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Discussion in 'Web hosting' started by Parminder, Aug 9, 2008.

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    The only advice from me would be STAY AWAY FROM and that will save you a lot of time money and energy.

    I got a linux hosting account from 5 days ago and the site I am trying to host with them is still not up yet. I also paid Rs1500 to set up a mysql database which I dont know why is it sold seperately when every one on earth doesnt charge anything extra... well I needed an Indian IP address for this website so I just bought it.

    Day 1 :

    I made a payment and I never recieved any e-mail with ftp details and control panel login details and stuff the reason being they dont have a control panel... use ftp and that is it.

    I had to call them up to find out the name servers and the ip address to use ftp while my domain propogated and the guy I spoke to made me clear that he was doing me a favor :( well that said and done I got my ftp detail over the phone.

    Then starts the real story.. I connected using filezilla and it just wont connect.. I pinged the ip and it was offline .. an hour two hours and it finally came online and I tried again and it just wont connect.
    Finally after 4-5 hours I was able to get to the user name and password authinticated message but the file list wont populate and I called these guys who just told me to use cute ftp as thats the only client that works.. I got cute ftp and was able to get in then I was going to upload the wordpress blog script on there but it just wont upload as connection kept breaking.

    I called support again and they asked me to check trace route and all that bullshit.. well I have a lot of shared hosting accounts with different companies and Ive never had this issue and my connection was fine as well.. I called again and again and they said my bandwidth was restricted and they have set it right now and I uploaded the wordpress script and installed it and went to sleep.

    Day 2 :

    I woke up and thought will do the initial set up of the blog and get it up and running so I changed the permalink settings but wordpress couldnt create .htaccess file.. I created the .htaccess file manually and then uploaded into the root well... it disappeared.. The reason being they dont allw .htacess files :( Their support guys dont even know what a .htaccess file is leave alone sorting this issue and I asked then to change my permissions so I can use the .htaccess file to rewrite my urls but they say its their company policy and cant be changed...

    I kind of gave up the idea and thoght lets just delete the whole thing and start afresh and I couldnt delete the .htaccess file from there due to which the site is now giving an error and thats the only reason so I called support so they can delete the .htaccess file from the root so I can continue with my thing they asked me to raise a ticket which I did : TT-20080807-175449 I was promised that this will be done within 2 hours... The ticket was raised : Request Date 8/7/2008 5:54 PM So the waiting starts.... call aftr call and the whole night went by no resolution .. well there was nothing to resolve all they need to do is use the admin user id to delete everything from my ftp account..

    Day 3:

    I started my day by calling them again and again and kept on calling through out the day and same promise.. I have escalated this matter and all that bullshit.. well there is nothign complicated about this.. just delete the god damn .htaccess file from there and its done... Nothing happens.. the day is gone again with hundreds of supees spent in phone calls.

    Day 4:

    Same story as day 3 but a litle heated artument from both sides and still same promise will get a call back and all that crap.

    Day 5:

    I called just an hour ago before I started this review and this time they say it was second saturday today so no server admin guys were working and tommorow is sunday and this issue will only be resolved on Monday.

    I hate to say that these fellow country men of mine are good for nothign and are just a waste of time.

    The only sites you can host with them are static 2-3 page sites and you cant even host a wordpress blog on their hosting.

    I will keep you guys posted on this and I will write a review on WHT as well besides all other webmaster forums. I would request all bloggers who read this post to kindly write a post on your blog and link to this page so anyone looking for a review of webhosting gets to see this page on top on every search engine.. althought I will make some efforts myself including writing posts on all the blogs I run myself. is all bullshit and thats what it is. Its a waste of time and money.

    If you were thinking about hosting your site at then I sure saved you a lot of hassel :) didnt I?


    I forgot to add that I asked them if I can have a refund after all this hassel and they havent been able to resolve any of my issues and their customer support says thats not possible... hence this review..

    By the way for those who dont know : was previously who earned such a bad name among webmasters and were in a big dispute with a celebrity that they have changed their domain as well...

    What a shame that these guys are still in business.

    I will keep you all posted on this matter.

    Parminder Chahal
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  2. sb21pro

    sb21pro Banned

    hey check wheather ur domain is registered or not @ , it gives all the registrar details...

    hope u ll get some answers..
  3. Admin

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    I dont get your point.. what would registrar info help with? I did not register the domain with if thats what you meant.
    Domain has got nothing to do with this matter. Its hosting which is a problem not my domain registrar.
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    Parminder bhai
    as per i can see we are on which is located in Houston (US) if this one is working fine then why you want to go for indian one.. when you already know that indian one is giving lot many problems in begning then dont you think its better to stay on stable one...

    Parminder bhai
    as per i can see we are on which is located in Houston (US) if this one is working fine then why you want to go for indian one.. when you already know that indian one is giving lot many problems in begning then dont you think its better to stay on stable one...
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  5. sb21pro

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    intezaar karo mere yaar, yeh hai india mere yaar
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    This new hosting account was not for this site.. I have a lot of other websites besides this one. The reason I need an Indian host is that it helps a lot in search engines if you get a local ip address.

    Hey guys I have some good news for you :) Try searching for the below terms on Google ( I guess thats where you get your net customers from) reviews review webhosting reviews web hosting review hosting review hosting web hosting webhosting

    Check out whats the number one results :) I need a pat on my back for being a SEO wizz :) Dont I ... yeh I like to pimp myself once in a while like every one else.

