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Discussion in 'Bsnl Mobile' started by its_me, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. its_me

    its_me New Member

    Hello Friends,

    I am using BSNL Prepaid 2G SIM. I have my GPRS activated.

    Recently I got a message from BSNL that there is a GPRS plan for Rs 89 for which there is free 2GB download for 30 days validity.

    I activated the same, but even after that when I browse, I am still getting that 1 paise / 10 kb cost.

    Can someone explain about this plan.

    Thanks in advance.,
  2. jaleel_sh

    jaleel_sh New Member

    I used two months back this offer in chennai, and it works good for one month, but now three days before i resend the message to activate this plan, and the amount was deducted. Then i will browse some pages in my nokia5800 the same amount 1 paise / 10 kb is deducted. i queried in customer care, they repeatedly tell "Wait for 24 hrs", "Wait for 24 hrs".

    What can i do now? if anybody had answers about these careless bsnl people.
  3. anbujohn

    anbujohn New Member

    hi guys..which access point are u using to browse gprs..
  4. anoopambalamkunnu

    anoopambalamkunnu New Member

    please verify the balance after use, it may not be deducted even if it shows so ...
  5. vkgopivk

    vkgopivk New Member

    send sms to gprs89 to 53733 ...if u r using 3g handset select network connection and select umts and power off and power on the browse u will get amazing speed in 2g ..i am using like that ..speed is excellent. use APN is bsnlnet
  6. 1019ninja

    1019ninja New Member

    bsnlnet is the access point
  7. jaleel_sh

    jaleel_sh New Member

    I used NOKIA 5800XM and used network connection UMTS, APN is bsnlnet, but the amount is reduced. I can't find where is the problem.

    Is there any other way?
  8. mickey

    mickey New Member

    did you try bsnllive?
  9. vkgopivk

    vkgopivk New Member

    bsnl gprs89

    delete the old accesspoint and create new access point and put apn as bsnlnet and restart the mobile now u can able to access internet..
  10. mangang

    mangang New Member

    For 2gb with 30 days validity i Recharge with Rs 98 and it works like charm.
  11. nairkk

    nairkk New Member

    Balance checking

    Dear All

    Kindly let me know how to check the balance download available under this 89 plan
  12. cooldoc

    cooldoc Member

    To know Bsnl gprs balance dial *123*6#


    Please dont mind. Im like this only.
  13. nairkk

    nairkk New Member

    thanks. but when i dial *123*6#, it says "recharge not possible"
  14. mickey

    mickey New Member


    try this...
  15. nairkk

    nairkk New Member

    not working :( same message " recharge not possible"
  16. digitalinfo

    digitalinfo Guest

    sms 'data2g' to 53733 to know about your gprs data details. sms 'gprs89' to 53733 to avail gprs plan for rs.98, valid for 30 days, upto 3gb. the speed is good if you have 3g cell phone and 3g tower nearby.

    //[*** SMS language content deleted ***]
    Sincere request: If it is not too difficult, please do not use SMS like language/words (e.g., wen, wid, etc.) in knowledge forums. Fun threads may be (but not necessarily) excused.

    Please read Forum Etiquette.

    Thank you.

    - just4kix
  17. nairkk

    nairkk New Member


    thanks a lot ! it worked! :eek:
  18. vkgopivk

    vkgopivk New Member

    check for bsnl 2g data usage sms DATA2G TO 53733 OR *124*1# WORKS IN TAMILNADU
  19. popper

    popper Member

    send msg containing HELP to 52244 .... follws the given plans
  20. sobidaa

    sobidaa New Member

    gprs balance

    Try *124*4# for gprs balance
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