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Discussion in 'Nokia' started by Alok Saharia, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Pros: Nokia has launched its new phone Lumia 710 which provides a plenty of application for the purpose of fun and utility regarding to the productive uses, along with Windows 7.5 mango OS. It provides a very user friendly interface so that it gives user easy usability, enjoyable photo quality, and HD videos of 720p all in very affordable price package.

    Cons: The Nokia Lumia 710 has all plastic body which doesn’t provide it a very lavishing look and also the buttons are rigid so that it makes it difficult to press. It also lacks in the feature of video chat as it does not have any front camera.

    The Nokia Lumia 710 is one of the best ways to get the exciting features of Windows 7.5 Mango smart phone in a very reasonable price of $49.99. The Nokia Lumia 710 doesn’t have any AMOLED display. Though it is not an android phone but it provides all the basic features which are achieved in any smart phone.

    Probably you can invest your $49.99 in Nokia's new Lumia 710, as it has all the strong features like 4G data connection and can be with you in your work and play time proving to be your new mobile friend.

    Definitely it doesn’t provide beautiful look with some attractive colors also it don’t have any modified back plates as its European version have but this version surely defines its flavor in its own way. It has been provided basically in two colors that is all black and frosty white.

    The new Nokia Lumia 710 is made from very modest plastic and looks attractive and simple at the same time at the first look. It weighs about 4.4 ounce and obviously it is not luxurious as it is rigidly made. The dimensions of Lumia 710 are 4.69x2.49x0.49 with the perfectly made rounded designed edges and fits into small pocket very easily. The back of the phone is basically made of soft touch coating and rubber which provides it a perfect grip.

    It has the front WVGA screen of 3.7 inch with the resolution of 800x480 pixels. This is not a full HD or qHd as provided in the android phones these days. Handsets like Galaxy nexus, Samsung Focus S are having AMOLED display which serve a very good image quality whereas Lumia 710 does not.

    Obviously Nokia has added its special technology of ClearBlack which helps in a better and extended screen contrast.

    The Lumia 710 has clearly shady blacks as compared to the display of the HTC Radar 4G phone which tends to leak light from the edges. The virtual keyboard of the Lumia 710 has square block like keys which are close together to operate.

    The new Nokia Lumia 710 is provided with the windows 7.5 mango OS interface which is a very good in various utilities purpose. For the users friendly with the Windows interface it provides a new improved home screen which is basically start menu which has the Live Tiles that are arranged vertically to make it more convenient to use.
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    I guess you have copied the review from any website...
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    Sarvesh what makes you say that? I have checked litrally every single line and found nothing else where on the web : Google
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    Perhaps mention of the price in the US dollars made Sarvesh think like that.

    Nevertheless, an excellent review by Alok.
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    I ALSO HAVE THIS PHONE , perhaps the best i have seen in comparison to android , symbian phones under 20k range.
    because since its windows therefore practicality (except bluetooth file transfer) at its best and above all free voice turn by turn navigation , better than map my india. and just perfect
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    for 14k this phone has got best specifications compared to androids at similar price..the only competition being xperia u at 17 k...btw the tango update should be out any time now..would provide wifi hotspot feature and few other fixes:)
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    i dont mind the lack of bluetooth file transfer ;) but an sd card slot would have made it the best choice atleast they should've given 16 gb internal memory anyway its one of the best phones from nokias stable right now :D

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