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Discussion in 'Railwire Broadband' started by Preeti_20, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Ok so we have users of Railwire Broadband on the forum! So guys give some reviews, this only helps people like and others to know the performance of other broadband options.
  2. rohitashva007

    rohitashva007 New Member

    dear preeti is it available in delhi ncr?
  3. vineet_c

    vineet_c New Member

    As per my enquiries it looks pretty good, It shall be available in my apartment in next 15-20 days, they are laying cables and seting up Wifi at this time. Cabling work seems mostly over , my estimate is 1 week but officialy it will take month or so.

    I have few other frens who are using the service and so far everyone has given a thumbs uop to the service.

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  4. Kumar_KA

    Kumar_KA New Member

    I live near brookefields in Bangalore, I have taken a broad connection with Railwire. Service is pathetic, the connection drops too often and everytime it takes 3-4 days to fix the issue. In my painful 4 months I realized that their model is - Railwire has a deal with local cable operators for cabling, networking part is taken care by railwire. This is where the catch22 comes in case of a connectivity issue.

    The support phone number is always engaged and when I get through after half an hour, the engineer asks me to check with the cable guy. The cable guy never answers any call, if after pestering and he answers the phone, he says everything is ok, check now. The two phone numbers 9448060589, 9972308487 of the cable guy will not be reachable and will be out of the network immediately. This is a catch22 of misery, railwire says check with cable guy, cable guy asks me to check with Railwire. Because I stay close I went to railwire office to ask for an esclation email id , the engineers were reluctant to give any details. There was one Suresh Kumar who claims to be a team lead, he was not willing to give his designation or second name. He was not willing to even share the office address or your details. After pestering he gave a mail id which is not working. Overall, service is pathetic. If you guys have a choice of any other service provider please do not choose Railwire . These guys are no different from cable operators, totally unprofessional and they do not have a regard for customers time. I will be filing a case in consumer court as at many critical times, the connection was down and I could not work from home.
  5. rrunner

    rrunner New Member

    I have a similar experience with railtel franchisee for hyderabad by the name of metamax.Honestly it was the worst ISP I have dealt with.Zero reliability should be their tagline.
  6. srig

    srig New Member

    Very Good ISP

    I have been using Railwire unlimited since April 2010 at Yelahanka and give my full marks to it. It is very fast (gives me rated speed of 256k - both up/dn), the helpdesk staff is very courteous and knowledgeable. As others have pointed out, the last mile connection is given by my local cable operator (via a separate LAN cable). I have had only a intermittent issues for a couple of weeks of connection failure - but that was because the local operators equipment was placed in a someone's house - and since that house was being renovated - occassionally something would get disconnected. My cable operator is also very helpful and promptly takes the call and services within half an hour. Apart from this I have had absolutely no complaints at all.

    Also as others have mentioend in other threads, the local operator charges more (for both installation and monthly fees) than what is advertised by Railwire (Rs 100 more per month). But I am OK with this because it is still the cheapest - and the local operator needs to make investments for the first couple of years as uptake is slow.

    ANother good thing compared to ADSL is that there is no terminating equiment in the house. So even when no electricity, one can use the internet from a laptop.

    There is one problem - which I still trying to figure out.

    When using ICICIDirect website, I frequently keep getting login screens randomly (i.e I am trying to carry out some trading and suddenly the login page appears). I have verified 100% that this problem does NOT occur on my dial-up but happens (since the past 3 months) very regularly on my railwire connection. Both Railwire & ICICIDirect say that there is nothing wrong on their side. Somewhere I read that a firewall may create such problems. Still searching.
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  7. nirav222

    nirav222 Guest

    I am using bsnl evdo its speed is up to 2mbps and monthly 750 and its unlimited
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  8. ravijai

    ravijai New Member

    Hi SRIG,
    I am also facing the same problem regarding Icici direct and railwire..did u get any solutions?
    Pls share...
  9. srig

    srig New Member

    I could not solve the problem. In the meantime my local operator who was delivering Railwire, switched his ISP to Spectranet (Division of Punj Lloyd) for the same rates (and thus I am no more a Railwire user). The ICICIDirect problem does not occur with Spectranet. Since it is the same front-end devices and local distribution network of my local operator, I believe the ICICIDirect problem is certainly that of Railwire. Note that this session problem occurs with some other sites too and I have not been able to detect any pattern. One of the other sites having this intermittent problem is incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.

    You can try what I did with Railwire support few months back to report this problem. Raise a ticket with Railwire helpdesk. Then describe the problem in detail in a separate mail to their mail-id (take it from helpdesk). They will ask you to download a freeware such as GotoMyPC (I do not remember) and then they can watch your PC in real-time while you demonstrate the problem. Unfortunately, I attempted this twice and in both occasions, the problem did not occur. If this happens to you, do the next step of you operating Railwire helpdesk's PC remotely using that GotoMyPC by logging into ICICIDIRect from their PC. See if the problem is reproducible.