    Web hosting is a very competetive business and having such a negetive (but true) web hosting review at no one on all major search engines will give you your hosting business a big blow.. and I truly believe that you guys dont deserve to be in this business due to the quality of your service and a complete dis regard of what your customer is going through while you are minting money every day from unsuspecting customers.

    Its another day gone and my problem stands where it was 5 days ago.. I am not able to use your stupid hosting even after paying for it due to your sheer lazyness and the fact that your system admins dont work on weekeneds.

    God save webmasters who host their sites on servers.
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    This stupid issue which shouldnt take more then 10 seconds to resolve has now been pending since 7th of august ticket no TT-20080807-175449

    I called up just now and was told that this will be resolved today... what the F ... I said why cant you sort this out right now and he said we have a seperate system admins department..

    All I want is them to delete everything from my ftp as I cannot delete the .htaccess files from my own account due to lack of permissions. webhosting sucks big time.

    If you are looking for a web host get a real webhost and steer clear of

    I will keep you all posted on how and where this is going. I am pretty sure it will take a lot more calls before they move their lazy ass and sort this out.
  8. sb21pro

    sb21pro Banned

    hey admin wat other sites do u host???
  9. manojjonam10

    manojjonam10 New Member

    Thanks for the information.I am thinking of launching my company site in their web hosting services.Now i would better choose a good one.
  10. blomma

    blomma Member

    I also have bad experience with

    Their system is extremely inflexible, and their support does not answer the questions that are asked.

    First, I ordered web-hosting for a domain I already own. It turns out, that I cannot simply point to their servers. I need to move the whole domain to their DNS servers, so they can manage it. I don't want to do that, since I have my own DNS servers, which allow me for example SRV and TXT records - a feature they don't have in their DNS panel.

    Second, I bought a new domain with them, and asked to get this domain moved to my web-hosting offer. But, after lots of back-and-forth on the ticket, it was closed with "sorry, our system does not support this".

    So, now, I am stuck with paying 1 year for web-hosting + domain that I cannot use for anything! Big thumbs-down! :(
  11. birender

    birender Guest

    Just take a trial of MAXNET BUSINESS HOSTING SOLUTIONS, they are giving 15 days free trial.... and their support also good we are using their service from our group companies total 9 websites from past two years and don't having any problems till now they only configure every thing for us fre of cost were as other are charging setup fee.

    If you like the have a trial ...

  12. landed

    landed New Member

    configuring DNS to enable google apps

    i have faced several issues like configuring DNS to enable google apps

    The worst web hosting company
  13. birender

    birender Guest

    India hosting companies are not familiar with the latest technology their just buy the hosting controllers and installed on their server even these guys are depends on software vendor support to reply to their clients... i also face problem with in 2005 I register a domain with but within months i shifted from them.

    Why don't you try Managed DDNS service...
  14. landed

    landed New Member

    Now hosted with websideshop

    Now i have hosted with WEBSIDESHOP it seems they run u.s servers..pricing, server uptime and support are great.

    The support people configured google apps for its working fine..:cool:

    I have hosted with WEBSIDESHOP for the following reasons..

    1. Servers are hosted in a reputed datacenter theplanet where hostgator have their servers

    2. To my knowledge the only web hosting company that provides 24 * 7 support with greater response time

    3.Pricing are damn cheaper starts from rs. 500/year which is enough for me to host my blog and forum.

    now they have got free domain for life offer for selected plans.....which was not available when i bought my hosting
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  15. blomma

    blomma Member

    It is hard to compare a "generic" theplanet web-hosting company, with, which is based in India.

    Hopefully you mean with lesser response time? :)

    Prices are comparable to other hosts. For example you get 1st year free, after that 800INR/year, but 3GB space instead of 100MB. 100MB space is very little these days.

  16. landed

    landed New Member

    what do mean by generic here

    i said these are the reasons why i chose....hope you understand

    100 mb is more than enough for company websites running few pages.....they need not waste paying monthly 500's enough to run wordpress blog, smf forum

    This shows that they are running highly overloaded servers

    what do you mean?
  17. blomma

    blomma Member

    I mean that there are >1000 web-hosting offers given by companies who rent dedicated servers at theplanet and install some web-hosting solution (Alternatively by more lazy companies, just reselling theplanet's managed hosting services). Comparing that kind of solution to a hosting-solution based in India, running on the company's own servers (I don't know if they actually run the servers themselves. Perhaps someone knows that?), can never be fair if you consider only the price.

    I am comparing yearly 800INR vs. yearly 500INR.

    It shows nothing about that. Disk space has nothing to do about CPU load. Maybe it shows that you should not depend on their backup (because they give disk space out cheap), but, you should not do that with ANY hosting provider. Make your own backup and you are safe if they go down.

    Greater or lesser response time, which do you prefer ? :)

  18. landed

    landed New Member

    Anyway your right at some point ...i am satisfied anyway with this hosting
  19. rohit_tripathi60

    rohit_tripathi60 New Member

    The reason I have joined this forum is your post on review. I wast just about to order hosting services from them but thought i should try for the review first and found your post about after reading your review I am not going to take hosting plans from them now. I also need to host my website on Indian IP. who else I can give a try? any suggestions pls
  20. mickey

    mickey New Member

    :lol: i googled this co. and i got Parminder Paiji's review before the company's own official website in the google list..

    power of IBF..:D

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