Now it is Vodafone's turn to increase GPRS price

Discussion in 'Vodafone Mobile' started by tolkapiam, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    Last week Airtel reduced the usage from 2GB to 1 Gb for the popular Rs 98/ 30 days GPRS pack. I circumvented by going for Rs 251/ 8 GB/90 days plan.

    In another phone I have Vodafone GPRS (150-180 kbpsmost of the time -OK)
    By connecting phone to PC via USB ,I can browse forums leisurely (like I do now)
    It is expiring in another week. Today I get a message Rs 98 buys only 1 GB GPRS from Aug 19.
    Any one aware of longer dated GPRS Plans fron Vodafone? :eek:
  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    the best plan on 2G (EDGE SPEED) goes with docomo.. see 2Gb is something one cannot fully consume, considering the speed is ~>100kbps.
    so take docomo 48/- plan (1 Gb 21 days)..
    if you are getting 3G dont use it. because you perhaps will, eat it all in the single day..
    but if you are on 2G signals, you can have it for 21 days.. than again for another 21 days you can recharge it . so neither your left data (which is not added on subsiquent recharge) will be wasted and you can have 2gb for 96/- Rs and the validity will be 42 days..

    p.s:- only if you are a shrewd banker who thinks just about saving money..:D
  3. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    You don't have, max 30 days of validity for GPRS packs in vodafone (ap). They should also have longer validity gprs packs like airtel 251 pack ( 8gb, 90 days) for AP circle.

    Today i have called airtel customer care twice to enquire about 51rs gprs pack in airtel , both said airtel has removed 51 rs gprs pack :eek:
    But one of my friend today recharged 51 rs pack and got 1gb :confused:
    Bloody customer care :mad:
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Just saw now...

    i demand the admin to move this thread to Vodafone section..
  5. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    This thread should be in Vodafone

    I have not called Vodafone yet. The vodafone Iam using is indeed chennai no and working very well in AP.
    Even though Iam getting higher speed :)D !)in the other Airtel AP sim ( in data card for leisurely browsing -cheaper alternate to 3G sim ),
    I want Vodafone as an alternative to Airtel.
    But 1 GB -rs 98 -not workable.I have less than 200 mb left .I will check tomorrow at Voda/retail shop. If no longer cheaper plan (like Airtel rs 251/8gb) is available ,then I will get
    1. another pre paid airtel sim (Rs 10 -talk time Rs 31)and get rs 251 pack/90 days pack.
    2.I might try Do como as suggested by some one. Rs 41/15 day/1 GB
    3. Already tried Idea GPRS (no good),Never tried reliance yet.

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