Open Letter To MTNL Authorities

Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by aakashshah123, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. aakashshah123

    aakashshah123 New Member

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have been using Mtnl Broadband for over 6 months now.
    I am currently using Rs. 590 Night Unlimited Plan.
    I have noticed that MTNL Delhi Has a Rs.950 Unlimited usage plan .They
    are offering this services since past 6 months. I have been frequently
    asking to the authorities here in Mumbai Mtnl on when will this scheme
    be implemented in Mumbai but did not recieve any concrete Reply.
    Normally all the facilities are same for Both MUMBAI MTNL and DELHI
    MTNL, so why is there a discrimination in this case.This would rather
    put MUMBAI far behind other cities as the same scheme is available to
    Across India through BSNL too.Even private players in Broadband are
    offering this services too.
    Also it is surprising that the Speed has been increased to 2 MB for limited plan users only and not to Unlimited Users, why these discrimination.
    Infact the unlimited users are the one who really require this plan.
    In todays age of global competition, When some of our collouges from Other countries are having 100 or 1000 times more speed than us in India. its a cause of shame for us Indians.

    I would suggest that it would be great if you introduce the same scheme
    for MUMBAI MTNL too.This would benefit the users of MTNL broadband to a
    great extent and also help in building many many new customers.

    Please take necessary actions soon.
    Thank you
    Aakash Shah.
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  2. aakashshah123

    aakashshah123 New Member

    Letter To Minister of Communication and Information Technology : Mr.Dayanidhi Maran

    Respected Sir,
    This is in reference to your announcement made on Dec.14th 2006 directing Govt Telecom Players MTNL and BSNL to Offer 2 MBPS to all their customers.
    I am a MTNL customer from Mumbai having 590NU Plan which covers Night Unlimited Usage.
    The Announcement from MTNL directed only the fixed usage members with the increase in bandwith and the Actual Users Like myself under the Unlimited Plan are barred from this Offer.
    It must also be noted There is a total Unlimited Plan for both BSNL and Delhi MTNL Custumers but surprisingly MUMBAI MTNL is barred from this plan too.
    I have asked for assistance to provide this plan to MTNL Authorities but this has fallen on Deaf Ears.
    I have also posted an open Letter to MTNL Authorities regarding the same here :

    but still no reply or explanation has been provided till yet.
    Looking at the services offered at other countries even 2 MBPS is quite low but it still raises hope among us for bright future.
    I request you to kindly look under this matter and provide a proper solution to this problem.

    Thank You.
    Aakash Shah
  3. celpap

    celpap New Member

    Broadband Speed MTNL

    Dear Akash,
    You have not got my message clearly.
    In Delhi also they announced speed increase to 2Mbps from Jan.01as a new year gift from MTNL but so far there is no improvement or action.
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  4. aakashshah123

    aakashshah123 New Member

    This letter is not addressed to any individual here but to the MTNL authorities who are just ignoring all my emails and requests/ Complaints for the service status.
    I have mailed few emails to media today and hope there will be some action taken and questions asked to the authorities wwho are not providing the services to the customers.
  5. celpap

    celpap New Member

    MTNL Broadband Speed

    Mr Minister
    It is highly disappointing that you had announced in a press information bureau last year that all broadband subscibers will get a higher speed of 2Mbps as a new year gift from MTNL.

    This has however not materialised and no response comes from helpdesk of MTNL.

    It seems MTNL senior employees are playing in the hands of private ISP's and sabotaging MTNL so that the government is forced to privatiseit. Already one 'gentleman' Sam Pitroda has already evaluated BSNL and suggested that it should be sold and a revenue of 80000 crores can be earned.

    Please look in to the matter and see that your position is not misused and your officer's do not misguide you.

    SURENDER SHARMA:confused:
  6. venkat2cool

    venkat2cool New Member


    Aren't u guys getting 2 mbps bandwidth? I also use 590 NU plan. I get around 170-200 kbps (~1.7 MPBS) download speed during the day. And at night the speed varies from 35-75 kbps... which I think is good enough.... Can u guys share the speed that you all are currently getting?

  7. deep_nx

    deep_nx New Member

    YES venkat2cool some areas have got 2mbps connection

    even i had

    but now i am back to 256 kbps connection ...
  8. deodeep

    deodeep New Member

    I too had enjoyed 2MBps for 2 months on my 590NU plan.

    But it seems they reverted it back :(
  9. Siddhesh222

    Siddhesh222 New Member

    I got my Triband after January somewhere in Mid february.Still my net is only 256KBPS ,much lower than that maybe.or is it only for customers having MTNL before January.Not sure of that,i am soon going to call 1504 for help.And Venkatesh do u live in mumbai, or delhi?.
  10. deodeep

    deodeep New Member

    If yours in NOT the Night Unlimited Plan, you should get upto 2Mbps..
    Contact them if you aren't..
  11. Siddhesh222

    Siddhesh222 New Member

    Ok to check whether i got 2MBPS ill do the speed test... if no i will dail 1504 k?
  12. Siddhesh222

    Siddhesh222 New Member

    Ok i contacted 1504 they told me my net would be upgraded within 2 Days!.Sorry for the double post.
  13. Feedback

    Feedback New Member

    I was getting >2Mbps a month ago. I am from Delhi, and had 950 Unlimited plan.


    Was somewhat happy that Download Rate was good but unhappy as upload rate was pathetic.

    And now they made Download Rate same as Upload, both Pathetic, these guys are just " A**h*les"

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