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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by sendpn, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. sendpn

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    I was browsing through the web looking for some information and stumbled upon this forum. As I was looking around, I found this to be more and more useful. And thought I would ask the experts here to see if they could throw light on my question.

    I am working on a project here in the US. After a couple of months, I will be temporarily staying in Hyderabad and might have to work from there when I will be visiting.

    The team here wants to proceed with this provided the ISP that I will use is not part of a black listed list. They've asked me to provide the IP address of BSNL so they could bounce against that list and make sure we are not accessing the work site here in the US through a black listed ISP.

    Now, Since I have not signed up yet with BSNL, how would I get that kind of information so I could pass it over to my team here ?

    Any thoughts ?

  2. verma

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    On a BSNL Network, you will get dynamic IP address which keeps changing every time modem is started.. If you need I can record my Bsnl IP a few times and then give it to you.. Not really sure if this will help
  3. superprash2003

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    bsnl ip's are of the form 59.92.x.x and 117.x.x.x so you can put any number between 1 and 255 as x which will be bsnl's ip
  4. sendpn

    sendpn New Member

    Thanks so much guys....

    I will give it a try with this and see if this works...

  5. whitestar_999

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    i am not sure but i have heard that bsnl IP's are blacklisted by some sites as spam creator as bsnl gives dynamic IP's & some such dynamic IP's are used to send a lot of spam.if some IP's are being used for spamming sites have no option but to blacklist all the bsnl's IP.
  6. sendpn

    sendpn New Member

    Is that true ? If so, what about the other ISP's such as Airtel, Reliance etc ..

    What ISP do you think would work ?

    Any help is highly appreciated ...

  7. whitestar_999

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    it is not necessary that the bsnl IP's are part of black listed IP's concerning your company.just as a precaution check some bsnl IP's against that for other ISP's only airtel's service is considered good but their plans are relatively costlier & slower in comparison to bsnl.

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