National helpline number for bsnl broadband problems?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by newthought, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. newthought

    newthought New Member

    Does anyone know any helpline number where data one customers can contact for to make complains. because local exchange or bsnl office and employees are not helpful(am sorry to say that). i am in online jobs and i cant afford to lose the connection.everytime when any problems occurs takes minimum of one week to 10 days to solve..(that may be my experience only but they can improve there is no doubt) other ISPs are not available in my area yet.BSNL service is good but their staff is ...well i dont think i need to say anything more about SARKARI BABUS.. please mention any helpline number if anyone of u knows..I request to site oweners please mention all helpful official sites emails where all bsnl customers can contact.or complain.It will be helpful to all.

  2. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    Its 1800-424-1600 It is the same number all over india, but the only difference is that you will be connected to your local city's call center only. No matter where you are calling. I doubt there is another number available.

    You are right 100% right everything you said about bsnl, their net is good but their staff is absolutely bad.
  3. newthought

    newthought New Member

    Thanks bro..xwhyz. for the number.i have tried all the number they giv on their bill but that not enough.I hope this wil help me and others in future.
  4. $pinner

    $pinner New Member

    Well if this one helps then let me know cause i have just tired it and they all are busy. I have to wait for a long time and then i tried to redial but no avail.
  5. jassy

    jassy New Member

    let me tell you will always be finding their numbers busy as you can yourself see they still have not provided us with multiple lines..and i don;t think they are using intercom..:confused:i always have to try my local service provider's number..
  6. RacerLodde

    RacerLodde New Member

    You can use 1500 if you are from Bangalore.

    Otherwise use 1800-424-1600. They will redirect to your local BSNL Customer Care

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