    You can also do this to report the problem. Download BB FlashBack Express software (free). Using this, you can record you entire session of ICICIDirect login and problem as a flash movie. Save it as a flash file and attach it the Railwire mail-id. I did this first, after which they decided to connect remotely to my PC.

    If you want, you can mention my Railwire ticket#7829 create on 31 Jul 2010 for this issue. Note that my name with Railwire does not use my IndiaBroadband nickname.

    If you get any resolution, do post it here for my and other's benefit.
  10. ravijai

    ravijai New Member


    Thanks a lot for your detailed reply SRIG..I will follow up with railwire...
  11. nagaraj_d28

    nagaraj_d28 New Member

    I have come across much problem in railwire i use 4Mbps speed but in day it drops to 800-600Kbps (between 10 am to 8pm) after that i get perfect.when ever i call customer care they keep on saying check ping, on/off the connect etc, i use wimix connection so there is no problem of wire too and the tower is 200mtrs from my receive they are sharing my speed i give it 0 for there service
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  12. Sankarsh

    Sankarsh New Member

    Asking about the bsnl evdo 750 plan

    hey i just read about the bsnl plan evdo 750 plz sir can u tell me more about this plan and tell me if it is 2 megabits or megabytes and also tell me i have a laptop tell me if it works is evdo like a router or should i buy a new router for this to work plz take ur time and tell me in detail is it like a wifi or what plz any1 replay as soon as possible
  13. Subhrajyoti Basak

    Subhrajyoti Basak New Member


    I live in brookefield(Thubarahalli) area in bangalore. I totally agree with this review, this operator is really a ****. They did't have changed in last 2 years. they are totally unprofessional and they even dont ready to give you value as a customer. They even asked did he asked me to take his connection. This operator's service is pathetic, each and every day your connection remains down for couple of Hr. In case of me i was not care about the week days service also even weekend service because my purpose was just to check mails and facebook. Now from last one month i was attending online course in weekend and believe me half of the class i could not able to attend because of connection problem. When i went there for complain they asked me connect with railware customer care and directly told me as i am facing much problem why i am not disconnecting that. I went to Railware office itself as it was near by, first they asked me to go provider office who already asked me contact customer care and their reaction was they already know about the bull **** service provided by that provider. When i ask why not they shifting the service to some other vendor as they know about the bad service provided by the vendor, their reply was this bull **** vendor is very old service provider for them.

    As mentioned mobile no 9972308487 will remains busy always or else he will not receive your call, you will become fed up after giving 10-20 calls, but that guy will not show courtesy to receive your call once and listen to you.

    Last comment ****** RAILWARE SERVICE SUCKS in BROOKE-FIELD area in BANGALORE *************
  14. vsblr

    vsblr New Member

    I agree with you. It is one of the worst ISP.
  15. realitycheck

    realitycheck New Member

    Pathetic customer service and broadband by Railwire.

    I took a railwire broadband connection as Airtel was unable to provide a connection in my area.
    I paid 800 Rs installation charges and 600Rs for the prepaid 512kbps broadband. Right from day 1, I was unable to login. After about 10 days of non stop calls, finally they rectified the login issue. The ethernet cable length was too long, so they kept a switch at their end.

    But the speed I get was less than 1kbps !! Its been another 4 days of constant calls to Railwire. I'm still unable to download even a single file !! Please avoid Railwire at all costs..

    Or atleast make sure you pay only after they demonstrate a speed test on your laptop. They have their own login's to display a broadband speed test. Please do this if you want to save yourself a lot of headache.

    Customer care speaks properly, but I don't think they have any proper processes or anything. Different people keep picking up calls and I have to repeat the whole story every single time. This was expected, but I at-least expected some technicians would at-least try and rectify the issue. Customer care would do a remote login, but all they do is a ping test or goto speedtest.com to verify internet speed.

    The local agent who provided the service was only interested in getting the 800 Rs installation charges. After I started facing issues with my connection on day 1, he stopeed attending my calls. Customer service is just namesake. Save yourself money and time by not calling them.

    This is the worst customer service you will ever get in your entire life.

    Stay away !!
  16. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    Did you not get to speak to any manager (it never happens but sometimes you can get lucky enough to talk to a senior staff member). When making a complaint you always have to repeat yourselves to everyone you speak to its a normal thing when wanting to complain.
  17. sunil2000

    sunil2000 New Member

    I am really surprised once again about the customer service :mad: never saw like this what a shame for the Rail Wire :eek: in this way how the country will progress :( today every where in the world the internet services are getting more and more better in every way weather service or customer support or the quality of the connection :rolleyes: and what i am hearing is so disgraceful for such a institution like Indian Railways:confused:
  18. Moksh

    Moksh New Member

    I don't think Railwire is available in Delhi.

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