password protection for folders in win7 64bit

Discussion in 'Windows' started by anandsht, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. anandsht

    anandsht Member

    I want a free tool to password protect my folders in win7 64bit.I tried free hide folder but it is 32bits and not compatible with win7 ultimate 64bit.Anyone having an idea of another free tool?
  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    try peazip.. supports more than 170 file types.. encrpts folders and stuffs..

    (computer needs to have peazip installed or it wont decrypt-for noobs)
  3. nevinjohn

    nevinjohn Active Member

    Why dont you use winrar? Compress and encrypt! It isnt a big software, and most PC has this by default. Also the file type in encpypted, so no one knows what kind of file it is, moreover its a free software.
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    glary utility has a passworder

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