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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by royzlife, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. royzlife

    royzlife New Member

    Hi All,
    Just landed on this link UDAAN BSNL where you can register for New Connection for BSNL BB as well as You can change your BB Plan online for all circles!!!! :)

    I have seen these links are active in other circle's home site viz. Bangalore Telecom

    1. From the main page, click on the link at the bottom of the page "Register for New Land Line/Broad Band/ 3G DATA CARD /WIMAX ...etc" and it will open up a form for you and you will get all Circles mentioned along with Plan change details!!!


    2. you can directly open this link BSNL AT YOUR DOORSTEP


    3. Go to this link BROADBAND PLAN SELECTOR
    - 3.1. Select your circle and other details
    - 3.2 On the basis of above details, it will show you available plans
    - 3.3 Now select Change Plan or Get Plan (New Connection)
    - 3.4 The link mentioned in Option 2 will open up a form with Circle, Plan details pre-filled. You have to only fill up details specific to your connection.

    I think Option 3 is the best one but Any one used this link before can of course help us more on this!!!!

    Today morning only, I had to go to Kolkata BSNL office Ballygunge and apply for a BB Plan change through written application and now I am seeing this link!!! :confused:

    Isn't this what we have been praying for? :D

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  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Knowing BSNL, it is not wise to apply online. It may take ages for them to take action. Better give a written request at your exchange.
  3. royzlife

    royzlife New Member

    Yess..that is the apprehension but I have read in some other thread in this forum, user in Bangalore/Chennai applied online and got the plan changed in 3 days! :eek:

    Now that is something but I just came across this link so thought to clarify it here in case some one is benefited in future.
  4. Brinu_Augustine

    Brinu_Augustine New Member

    It took just one day for my broadband plan change!!
  5. royzlife

    royzlife New Member

    Did you go through the link I posted or there was some other link from where BB plan can be changed online?

    Please share!
  6. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    @royzlife !

    Check UserCP for Rep +++ 20 points

    Good find. Plan change possible.

    confirm which ID PW we have to use to log in : if needed
    ( existing users ) .

    Help page asking user to send email.

    rep ++ given ​
  7. Brinu_Augustine

    Brinu_Augustine New Member

    selfcare .wdc .bsnl .co .in

    remove spaces...

    official bsnl portal for west zone!!
  8. arpit60

    arpit60 New Member

    i cant select that option in which we have to select area,any one else have that problem ?
  9. royzlife

    royzlife New Member

    For Option 1 and 2, I think that problem exists. Try out option 3 - thats the right one!
  10. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Users may wait for some more time as this Udaan project is meant for BSNL staff ( in all circles ) to implement.
    Log in PW meant only for BSNL staff.
  11. kitrak

    kitrak New Member

    Not working for me

    Not working for me too..

    the 3rd option is the best one for sure but then it doesnt give any options in the "Area" field.

    I guess its still in the testing phase.
  12. pavan_chaudhari

    pavan_chaudhari New Member

    Generally they are doing plan on 1st,2nd ,3rd and 4th because of billing problem
    If u apply for plan change on 26or 27 it will get done immeaditely
  13. royzlife

    royzlife New Member

    Anyways i submitted written application for plan change on 27th and it got approved and will be effective from 1st Feb. Got sms confirmation as well as in the BSNL data portal!
  14. macbook86

    macbook86 New Member

    Phone possibility

    Well, I've changed my plan from 1100 to ULD 900 by calling 18004241600.
  15. Neogen

    Neogen New Member

    I used UDAAN to apply for a new connection and within 2days I recd a call from BSNL local person informing that hew would be coming give me the for and collect the documents. I also recd the SMS stating the name of the person who would be contacting me, along with his number.

    The person was very polite while speaking.

    I have not yet called that person, as I am trying to get a reliance connection.

    I never thought that BSNL will call so soon.:confused:

    BTW: Site works normally in IE it doesn't work in Mozilla or Chrome.
  16. royzlife

    royzlife New Member

    As told by Neogen, the site works in IE with the form opened in Option3 having the Area details correct, I checked myself.
    For Calcutta Telephones, area South, it is listing the correct pin codes!
    So I believe this Udaan is active! :)
  17. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

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  18. arpit60

    arpit60 New Member

    yesterday when i tried from my laptop to apply for plan change online (using IE)
    i cant select area and finally today i travelled 8 km to visit exchange and gave my written application i tried from my desktop and now i can select area !

    yes third option is working while using IE !

    i applied for plan chnage this moring anf they changed it by evening ?:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


    i was on bb 500 and now it got changed to bb 750 ? in just few hours ?

    my plan remains the same ie home 500 but speed speed got reduced to 512 kbps ? :mad::mad:
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  19. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    better check usage data till 29th .
    .Date wise usage last column should show 0 KB
    speed for home 750 U/L upto 512 Kbps . same for me.
    Check in portal. My Orders .
  20. arpit60

    arpit60 New Member

    last column dose not say zero and my orders dose not show any new entries but my speed got redused to 512 kbps ?

    whom should i talk to about this ?

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