Nokia's New phones - Dual sim, QWERTY, touchscreen + QWERTY phones now available

Discussion in 'Mobile phones' started by jagan2, May 9, 2010.

  1. jagan2

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    Nokia's New phones -QWERTY, touchscreen + QWERTY phones now available

    For those who don't know about Nokia's three new phones let me tell you, Nokia has launched and now available in India three new phones C3, C6 and E5.


    Today many new companies have introduced phones with exciting new features like dual sim capability, touch screen and qwerty keyboard phones but they are much popular today because of their extremely cheap prices.

    Perhaps, Nokia didn't wanted lag behind. So they have introduced these phones with new features like qwerty phones, touch screen plus full qwerty keypad models. As Nokia always gives this time too these new phones comes with nice applications.

    Nokia phones are much popular India, which i dont know why ppl like these crap phones. Yet Nokia fans this is a good new for you.

    More pics, details and prices in India
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  2. vorazeal

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    Nokia had build some parternship with Chinese company to build this phone, so basicially this are chinese phones but in brand of Nokia.

    I am not sure about C6.
  3. agrsaurabh123

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  4. jagan2

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    @agrasaurabh123: See my post editing time and see when you posted ...... i have edited it many many hours ago... did u even read the post post again, its IBF's cache which is displaying old topic name.
  5. agrsaurabh123

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    You corrected it, then its fine. No harsh fell in mind :)
    Thanks. So till now no Dual SIM phone by Nokia and all of us are waiting for that day.

    When C3 will be launched in India. Nokia website says "Coming Soon".

    I ma keeping my eye on C3 if it is in 5000/- price.
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  6. jagan2

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    @agrsaurabh123: Did you even clicked the link followed by "More pics, details and prices in India" The price is present there, check yourself (c3 price little more than 5k)
  7. agrsaurabh123

    agrsaurabh123 New Member

    Lets hope that it remains 5300/- on launch
  8. mickey

    mickey New Member

    sorry for your statement but already we have many mobiles from nokia being made in china...

    actually there is the branded and non branded that makes the different..

    on the other hand.. nokia has failed to make some trustworthy business (manufacture) partners recently.. the mitshubishi bl-5c batteries not to be forgotten.. so it was a japanese company..
    i can definetly wait for some flaws in these new phones from Nokia...
    when technology becomes so sophisticated chances are there for the bugs.. its high time, when OTA firmware correction can be done on new faster 3g networks.. big companies shall work more on this. :)
  9. agrsaurabh123

    agrsaurabh123 New Member

    Nice idea "micky". OTA firmware upgradation is good idea. Palm never tried even some of their ROMs were of approx 5 MB which is not an issue in even 2G network. US already has 3G, did any mobile manufacturer ever tried OTA ROM upgradation?
  10. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Now for example my girl friend has a sony erickson phone which she upgrades using ota. I don know how. But she does she told. So its happening.

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