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    Indians in Australia are facing tough times. Recession has made Australians narrow minded. They are opposing to share their resources with migrant Indians. Students are also being targeted. The act of violence is such fierce that there are murders which is shocking to any community which is living abroad. Australia too benefit from the Indians as they very well market their educational system . Australia has always welcomed Indian student to its universities. Now Newzeald citizens are joining in Indian hunting. Hiren Mohini, a thirty nine year old taxi driver was stabbed to death in Newzealand. The vehicle he was driving crashed as the passenger committed the crime. An emergency instrument in the taxi was triggered and other drivers and locals came to the help of the unfortunate Hiren Mohini. But wad dead by that time. Police officials are making enquiry about a young man who hired Hiren’s a little past midnight.
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    You will find the same in UK too but not to this extent, be aware of guys of age 16-20.
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    Recently recession has made a feeling that Indians are outsmarting them when it comes to job. No decent fellow will do this kind of activity. :mad:

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