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Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by samrr84, Feb 7, 2012.

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    I have taken mtnl triband on 18th Jan 2012 and i have got this bill with another bill for broadband in which they have charged for the 14 days(of January) for the broadband and that bill is OK but in the attached bill I don't have any idea of the other debits Rs 1100 . I am trying to contact the Account officer for last 7 days but he is not picking the phone.

    Can any one give me some idea about this amount.
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    check if from Mumbai: mtnl mumbai website.
  3. samrr84

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    Thanks and i went through the site and according to it they should change me Rs 600 out of which i have already paid Rs 500 at the time of registration. Can anyone confirm for what they are charging Rs 1100. I have LAN modem (not WiFi) on rent from mtnl for which they have charged me on my broadband bill (other bill) and i am in Delhi.
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