Please help me guys! Speed limited to 1MBPS

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by adi420, May 18, 2009.

  1. adi420

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    I am a subscriber or BSNL Home 500 COMBO plan. I should get speeds from 256 kbps upto 2mbps. But my speed has been limited to 1MBPS and the actual speeds I get are in the range of 750-850 kbps. I tried calling the Toll free number about 50 times and every time they gave me different land line numbers to contact. None of the persons whom I spoke to understood the problem or helped in solving it. I spoke to the local customer service office but they are unwilling to do anything because I am getting above 256 kbps which is what they have promised. I checked my modem at my friend's place and there it is reaching 2mbps. I spoke to the SDOP and even he spoke very rudely and told me that if I am not satisfied with the speed, I should disconnect the connection. I checked the modem configuration page and it is clearly mentioned that the speed downstream is only 1021 kbps where as it should be 2044 kbps. I tried sending many emails to the customer grievance cell and the result is I get a call daily asking the speed and as soon as I tell the speed, they hang up. There are only two possible problems according to being Line problem but I am getting good SNR ratio etc... Maybe they made some improper connections. The other possibility is that they wantedly limited my speed to 1 mbps and this may be the case with many more people. But all my friends who have BSNL broadband say that they get upto 2mbps. I request you to suggest some solution to my problem.:mad::(:(:(:(:(:(
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    Use the following DNS servers:

    Prefered DNS Server
    Alternate DNS Server

    See if it makes any difference.
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    no difference...
  4. vijaykhairnar

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    Actually the speed depends upon many factors.Most important of them are
    1) Distance from the exchange.
    2) Wire used.
    3) How you connect:- Connecting adsl router and LAN is far better than using USB port.
    4) Configuration of router , LAN and Connection

    Secondly talking very politely with these people in exchange can only do some favor. Complaining again and again is of no use.
  5. jon08

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    Sir vijaykhairnar i think he is trying to tell about LINE DOWNSTREAM & UPSTREAM RATE not download speed. Line Downstream & Upstream rate depend on which plan you are using & mainly depend on your local Telephone Exchange not distance. Pls see attachment......

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  6. adi420

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    I tried everything from pleading them, begging them, shouting at them but no use...there is some line problem which they are unwilling to repair. My connection is very old (since 1995) and we changed the wire coming from the pole to our house but they did not change the wire from exchange to the pole. They are just unwilling to replace the wire because they did not promise 2 mbps speed.

    the telephone exchange is within 1 km from my house
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  7. jatinder911

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    mode of connectivity is everything dude,BSNL CC is hopelessly insane even more insane than reliance,try to live with it or change ur isp, as their wires are aged in upcoming years i don't think even 1MbPS will reach ur home, because when copper wire gets older then it cant carry high speed data packets like new one.

    just look at this pic then u will understand

    hundreds of wires mangled with each other!!! the biggest drawback of Indian isp's is their mode of connectivity is ages old and that's the reason u wont get promised speeds!!
  8. essbebe

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    (1)Mention your modem/model and make.

    (2) we need Data like SNR U/L D/l Attn U/L D/l Line speed Mod selected.
    Post details or give screen shot as annexure here.

    (3) you can make an online complaint to BSNL
    and they will ask your exchange to do the needful.
    First you need some data about the connection.

    (4) see this page and ensure you are connected to
    Internet as shown in Diagram.


    (5) presume your phone line is Noise free, and no

    (6) Check speed at say mumbai & Sydney servers.
    give results
    Give the link here as hxxp://xxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxx.jpg

    post as Annexure.
  9. adi420

    adi420 New Member

    My modem model is Type 4- DNA A211 - I

    Screenshot with all details is attached below

    I made all kinds of complaints possible

    Yes, I am connected according to the image. They themselves came and gave the connection. Only 1 phone is there (no parallel connections)

    Yes, the phone line is noise free and after going after them for 20 days, they changed the line but still no change in the speed

    Speedtest screenshot is also attached below

    I have run out of all my options. The only possibility is they knowingly clamped my speed to 1 mbps because they told me that they changed the line and I tested the modem at my friends place and it gave speeds of 2 mbps. They dont want to provide 2 mbps for 500 combo plan subscribers. They themselves had mentioned earlier that combo subscribers get less speed. I have to manage with this speed now :mad::(:mad::(

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  10. superprash2003

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  11. robert_0007

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    @ adi420 I am having such type of problem. Here your Rate Kbps is 1021Down and 509Up where in my case it is 2048 and 1024 repectively. I have collected data from my friends modem and I found that they are having 8089 down and 509 up. I took printout and reach BSNL office and tell them to change my wire. immidiately they have changed the wires from the exchange to my home. (In my area BSNL people are much helpful) but the statistics remains same. And till date speed test gives me arround 1 MB to 1.5 MB. But I am getting 230KB/s download speed. I think you are getting this type of problem from the exchange. If possible kindly request them to change your port. In my case, I am getting nearly the promised download speed so I am not disturbing them but I think you are facing much trouble so you can try this.
  12. adi420

    adi420 New Member

    ur friend gets 8 mbps??:eek:they just changed my port today but the speed did not increase even by 1 kbps. my download speed never crossed 108 kbps average being 95-100 kbps that too using IDM and splitting to 16 parts and downloading from direct link websites. :(:(

    btw robert, which broadband plan are you and your friend using?
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  13. Indranil

    Indranil Member

    adi420 I read your all post and other's people reply. The fact is there is no way to change your Downstream Rate 1021 to 2048Kbps If the IP DSLAM was set the Downstream Rate to 1021Kbps and that's why when they change your current port to another port you gets same Downstream Rate.
    I dont know are they really change your current port, because if they change your current port then thay have to reset your port binding address. or you will get " wrong user name and password" message. Ok I think they reset your binding address.

    I can only suggest you to change ADSL settings Mode ADSL2+ to G.Dmt
    I see it from your screen shot.
    Some times if this settings are set to wrong then you get the wrong Downstream Rate.
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  14. adi420

    adi420 New Member

    changing the mode from ADSL2+ to G.DMT increased the speed from 1021kbps to only 1024kbps and not 2048kbps:(where might be the problem? line fault or they really limited my speed to 1mbps...
  15. Indranil

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    In the Mode G.Dmt the speed shows to you 1024Kbps in your ADSL modem. So thats mean your line dont have the problem. In the IP DSLAM the speed set to 1024Kbps in your port or all port of that IP DSLAM. BSNL need to set the download speed in that IP DSLAM 2048Kbps or higher in your port or all port of that IP DSLAM. Then you get the correct Downlaod speed.
  16. adi420

    adi420 New Member

    yeah thats what I think....BSNL have limited my speed to 1 mbps instead of 2 to solve the problem?? will complaining in newspaper help?
  17. Indranil

    Indranil Member

    If Possible contact with the DE of the Bsnl
  18. internet_guy

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    thuru phones nothing happens,approach the divisional engineer at your areas bsnl exchange ,if he doesnt listen then approach the area manager
  19. meetdilip

    meetdilip Guest

    It is true. But we should at least try through phone than waiting idle. There are a few good people in BSNL. If you are lucky, you may get one.
  20. adi420

    adi420 New Member

    There are no good people in BSNL at hyderabad :mad:

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