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Discussion in 'Nokia' started by coolvaibh2009, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. coolvaibh2009

    coolvaibh2009 New Member

    Hello members,
    I have Nokia E5 handset. I am planning to upgrade it's memory card now. As per Nokia my handset supports upto 32 GBs of card (MicroSD). Now i want to ask you people that can i really use 32GB crad in it or shall i buy 16 GBs card instead? I am asking this because some of the dealers at my place said not to use maximum-supported card in nokia as it can hang or freeze the mobile. So, is it true???
    Also, since i can't get this card at my place i am planning to buy it from I never used that site or any other site for shopping. So, is it safe and trustworthy or shall i get the card from any shop????
    Please suggest me.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I had a Nokia E71 once and it had a 2GB memory card in it although I believe it should be able to support more then that. This phone used to freeze some times if I had a few applications running simultaneously but I am not sure if having a memory card with larger memory capacity would really make any difference in performance. You might get a little delay while populating the list of files on your memory card thats all.
    I might be wrong so let some mobile pandit reply who can thump his/her chest and say the same thing if what I said is really the case :)
  3. coolvaibh2009

    coolvaibh2009 New Member

    ok, thanks. By the way what's your view about buying it from ebay???? I dont want to call them again and again or to lose the money completely after buying it online, so, is it safe?????
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I have never bought anything from ebay India myself so cannot comment on that. Ebay doesn't sell anything they just put a seller and buyer together so its all about what an individual seller is like and no one can make a blanket statement about ebay as a whole I guess.
    If you do buy something from ebay I would suggest going with a seller who has tons of positive feedback and nothing negetive.
  5. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member


    IMO: It's not an good idea to use 32GB memory card on E5, It will surely affect its performance and you will experience delay in functions. E5 phone got only 256MB RAM and it runs on 600 MHz processor which might give trouble in future, its better to stick with 8GB or 16GB card and please mind it says upto 32GB which means it can handle it but not with the best performance.

    I never tried buying anything from and always prefer going to store for any accessories. You can easily get 32GB card from Spice, The Mobile Store or Nokia priority.
  6. coolvaibh2009

    coolvaibh2009 New Member

    Ok, thanks again. Anyways hee are the two links for the memory card i desire to buy. Please, do me a favor, check these links and tell me after viewing the dealer's reputation whether or not to buy it. I'll be very thankful to you for this.

    1. 32 gb micro sd card -transcend with sealed packing | eBay

    2. SanDisk MicroSDHC Card 32GB Mobile microSD 32 GB micro | eBay

    3. Transcend 32GB MicroSD Card MICRO SDHC 32 gb class 4 | eBay
  7. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    No Idea :(
    Smoothie is better equipped to answer that one.
  8. coolvaibh2009

    coolvaibh2009 New Member

    Thanks for the valuable suggestion. I want to know whether using 32 GB card will affect my phone means on hardware basis or something like that? Or it will just get somewhat slow and nothing more apart from that? If using it cause any critical problem to phone then i won't buy it.
    Also, i am tempted to buy it from ebay only because the prices there are very very cheap. They are offering new card for just about Rs. 1900/- max and if i get it from any store then it will be atleast of Rs. 3500/-!!!!!!!
    This is the reason for all these queries.

    Reply expected.
  9. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    Personally I don't trust ebay products as they are from different members of ebay (ebay itself doesn't sell these products), I can not trust/suggest/comment on the the above provided links so accept my apology.
    Try to look for some computer market in your area and from there you can get 32GB card for around 2K as it's available in Delhi (Nehru Place) for Rs. 1800 or something.
    Consider visiting any of these stores too
    Spice Mobile

    Using a 32GB memory card on your Nokia E5 will not damage hardware in any way but it might show you minor delay in functions.
  10. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    It is very much safe to buy from, I am frequent on ebay from last many years and never faced any issues and even replacements are easy( needed only once) had purchased many things from handsfree, memory cards, mobile covers, cooling stand, headphones to name few. Even now you feel scared then you can go for The best for online shopping with cash on delivery. I got my Hp pen drive within 2 days. And rates are also genuine and shipping is free. 16 microsd card from sandisk is for Rs.900 only.
  11. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    last week I bought a 8 GB microsd card from Ebay. (Bangalaru based Elite_com ...)
    Rs 269+ RS 65 COURIER= Rs 334.I applied a Rs 150 coupon and got it for Rs 184/-
    I sent a message to the seller as I need the microsd for the new phone I bought for my kid.He shipped same day and I got it in Hyderabad via DTDC late next day!!!

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