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Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by bonda, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I need some help in buying a second hand Graphic card..
    I have selected Radeon HD 4850 512mb Gddr3 and xfx Geforce gts 250 512mb Gddr3...
    I have checked some bench marks and i found that just 2 to 5 fps is low on Gts 250 compared to HD 4850...
    Thats not a big deal..
    The Point is Physx and Cuda support, which is both currently owned by Nvidia :mad: and ATI has their Steam technology.. But games are mostly based on Physx and cuda technology only..
    So should i move on with an HD 4850 or shall i move with an Gts 250...

    Regarding case fan..
    I am looking for an 120mm branded case fan for my system and i am able to find cooler master brand in chennai market..
    There are 2 fans i have selected..
    take a look bellow...


    This fan comes in 2 fan at an price of Rs650 and it has an Blue Led.
    But it blows 39.**cfm of air...


    This one cost Rs700 and comes in 4in one box and blow air at 44cfm..

    so which one to go.. am not looking for fancy light or some thing like that, i need better in some less money..
    as i would like to change the 80mm fan to 120mm...

    Please help me in this..

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