Not getting 3G tower for the past 1and half month

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by shanraj, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. shanraj

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    Hi. I am from Salem, Tamil nadu.

    I had been using BSNL 3g for browsing Internet for around 5 months. As my house is 4 KM far from the city limit I was able to access 3g network in my house terrace not inside my house. I was getting good signal and speed. I connected my mobile wifi, kept it there safe and i could use my laptop for browsing from downstairs. But suddely one day could receive a single bar of 3g signal. Totally lost 3g signal. Until now no 3g coverage in my house and not even upstairs. If i go 1 KM far from my house i receive 3g signal. I used 1500Rs unlimited plan when i was getting signal. I complained about this to The Personal Assistant of General Manager, Salem. Two times. But, no response. I really dont know why it happened. anyone has any idea about what is this about...? If they couldnt cover my area then it's not a problem. I was getting the signal but, suddenly they took it back...

    Hoping to get my 3g network back.
  2. robert_0007

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    From my past experience I can say that with the increase in no of connection the coverage area of a tower dicreases generally. Your case is may be due to this. but do not worry. If the service provider set up a new tower near your house then you will get your signal back.
  3. shanraj

    shanraj New Member

    I Hope to get it soon...
  4. deep163

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    thats the most hilarious explanation i hav ever read in any forum.. plz support ur statement plz

    buddy complain to bsnl.. the nearest 3g bts is most ptbbly down
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  5. shanraj

    shanraj New Member

    I've even complained it to the district's BSNL General Manager's PA... As meeting General Manager not easy I met his PA and he said he'll rectify the problem and even he contacted some technicians of my area in front of me... So, I thought it would be rectified soon... But... Nothing....
  6. robert_0007

    robert_0007 Member

    Though it is impossible to show some screenshot on the matter stated above but in the year 2003 we got GSM service in our town. At that time a single tower was serving the whole town (though it is a small town), more over I got the signal of this tower even at a distance of 20Km away from the tower(Single bar Only). But now many towers are there and the signal of that tower is not available at a distance of 3 - 4 Km. From that experience I have given the above statement.

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