Need Suggestion in buying a system with 20 k budjet

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by inba, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. inba

    inba Member

    Hi Guys,
    i'm planning to buy a new computer(content in cabinet alone) as a replacement for my old computer. since it is nearing its death. please suggest wht to choose / which is best within 15-20k total.

    listed things are planned to buy for

    cabinet with smps --- model number + price ?
    motherboard --- model number (intel/amd) + price ?
    cpu---- model number (intel/amd) + price ?
    ram ----- not below 2 gb
    harddisk --- 500 gb seagate sata + price
    dvdwriter sony writer + price

    and also please let me know the which has advantage over other betwen Intel / AMD and which processor/ mobo to go with

  2. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    whats the purpose of the system ?
  3. vorazeal

    vorazeal New Member

    Well it definitely depends on which MOBO and Processor you want to buy, but i think the main difference between AMD and Intel is the Price Difference.

    Many people i have observed that they say AMD IS NOT GOOD, and Intel is the best, including some Engineers, but they say because they have not used it.

    AMD offers their processor at very cheap price and is for common people and Intel processors are very expensive, that's it.
  4. bonda

    bonda New Member

    I 100% agree with your comment brother..

    I too have faced this problem when i was trying to sell a 5200+ processor in a local service store.. They said no one buys AMD Products they are bad, so we can take it at Rs800 only.. This happened to me just few weaks back and another one service engg told that AMD does not have quad core processor..

    The thing why People are like this because, people use to see only Intel Adds everywhere in the city and All desktop computer brands like HP, Compac, HCL etc sell Intel Products only.. Only Dell does AMD products..
    AMD must step forward in advertising their new Products to the people..

    Intel does their wired ooooo ooooo adds... Hate it....
  5. inba

    inba Member

    I'm a developer in java, so my system should able to run java IDE (eclipse),and other high end java tools and software's, play blue ray videos without any problems/delay , should support some good moderate level graphics games like resident evil 4 (even though i play rarely) and for general purpose like downloading movies from torrents and browsing.

    I can relax my budget, if the system is really worth for some more thousands than 20K.

  6. inba

    inba Member

    IBF Guys, pls suggest me a good mobo and processor with the above usage details

  7. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    sry for the delay mate..

    Processor:AMD Athlon 2 240 : Rs2500
    Motherboard : Biostar A785GE : Rs 3500
    Memory : 4GB DDR2 Memory (Corsair, kingston,gskill) : Rs4500
    HDD : 500GB Seagate : Rs2200
    iBall cabby and PSU : Rs2000
    Optical drive : Rs1000

    Thats basically it. Good enough for your work, though i don't know what kind of hardware you need for Java tools. Is there anything specific ? Resident evil 4 is a pretty old game, so you can probably play it at decent setting on the IGP...
  8. bonda

    bonda New Member

    Athlon 240 is at Rs2950 in chennai..
  9. inba

    inba Member

    25-30K machine

    thanks Rajan for your valuable suggestion,

    But now After a real thought and now i come with a second decision to go with the machine which will provide me gaming performance also, and I'm now ready to spend 25-30 k.

    i also planned to get a graphics card in a month or two. so now confused in choosing between the motherboard and processor between amd and intel. many are suggesting to go with the intel since amd has heat related problems and will start giving problem in three years .

    below are my system details to go with

    HDD - 1 TB -- 3350 (500 gb -2100, so i like to go with this)
    ram 4 GB -- 5200
    optical drive -- 1100

    points to clarify

    1.some good cabinet which can go ease with the heat related problem since I'm already facing it. (i thought to go with the zebronice gamer cabinet but dont know the price model ). if it is real worthy im ready to spend around 2500., not more than that. and also eager to know this model price Zeb-Xclio 1000 .
    i suppose this cabinets will come along with the psu, no need to invest separately, please correct me if i'm wrong. i have no idea in choosing this.

    2. processor Intel or Amd , i have choosen
    Quad Core Q8300 ,2.5 GHz ,1333MHz,4 MB,LGA OR Phenom II Quad X4 - 945 3.0GHz, 8M, AM3 (both are nearly equal in performance as per CPUbenchmarks (PassMark Software - CPU Benchmarks - List of Benchmarked CPUs)).

    3. motherboard model number for the above processor which should support graphics card which i will buy in a month or two.
  10. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    You may perhaps reject my suggestion.

    But you are now going for a configuration that is neither down here (low end) nor up there (high end). In the long run, you will find that you spent a considerable amount on something that became outdated very quickly (in less than 2 years). At that time, you will be loathe to sell your system for a paltry (5-8 K) for a better config because you will probably feel that you have not got your money's worth.

