Need To Unlock Reliance Net Connect And Use BSNL EVDO/ Looking for Evdo New or OLD

Discussion in 'Bsnl EVDO' started by Amazingamaan007, May 8, 2011.

  1. Amazingamaan007

    Amazingamaan007 New Member

    Need To Unlock Reliance Net Connect And Use BSNL EVDO

    Hi Friends I Need To Know How To Unlock Reliance Net-connect+. I am using Huawei EC150 Model, I want to unlock it. Is it Possible to use BSNL EVDO with this modem. I stay in lucknow. Is there anyone selling BSNL EVDO. Any IDea How much it takes to get Evdo connection ?
  2. kartikoli

    kartikoli New Member

    i dont think its possible ;)
  3. terminatorr5

    terminatorr5 Member

    how do we enable the sim slot?
  4. vspraneeth05

    vspraneeth05 Member

    HI i live in bangalore i found my spc code and updated my firmware.
    give me yourr email so that i can give u the procedure.
    mine is vspraneeth 0 5 (remave the 3 blank spaces)
  5. dushie

    dushie Member

    I have a reliance net connect modem that has a sim slot. I want to unlock the same so that i can use another sim. Please help in finding the spc code for the same so that i can unlock it. The default SPC code 000000 does not work. I tried BITPIM but it is unable to read and detect the modem. Please give the steps for unlocking the same and how to find the SPC code for the same. i have dropped an email to you also.
  6. sumitbaran

    sumitbaran Member

    Try to purchase a new EVDO Modem from BSNL.
    Use only BSNL and forget other ISP.
  7. vspraneeth05

    vspraneeth05 Member

    Use a software called DFS. u will get a manual also about finding spc code
  8. dushie

    dushie Member

    I have used DFS, it is not unlocking with the defualt SPC code 000000. Tried Bitpim it is not able to read and detect the modem. i need the SPC code to unlock the modem to enable RUIM without which it won't unlock. Any idea how to get the SPC code for the same. the modem is ec1561
  9. vspraneeth05

    vspraneeth05 Member

    oh...i guess then they would have changed the code.
    even i am trying to find spc code.....
  10. dushie

    dushie Member

    I was able to get the code, but unlock gets reset every time the modem is reset. There is some kind of lock in the modem, I enable the RUIM slot, as soon as i reconnect the modem it reverts back to NV only. So no luck in unlocking i tried couple of net connect and photon modems. Do we have any bangalore user here, who can help me reading info off my sim as that would solve my problem.
  11. sunny_dole

    sunny_dole New Member

    NV only problem. help needed.

    I am facing same problem with tata photon plus EC 152 modem. It gets reset to NV only every time. There was one method in which we have to downgrade firmware and before doing that we need to save NV read to specific folder. And then again connect modem and load previously saved NV read. Problem is Where to find EC152 firmware downgrader ( previous firmware version). This issue is breaking my head for last few months. Any help I will really appreciate.

    Sunny Dole

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