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    This is a bit off topic, but I had to I ask this. My BSNL telephone line has radio station noise interference in it. Sometimes it is so loud that I cannot hear the person talking on the other side. I have changed splitters but it doesnt solve the issue. I approached the BSNL guys but they are clueless too.

    When I touch the telephone chord, the volume of noise increases. Maybe the chord is acting as an antenna. What could be the solution?
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    It is normally a splitter problem. the line that comes to your home will contain data for broadband. Splitter actually filters this from passing to the land line. If there is some problem in splitter, this will pass into your voice line causing this issue.

    1. Are you sure you got working splitters ? Try a filter from your friend (where there is no problem) and check on your line.

    2. Ask the line man to give a clean line without joints or non oxidised parts.

    3. If the local BSNL employees are not responding, try this all India complaint link

    4. A visit to SDE's office may give better results.

    Hope this helps.

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