Please suggest a suitable data card and 2G data plans to recharge

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by shounak2010, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. shounak2010

    shounak2010 New Member

    Hi friends , I am shifting to Hyderabad in the next month , leaving behind my awesome (really it was!!) BSNL 500C broadband connection.

    What should I do now ?

    Should I buy a Micromax data card (MMX-310G) and arrange a 2G SIM in Hyderabad ? and then recharge Rs.98 in it ? My friends are reporting that they are getting 3G speeds in it.

    Mates, please advise me . Waiting for your replies :)
  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    you wont get 3G speeds on it.. but consistent 150kbps..
  3. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest would get 2GB of data @ 3G SPEED on Rs 98 2G recharge anywhere in INDIA on BSNL...dont get excited though...2GB on BSNL is like 2hours of full fledged downloading(torrent/IDM)...its beneficial for those who only use for surfing and checking mails i.e. a max of 15mins on an average per day...

    If you think that everytime u recharge with Rs 98 you'l get 2GB of data @3G SPEED im afraid its not... let me cleat myself...
    Taking into consideration that u recharge this voucher on the 1st of a month(comprising of 30days)...and end up using up the 2GB provided within 10 days...and again recharge with Rs 98 voucher on the'l GET @GB OF DATA BUT @2G SPEED and that 2G speed will prevail until the validity of the recharge gets over i.e. 10th of the next month....

    So the point is...
    If you want to avail 3G speed on Rs 98 voucher must make sure that ur next recharge should be minimum a day later of the previous recharge's validity expiration...otherwise u wont get 3G speed...ur speed will get capped....

    N.B: If you need more than 2GB of data...suppose u need 10GB per month...make a one time investment and get 10BSNL sim...Spend Rs 980(98x10)...still its cheaper than BSNL 3G recharge voucher of Rs 1260...

    AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT U BSNL GUYS(i kno u guys hav ur eyes on this forum)...just wanna say "thank you"in the language u understand... " SPANK YOU..." :)
  4. abhishek

    abhishek Member

    3G speed at cost of 2G ......... TOTAL BULL***T
    i agree that with BSNL you get some decent speed in 2G , but as it is a 2g plan you wont get 1-2Mbps . Now some people report that they getting 3G speed at 2G plans activated ; yeah its true not fully . When i brought a new sim i was too getting such high speed but after 2-3 days i consumed all my data (98Rs. 2G plan = 2GB data) then i again got the same plan activated but this time the speed was normal as 2G plan . Like this it was clear that it was just for moments . All i want to say is that :
  5. abhishek

    abhishek Member

    have a look at my another post . this might make things clear -

    The Absolute Miracle
  6. Kmchosp

    Kmchosp New Member

    Hi.. Even I am planning to buy a data card for a netbook..
    I wont be using much data and the speed is also not very important (150 kpbs as ppl are reporting is fine) but reliability is very important since it will be used for accounting purposes. I wanted to ask if you have experienced any downtime etc. Will be using it in AP(Warangal City)..

    I'd like to know if 2G plans work on a 3G data card.. Is it better if i buy it directly from BSNL or should i buy it in the market and take the SIM from BSNL?

  7. abhishek

    abhishek Member

    Hey if you want some consistent speed i would suggest you for BSNL . I would be better if buy data-card externally and feed it with BSNL
    sim card . And of course you can use 2G plans with it . With BSNL in 2G(98Rs. gprs plan) i was getting an average speed of 160Kbps .
  8. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    Forget Micromax,lava,Alcatel,beetel etc.
    Dont touch 3.6 mbps data cards as 7.2 mbps data cards (GSM) are available dirt cheap due to competition.
    Dont buy in company showroom as it will be locked and high price (including BSNL)
    you may get 1 gb or 3 Gb data free but unless you know how to unlock,it is a proble.
    Huawei datacards E173/E1731/E1732/E 1750c are selling in Ebay around Rs 1300-1400 (unlocked) ZTE data cards are ok but not as good as HUAWEI.
  9. Pistole_lachen

    Pistole_lachen New Member

    you also also do this.. buy a modem..
    and buy an aircel sim.. they have 79/- (2gb) per month plan... i sometimes use for backup , its also giving around 80 kbps..
  10. Kmchosp

    Kmchosp New Member

    Thanks for the reply guys.. I'll probably buy the data card from BSNL since getting support from other people if something goes wrong will be hard to get..


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