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    Almost everyone that uses PC and internet know how to make free calls from PC to PC. Many people make use of PC to PC free calls but not many of us know how to make PC to mobile free calls. We only wish that we could make PC to mobile free calls and don’t worry, you can actually make PC to mobile free calls today with the latest internet tools and software products. You will be able to make use of your PC as a regular phone and contact any mobile phone without having to spend any money. Though there is an increasing competition in the cellular industry, the cost of making mobile calls still remains expensive. So learning to make PC to mobile free calls will indeed save you a considerable amount of money month after month on your telephone bills.
    One of the ways of making PC to mobile free calls is to make use of Yahoo Messenger. If you have not used Yahoo Messenger for making free PC to mobile phone calls, you can now learn how to do it. How does this work and why would anyone allow you to make free mobile calls using your PC. What you must remember is that nothing comes for free, there is always a price that you will have to pay but the price need not always be money. This can as well be in the form of your precious time. You just need to call 18003733411 using your Yahoo Messenger and listen to the instructions to make your free call. Before you can make your free call to any mobile number of your choice, you will have to first listen to the advertisement played. Of course you will have to have your microphone and your headset configured to working condition.
    This is not the only way you can make free PC to mobile free calls. There are many freeware and shareware products available in the market. You can download these software tools to make your free phone calls. You just need to make sure that you are installing safe to use software tools that will enable you to make PC to mobile free calls. Many of the software tools will display ads in the interface and for the savings you make by making free phone calls to mobile phones, you can certainly put up with such minor intrusions. You will never have to pay anything if you are ready to use tools that display ads. Though this is a marketing strategy used by many companies to attract new customers, you can benefit from these free tools that are available online. The internet has opened up a whole lot of ways to us which helps us achieve many things in our life fast, and cheap.
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    I have heard of such free PC to Mobile free calls but have not used any tool as yet. This is a great opportunity to make calls in case of urgent situations when you are at home and other phone lines are not favouring you.
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    In india i think nobody is giving the facility of FREE CALLING from PC to Mobile.

    but thr are many services available which cost you very less to call any whr in india or outside
  4. pc to mobile free calls for bd help me

    no making pc to mobile free call service...... for bd ......pls help me admin sir
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    There are pc to mobile free calls after a bit of payment but only to a few selected destinations...........eg-xxx.jumblo.com,

    Some sites like globe7 will give credit for making many joining them like sending a frnd request and they join thru it and so on like .............
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    What problem you are facing?
    Please explain in brief as without problem information we will not be able to help you
    Reply needed so as to solve your issue urgently
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    Skype is one of the good software with which you can call also have a video conference all for free :)
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    WOw, cool. I will try it tomorrow.
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    its nice. we can make a call any were.
  10. oo7

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    Nice info admin!
    Admin can you explain more about Yahoo Messenger thing?
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    how to use free mobile calls
  12. freecall

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    how to use free mobile calls
  13. dattajahar

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    you kindly suggest how to make free calls from using broadband from my house
  14. mickey

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    best way is skype... (not free)..

    get google voice number free signup..
    get a U.S number to register it.
    get free voip credits vopium, rebtel etc..
    start calling.. (atleast 30 minutes credit is free, than its paid)..

    you will need voip client..
  15. alkis

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    i think Magic jack is also a good solution
  16. abani

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    Could you please advice me such software or site names ?
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    how to use free mobile calls

    how to use free mobile calls

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