Not able to view hidden folders-Virus problem

Discussion in 'Computer hardware and software tips and tricks' started by aprilsagar, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    I was recently badly struck by a virus.It infected my many system files and were deleted after scan.I tried to do system restore but that also didnt work out(after eliminating virus).Its file(virus file) is still there in D:\ but it has hidden itself.At the same time i am not able to see Hidden files as my Tools>folder option is now not there(virus has removed that function).Nor there is folder option in control panel.It has locked my task manager:((

    The file is also not getting deleted because it says the process is running(its is by the name -system volume information).I dont know which process it is oherwise i would have ended the process anyhow and then deleted it.What to do? Pls guide.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I assume you dont have any internet security suit installed on your PC...

    If there is any important data in your computer just save it else where and do a destructive system restore but make sure you install some internet security this time along with an antivirus and also keep checking for spyware using ad=aware software.
  3. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    Virus from Pendrive

    Actually the virus wasnt from internet.I have tight security from AVG for internet as it instantly detects virus when it enters the comp..The virus file was in pendrive which i copied into my comp in D drive(i didnt knew it was virus file,damn shit i forgot to scan pendrive).The file wouldnt open for god known reasons and when i restarted the comp...its effect started.
  4. karim_eng

    karim_eng New Member

    Stupid solution but at the end it is a solution

    I have the same problem, I am infected with a virus that not allowing me to view hidden folders. I Downloaded and Installed Windows Desktop Search --> give it time to index all of your harddisk. I used it to search for the hidden documents inside the hidden folder, Guess What? I found the documents, and the Windows Desktop Search has the ability to view it on its Viewer You can copy and paste what in the documents.

    I am still searching for the right solution. If I found anything I will let you know

  5. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    not even windows search can find

    I am not able to get the file which is in D:\ by search.But when you go to D:\,i see in taskbar that 1 object is hidden.I am able to see that file when i open-Browse with ACDsee.Now i am also not able to delete a 1 GB movie because its been infected is suppose by that trojan.

    expert help needed
  6. digvijay

    digvijay New Member

    Solution for You Guys :)

    Hi guys, Just try this.even i had the same problem but i fixed it with the following steps:

    1. Go to Start --> Run, then type Regedit
    2. Navigate to the registry folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\
    3. Find a key called CheckedValue.
    4. Double Click CheckedValue key and modify it to 1. This is to show all the hidden files.

    Now you should be able to view all the hidden files..

    Do reply me if it works out :)
  7. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    Not working

    still it remains the same.Seems there is some problem.I think i will need to format the PC :(
  8. karim_eng

    karim_eng New Member

    Solution for hidden folders and files


    Finally I have solved the problem, I retrieved all my hidden files :) Look use the DOS

    1. Start Menu -->Run---> type--> cmd ---> click "ok"

    2. Go to the folder that has the hidden files or hidden folders using its path

    3. When you are in the folder that contain the hidden folder or file
    Type--> attrib -h File_Folder_Name

    Note: to move in folders using DOS follow the following, for example
    the hidden folder has the name "Movies" and its location is in

    type --> D: --> Enter --> type -->dir ---> Enter -->to see all the folders and the files in the D, then -->type --> cd Folder1 ---< Enter ---> dir ---> Enter -->to see all the folders and files in Folder1 ---> type --->cd Folder2 ----> Enter ---> dir ---> Enter ---> to see all the folders and files in Folder2

    You should not see Movies in Folder2 becasue it is hidden

    Type ---> attrib -h Movies

    Movies will be unhidden

    Type --> dir ---> Enter ---> you will see all folders and files in Folder2 and you will see Movies one of them

    Type ---> cd Movies ---> Enter ---> type ---> attrib -h *.* ----> to unhide all the files in this folder

    Last Note:

    1. To unhide Folder --> type ---> attrib -h FolderName
    2. To unhide File -----> type----> attrib -h FileName.Extension
    3. To unhide all the files in the folder --> type --> attrib -h *.*
    4. If the file or folder name contains spaces type the name between " "
    Folder ---> "All English Movies"
    File ------>"English Movies.doc"

    That's it, I hope that this can help you, tell me if it worked :)

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  9. antonyuk

    antonyuk New Member


    Worked for me! I found that particular value as '0' not '1'... changing it rectified everything. Nice one Digvijay!

