Need to configure TP-Link modem for BSNL broadband

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by PoS, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Hiya IBF people!

    I've been previously (and currently) running my internet via a Starcom UT300R2U modem (the one supplied by BSNL). However the old warhorse stopped working a few days back (a capacitor was damaged and I shoddily replaced it by soldering one in place myself :(). I'm wasn't too keen on purchasing a replacement from BSNL so I just borrowed a TP-Link modem from my friend.

    Now the BSNL folks are being downright unfriendly about my decision. The customer care is clueless about how to configure this (I called them up over the phone) and they insist that they can ONLY help me to configure the 300R2U.

    I'm wondering if somebody here could guide me in setting up this wired modem. I don't know much about all the intricacies involved in setting up a modem but I think I'll be able to manage with some help.

    I've furnished what little details I have below.

    Modem brand: TP - Link
    Model - TD 8816
    Type: Wire(d?) (like the 300R2U)

    And I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong sub-forum, I'm new here. :)
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    option 1 : see my settings similar model.
    Select PVC2 deactivate rest. VPI/VCI for Bsnl 0 and 35.

    option 2 :
    check this link for VIDEO from YouTube. ( ignore wifi page)

    Option 3 :
    signature link beetel450TCI below.
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    Thanks essbebe! You've saved my day! :)
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    I am having an issue with my Router. Its a TP LINK TL-WR340G router. i am using BSNL broadband connection
    The issue is that the router wouldnt work when i connect it to my modem. My modem is teracom t1-b-dsl699e9.4u6-5

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    Depends on how u have connected your router with modem.Is the modem connected to one of the LAN ports of router or its Internet or WAN port.
    Also confirm whether u have saved the username password in modem or router.
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    Thanks, worked like charm

    Thanks it worked like charm. i've been searching for a while and got rid of the issue because of ur instructions, especially with my BSNL connection.

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    I have a difficulty setting configuration for my TP Link W8151 modem. Can any1 please help me for the same? I have tried doing it using link but still I am not getting my modem cofigured. Can any1 please help me? Its urgent.

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    Restore Factory settings.

    Connect ADSL broadband wire to ADSL port on TP link modem through splitter.
    After connecting the wire, DSL indicator should be stable on your modem.
    Now open any browser on your computer. Type in the address bar.

    Put the username and password both as admin while logging in to modem configuration page.
    Now go to Maintenance >> SysRestart. Select Factory Default Settings and click Restart. TP link modem will be restored to factory settings.

    TP Link modem settings for bsnl broadband.

    Go to Interface Setup >> Internet
    Put values as

    Virtual count PVC2
    Status activated
    VPI 0
    VCI 35
    Bridge Interface Deactivated
    Get IP Address Dynamic
    NAT enabled
    TCP MTU Option value 1450
    MAC Spoofing Disabled

    Keep other settings intact.
    You can view detailed setting as shown in below images.

    Finally click on Save.

    If any problem persists, Change Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) properties as shown in below image.



    Press OK after filling all the value as shown in image.

    Type any URL in address bar of browser.

    Thank you
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