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    how to set password for bsnl data one wi fi modem..
  2. satishalluri

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    confieq you modem to pppoE mode "always on"

    set wireless to wap secruty

    and set your password

    do not put password jest like name place like that
  3. robert_0007

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    What is actual quiery???
    1. In wireless connection where to put Broadband Password/??/? or
    2. How to secure your wify????
  4. SmoothVibes

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    I request you to please provide complete details of your problem
    like which password you are looking for
    complete name and model number of router
    what problem you are facing after applying wireless setting on router
  5. essbebe

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  6. just4kix

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    There are three passwords involved:

    a) Password for modem login (when you go to
    b) Password for BSNL internet login (PPPoE configuration)
    c) Password (or rather passphrase) for securing wi-fi connection

    essbebe has kindly provided the link for complete setup procedure.

    If there is still a problem, give a shout.
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  7. essbebe

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    TASK 1 : modem router (ANY ) Id admin default PW : admin ( usually )
    Want to change modem access PW :. Done in the modem itself.
    Task 2 : Given : Bsnl userID essbebe
    and password : 123fgty to connect to Internet .
    Change Password : to 456rewq
    for IP 59.xx.xx.xx etc
    for IP 117.xx.xx.xx or

    Task 3 : Usage portal ID man12345042009
    Default password : password

    Task 4: security key for wifi router.
    link given earlier .

    Task 5 : email Id password change . ; not needed now.

    Hope, thread starter will respond, with another one liner !

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