forum ... minimal fees and u 'll be ok...! even u can put a case of mental harassment on BSNL and demand a compensation for it... :cool:

    U'll get compensation....!! :D:D:D:D Rather BSNL will pay you..! ;);)
  10. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Try talking to the accounts officer. A visit in person may help. Take a print out of supporting documents.
  11. vikaslohia

    vikaslohia New Member

    You have to visit AO now any how!!!
  12. jagatheesan

    jagatheesan New Member

    Have you resolved your problem. bcoz I am also facing the same issue. it would be helpful if you could provide information about what all steps you took to resolve the issue.
  13. monica

    monica New Member

    Hi there,

    I am charged with a hefty bill of Rs.3 lakh from month july to october, with deatsils - july Rs 1.1 lakh, Sept Rs .83 lakh. I am still not sure how come they charge me like hell, I am pretty sure I haven't used this much. Ofcourse, 1.1 lakh bill a mnth means alot of GB downloading, that's way beyond imagination.
    I tried talking to some of the BSNL officers, but they gave lame excuse that sometimes data get downloaded even without your knowledge or if bill is showing you have used this much. how come they think i believe such a fragile excuse...80GB gets downloaded a month and I dont even have any idea.
    I haven't recieved any communication regarding bill from BSNL, so If i had any knowledge about the amount they gonna charge me with, i would have stopped that connection beforehand. It's only when i called and enquired about bill, i came to know about all this. Please advise what I can do now, paying 3Lakh is way beyond thinking and that too for a athng you haven't used.

  14. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    1. Where do you use 3G ? On PC with a data card ? Or mobile ?

    If on PC, do you have any meter that records the usage ? How much does it show ? Do you use torrents ?

    Which data card ? or using with mobile as modem ?

    I am amazed that you didn't check the usage for 3 months. Since it is not an unlimited plan, regular monitoring of usage is very essential. Do check if you have any data on PC which can show that the usage is not valid or not.

    The best thing you can do is a personal visit to accounts officer handling 3G. Talk to him and seek assistance. If not budging, give a written request for detailed list of your internet usage and demand receipt with seal for the same.
  15. monica

    monica New Member

    Hey Dilip,

    Thanks for replying back. It's Reliance 3G data card, which I used on my desktop.It is issued by government to my father and generally the plans provided to government officials are either free or minimal charges.

    This card is used only on weekends, because I don't live here. And I don't think anything I used for such a short span of time can cost me this much.Alas, there is no meter that can show the usage. I don't even have any account details and I tried contacting BSNL persons for getting the user ID and password, but I guess they themselves don't have this much knowledge.

    Yes, I have used torrents a couple of time but that can't shoot up my bill this high. This high bill implies, the billing details must account to around 250GB. As this is provided by government, we haven't received any bills too. Even right now, we don't have any billing details with us. It is just in figures that we are asked to pay this much.

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  16. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    Il start from the last...

    4- Using torrents a couple of time doesnt necessarily mean that your usage will be low. For example...even if one downloads 1 bluray movie each time, that accounts to almost 30GBx2=60GB

    3- Username and Password is not provided by any Indian Operator on data it 2G or 3G. It all depends on the SIM provided. Incase of prepaid it depends on the data recharge made and in case of postpaid the data plan opted for.

    2- Short span of time is a pretty dangerous thing on 3G atleast!!!! In an hour of usage(torrent download in this case) one can download 1GB on 3G. I personally have done it on BSNL 3G. Yours is Reliance 3G..given the speed of Reliance which is better than BSNL may be one can download upto 1.5GB data in a hour if not more.

    1-The plans provided to government officials are either free or minimal charges- If it is the case...why you are using it? It Has been provided to your father for a purpose. Not for torrent downloading...that is the reason it comes with free limited data usage which is i suppose more than enough for your father's official requirement like sending and receiving mails and stuffs like that.

    Why cry over spilt milk isnt it? Okay then...
    Does your father know about the Bill?? Whats he saying?...well..nothing can be done much if indeed if you have used up so much of data...if not there's a chance. So to find out wether you have or have not used so much data...ask the reliance guys to give you a detailed data usage report indicating the following:
    1- Time Frame.
    2- IP Address
    3- Data Exchanged

    Time-13:00hrs-14:00hrs IP- Data- 1024MB

    If they fail to provide the aforementioned table of usage. DONT PAY THE BILL
  17. monica

    monica New Member

    I am sorry it's not Reliance 3G, it' BSNL 3G, I mistyped.

    I really don't think that using torrents few times can give a bill as high as this. 60GB for a single movie, I really can't imagine that. I might have downloaded around 3 movies in the entire time span of 4months. Right now I am using Reliance with15GB plan and i have already downloaded so many torrents under the limit.

    Secondly, I talked about user name and password because when i try to access my billing details. I am getting a window asking for the two. Is there any other way, I can see the details?

    To that point, of course my father uses this data's just on weekends/fortnights when i visit my parents (hardly 3/4 days a month), I use this card. I do have my Tata Photon for all the downloading purposes. That's why i said, the data card is really not used that much. Downloading just 3movies in the long period of 4 month can't cost somebody 3lakh.

  18. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    Never did i say 60GB for a single movie neither did you mention that you downloaded only 3 movies. Forget it.....

    Regarding username and password...BSNL doesnot provide that...its you who has to SIGNUP just as you do for creating an E-Mail. Which site are you visiting? I guess its right? If not visit that page and SIGNUP from the link provided and then add your BSNL POSTPAID NUMBER. Hope this helps.
  19. netsetter

    netsetter New Member

    if Bsnl breach the contract, then u too go for it, jus buy another data card
  20. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    It is issued by government to my father and generally the plans provided to government officials are either free or minimal charges.

    BSNL has no special plans for government employees or departments. If used by government officials, either the SIM is taken in the name of organization to which the bill is issued or if the SIM is in the name of employee, he can claim a refund at a later point of time.

    Even right now, we don't have any billing details with us. It is just in figures that we are asked to pay this much.

    How come you got the bill ? Is it registered on your home address ? Scan a copy of the bill (blacken personal details) and post here.

    Yes, I have used torrents a couple of time but that can't shoot up my bill this high.

    Post a screen shot of your torrent client (say utorrent).

    Is there any other way, I can see the details?

    Mention your location.

    Don't worry, try this first

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