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Discussion in 'Desktop Computer' started by pnjani, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. pnjani

    pnjani New Member

    I have PDF file which was made in excel and having only table.

    Total page are 90.

    each page has a table and the size of table is hardly 8 % of the page size.

    Out of 90 pages 56 pages has table and the other pages i made it blank as they are not required.

    PDF file is remains of 90 pages and 56 pages with table are not in chronological order.

    I want to add six such type of the table and some text in table and out side table.

    I want to convert it in to word.
    So that I can edit.

    Normal procedure and easily affable conversing software tried with the help of the people who knows computer more then me.

    But no one is able to do.

    PDF editor also tried but failed to get result.

    If all these table we put in sequence then it will be hardly 2 to 3 page of word document and i want these.

    Please suggest.
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

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  3. pnjani

    pnjani New Member

    None of the said is useful.
    It is alpha.pdf file.
    I fee that entire table made in only one cell in excel say A1.
    and presented in alpha.pdf

    How ever blank pages deleted by pdf editor.

    My purpose is not solved.

    Please help.
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    testing ;
    From my usage portal excel sheet could cut/copy/paste a single field ,
    (Part entries )
    other cells not used.

    do you need something like this. ?

    Post a sample page.
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  5. pinkypainter

    pinkypainter New Member

    normally we can only convert from Ms Words to PDF. But, I wonder why the PDF become disorder when it is converted? It should not, I suppose.

    I use cutePDF to convert my work and it shows the same as my word file. When the work has converted to PDF, I don't think the PDF can be edited anymore. You can double check from your original file and make the correction then re-convert to PDF again.
  6. markkdepp

    markkdepp New Member

    There is very good software for converting PDF file to word file for editing. This software is Abby fine reader. This software can convert tables directly from excel file in same format. It is very useful software. I have tried it.
  7. Anish

    Anish Forum Bot

    Abby Fine Reader is an OCR software, you will spend a good amount of time correcting the mistakes in the converted document.
  8. jutamaro

    jutamaro New Member

    Convert your PDFs to editable Word documents with this free utility called Wondershare. I am not allowed by this forum to give link yet. Just check for it at download.cnet.com
  9. gspal

    gspal Member

    Both ABBY.Finereader v9.0 that can covert PDF to Word and Excel and also image (OCR) files and Wondershare PDF to Word are available for free download and use (full versions - not trial) at 4shared dot com. Go there and make a search for them. ABBY is much more than an OCR Software.
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