    So my advice is either buy a very simple rudimentary and cheap configuration just now that will suffice your greater needs (forget games and stuff) or increase budget and buy a system that you will be happy with for at least 4 years.
  11. inba

    inba Member

    Thanks for your suggestion just4kix , i cant just reject your suggestion since i have very good respect on you .

    i will take up your second advice increasing the budget , but please suggest me a worthy one which can come for at least 4 years. Because the above one seems to be the worthy one for my feel since a cheap one will come around 15 k,
    the above config have reached 25K only and seems to be best when compared to core i3,core i5.

    i analysed over the products like core i3, core i5 , with reference to cpu benchmarks then finally ended up with the quad core which has more performance when compared to others.

    please correct me if I'm wrong

  12. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Actually I am not an expert at PC config. Rajan will be a better advisor when it comes to tech specs. In my opinion, a Quad-Core processor (AMD or Intel), supporting Mobo, 3 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, etc. should make a good choice.

    Some pointers:
    a) You may buy a lower end CPU now. But choose a MoBo that is compatible with higher end processors also. So if and when you decide to upgrade, you can just plug-in a new CPU.
    b) Same for RAM. You can go for DDR2 RAM but check whether the Mobo will support higher speed RAM also.
    c) HDD is not expensive these days. So you can loosen the purse strings there also.

    In short, if you decide to go in for a higher spec m/c, try to be as future proof as you can.

    If you are a student, why not think of a second hand PC also?
  13. inba

    inba Member

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion,

    I'm a software Engineer and do web application development in java.i finally end up in the below config which cost around 25 K. once again thanks just4kix.

    Pheripherals Brand Model / Spec details

    CPU -- AMD Phenom II Quad x4 945 ( 3.0GHz, 8M, AM3 )
    Mother Board -- Gigabyte GA-785GMT-USB3 (usb 3 supported)
    Ram -- Transcend/kingston 4 GB
    HardDisk -- Segate 1 TB (32 MB)
    Cabinet -- Zebronics ZEB-mid range
    DVD Writer -- Sony OEM

    Thanks Rajan and all IBF Guys for your valuable suggestions.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2010
  14. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    Also try this post:

    I bought a assembled PC in March(Now its cheaper,I shouldve waited )
    for Rs30,000
    Here are the specs:
    I-ball cabinet with 440wats PSU or SMPS
    500gb Segate Barracuda 10000rpm
    Gigbyte motherboard
    AMD PHENOM X4 2.8ghz
    LG disk drive
    20"Samsung LCD
    Logitech keyboard and mouse
    Creative speakers
    Yeah,I forgot to mention 3gb(2gbx1 stick,1gbx1stick ram)DDR3 Transcend ram
    Plus,4year complete warranty
  15. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    all good, but its not a gaming PC yet :)
    I would recommend that you get a decent graphics card after an year or so if you dont have the money right now. I did the same.
    Well, just buy high end stuff once in 2 years or so and trust me you will love it :D
  16. inba

    inba Member

    @ mihir94 -- even though your config is very fair, i had enough time in analyzing and have chosen PC of my choice already and pretty much satisfied.thanks for the info.;)

    @meetdilip -- sure thanks for the help in choosing my system. will be having my graphics card in a month or two. ;)
  17. bonda

    bonda New Member

    AS for the Processor Get a Phenom II X2 550 3.1ghz cpu and use a SB710 or higher Chipset motherboard and Unlock the Hidden cores in it and make it as quad core.. AS you can save some Cash nearly about Rs2000...
    Phenom II x2 550 cost at Rs4550 in Chennai...
    With that cash that you are saving, Get a coolermaster Elite 330 cabinet as it would be well useful for your future build too...

    zebronic cabinet are very low quality Build as going for some quad core setup, you need some good cooling inside your Cabinet, Ie having some 120mm fans will be better for it and zebronic cabinets doesnt provided that 120mm fan expansion in some cabinet..
  18. shaikhr58

    shaikhr58 Banned

    Hello Dude it's a best Configuration for PC which is i am using.

    Processor:AMD Athlon 2250 IIx2 240 Processor 2.81 GHz
    Motherboard : Asus : Rs 2350
    Memory : 1GB DDR2 Memory (Corsair, kingston,gskill) : Rs1100
    HDD : 1000GB Seagate : Rs3200, 500GB Seagate 1100 Rs
    Cabinet : Rs1100
    Optical drive : Rs 650

    19" LCD Monitor : 6500 (LG)

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