Need Airtel internet connection in Lucknow urgently - some queries! please help!

Discussion in 'Airtel Broadband' started by Huma, Sep 20, 2008.

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    I'd like to get an Airtel internet connection, but I have a few queries. Please help me out.

    1) I'd like to have unlimited internet, with 128 kbps speed and wifi installed as well. Which plan should I go for? How much would be the basic installation cost and the monthly rental charges?

    2) I already have an existing Reliance telephone number, and dont want to discontinue using it. Basically, I am looking for unlimited internet with wifi, and no Airtel telephone number. Is it broadband or DSL that I should go for? Or are broadband and DSL the same? I am a little fuzzy on this part, please clarify!

    3) I travel alot and hence would not use the connection throughout the year. Do I have to pay any basic monthly rental when I am not around? I really wouldnt want to, it would be expensive, since I am not around in Lucknow throughout the year.

    Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. pothi

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    Regarding the 1st point: I have no idea about 128 kbps plan. I do not know about wifi either. However, I paid only Rs.500/- cash initially and got a bill for that too.

    Regarding the 2nd point: Broadband is offered through the DSL technology. So for now, you needn't distinguish these two.

    Regarding the 3rd point: One has to pay the basic monthly rental when he/she is not using it. I'm sure Airtel Broadband is expensive, but problem-free, at least in my case.

    ~ Pothi.
  3. mysterious

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    hii...disz hasan 4m Lko

    i've gone thru ur quotes,
    well....if ur still in some chaos regardin any ISPs, n yet not able to decide that which ISP u've to subscribe den, plzz don hesitate u can call at 9792970412, coz i've analysed services of airtel, reliance, sify, bsnl & now goin wid aircel, so i can share my experience with u n i cud hav a pleasure to help u out.
  4. mickey

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    you mentioned Aircel,, is it really trustworthy??

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