    This solution may not work for everyone... for the benefit of others I had the ansi virus and I believe that's when the problem occured. AVG sorted the virus but didn't correct the registry.

    Thanks again Vijay,

  10. Thanks to Digvijay

    Hi to all.
    Am new to this place. I was having the same problem (not able to see hidden folders) but the solution given by DIGVIJAY solved it. Now my question is is that a virus. If yes then can please any give me the name of that VIRUS. I use NOD 32 and that is updated one. But scanning does not detect any viruses. So what do i do now? Please suggest...
  11. omkar22

    omkar22 New Member

    plzz help me...

    i tried changing the registry but it didnt work.. everytime i refresh the value changes back to 0 from 1... i scanned my pc many times by 4 different anti-viruses....
  12. Raghav

    Raghav New Member

    yes, even I have the same problem of the value changing back to 0, after it was set to 1. Can anyone please tell me which anti virus locates that and destroys it?

  13. johnly

    johnly New Member

    When you choose show hidden files it goes back to do not show hidden files?

    Open the registry editor

    go to LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\NOHIDDEN and LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden\SHOWALL

    and change value with this name "CheckedValue" to 1 and also "DefaultValue" to 1

    if your problem persists then you must check your windows with anti virus settings

    Best anti virus is (nod32)
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  14. wannabe

    wannabe New Member

    i had that problem but i fixed it somehow
  15. bjiomathew

    bjiomathew New Member

    Do as above to correct the problem with related hidden files, but before you must assure you are free from root kit virus otherwise this method will not work...because the virus still working..
    I am effectively using bitdefender anti virus software to detect all root kit threats.....and it is amazingly working ......most secure to connect to internet ...the software will detect almost all type of root kit of luck......
    I have used NOD 32 but it is not effective.
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  16. itsmemad

    itsmemad Alligator

    Two general Advices

    1. System restore should be the last resort when u discover that a virus has affected your system... Cuz most of the time when a Virus infects ur computer, it normally infects files in System Volume Information folder... This folder contain files about System Restore... So, Virus generally doesn't disappear cuz of System Restore process...

    2. Make two folders with names autorun.inf and rqq2v.bat in each and every drive... As these r the most common malicious programs which try to create files with these names at ur computer when u use a infected removable drive or through internet... but by placing those dummy folders in each n every drive of yours you actually outsmart the malicious code which then won't b able to overwrite your 2 dummy folders...
    U can hide those folders, if their sight irritates you... but its better to be safe than regret...
  17. Michaelshea

    Michaelshea Guest

    Hidden files

    Hi All,

    I am not able to make the changes in the folderoptions,

    as soon as i click view hidden files and folders it is not accepting.

    If i have any hidden file to view i need to search it and then open.

    please lemme know if any suggestions.

  18. sassantanu

    sassantanu New Member

    Hi every body.

    my computer also get effected with same virus. i found a tool name "Autorun virus Remover" on the net (googled it to find the website) able to solve the problem.


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    Sir can i please request you not to talk about cracks here and please don't encourage others to go for cracked softwares.
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  19. newprouser

    newprouser Guest

    Hello friend , welcome to IBF.

    Please do not post reference to any warez websites, kindly edit your post.
  20. Jaganathsamal

    Jaganathsamal New Member

    Try to get urself a free antivirus like avira antivir ( ).
    To backup ur files & to delete infected files manually i would recommend you to use nimblex. Just download it from NimbleX - The New Wave of Linux ! & burn it on to a cd & boot from it. No installation required, works directly. Now you can work on your files
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