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    Yesterday I ordered an ac for my room which is on the second floor and sun light falls on the walls all throughout the day.I bought an o general 2 ton split ac as its a large room and has for some 2000-2500 watts of electronic equipment running most of the time and a small fridge.The dimensions are 18ft X 16ft and has two windows (double glazed) of 4ft X 6ft each and has got plain glass with blinds, the room normally just have one occupant.

    I have been advised by the shop guy after inspection that I would need a 2ton ac and he said Ogeneral is the best one available so I was wondering if any of you guys know about airconditioners who can second this? Coz in the rest of my house I have got 9 years old 1.5 ton voltas units and they been running steady for the last 9 years and this guy says nothing beats Ogeneral for some reason, is this true? coz the cost is almost double :(
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    Never mind Ive made a decision and got an Ogeneral 2 ton split ac and I think its better then voltas in every aspect,It makes less noise and I feel the cooling capasity is great as compared to the aging voltas I have got in the rest of my house.

    Did anyone know that the cost of electricity is the highest in India :( Its almost double of what I pay in UK.
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    Yes i have Ogeneral ac in my house too .It's 1.5 ton. As u rightly said it's costly but the cooling capacity is extremely good so it's the best :)
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    High watt rates

    I suppose AC will consume about more 2 watts (maybe more) and rates are high in india.I read in newspaper that rates in metro mubai of electricity are double than US cities and other cities.The rate of per watt in gujarat is abt Rs.6 and in metro cities it is more tha this.I dont know what the bureacrats and ministers are doing.They dont worry abt this all bcz govt provides tham FREE A.C's :D
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    You mean 2 units of electricity per hour... ? not 2 watts.. its more like 2700 watts.
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    OGeneral, never heard of such a brand. But, recently, I got a Voltas 1.5 Ton split Ac, Never been so happy. :)
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    O general is new in India but they are considered to be the bet airconditioners in the world... better then carrier and Hitachi and all that.. Half of middle east has Ogenerals :) so must be something good about them and mine is running pretty well aswell.
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    I am from the Middle_East too, I have Never seen, Hang-On, Now I remember this, You see AC's are so common that We don't even bother to see which Brand, it is.!

    P.S Actually Voltas AC's are running very nicely, In the Middle-east, recently, My dad supplied Hundreds of AC's to the University Of Bahrain.
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    If the wattage says 2500W it means that it will consume 2500W when cooling, i.e., when compressor is on. If the compressor is on for the full hour it will consume 2.5Kwh or 2.5 units.

    That is why it is necessary that you take some simple steps to ensure maximum cooling using least power:

    - install the outdoor unit in a shade; avoid it being exposed to the direct (delhi) sunlight
    - have heavy and dark curtains on the windows
    - if possible apply a dark film on glass panes
    - you have already done double glazing; that is good
    - close the room door when AC is working
    - a temp setting of 27°C and 25°C is hardly discernible to human body but a 2° higher temperature may save 2/3 units over a 12 hour run.

    This will ensure that room once cooled does not loose its coldness soon. That will make the AC compressor work less and it will also increase its life while lowering bills. When compressor is not working, only the blower fan is working. Fan consumes nor more than 300W.
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    WoW!! I din't know that the, AC Fan saves a lot of power, will try that next time. :D
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    So give me rep points!!! :p Just kidding.
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    Yeah sure, why not, here you go!!
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    O General is no doubt one of the best AC's available in the market today, but there is one catch...As these one are not manufactured in India rather in Arab countries (I dont know the name of the country as the details are mentioned in arabic language) you found problem with the maintaince and services. Moreover as these are not manufactured in India these AC dont come under the "Power saving star system " .You must have noticed the star marking out of five star on all the elec items, more the stars, more its power saver.:14:
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    They are not made in the middle east... they are all made in Japan its a Japaneese company but they are sending the ac's manufactured for middle east countries and it is easier to send the same lots here instead of creating new labels and stuff... it just costs more that way.

    Repairs are not a problem they have service centres across India.

    O general are the most silent ones and energy effecient at the same time.
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    3 specs of AC

    Any AC with an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of 9+ is considered good for saving power... If ur AC is rated at 10 or more... then its excellent for hot places in India... So check this spec before buying any AC...

    Second important thing is that ACs require regular maintenance... once a year... to change gas n all.... so check for the service center and its credibility in ur town...

    Finally, tonnage capacity should be chosen wisely according to the room size... A 2 tonne AC will consume more power than a 1.5 tonne AC... but if the room is big...then 1.5 tonne might not be effective and will consume more power as the compressor will rarely shut down...
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    There is another very important factor to be taken into consideration and that is insulation..
    It is a good idea to spend some money on insulation as it will cover its cost from the electricity bills which will be reduced in both summers and winters as in summers it will keep the heat out and heat in in winters hence saving you huge sums in energy costs.
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    Hi Admin,

    I also stay in delhi and am looking at ogeneral .

    Can you kindly give me the contact detail of the o general dealer . i have visited the website but found out that there is no auth delear in delhi.

    also kindly let us know about the performance / issues ( if any ) you faced on the general which you are using at your home.

    Kind Regards,

    Kool Kid aka gaurav

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    I think General Ac's are available at most places where they sell ac's!

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