My best utorrent trick to improve torrent download speed

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by abhishe11sharma, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. abhishe11sharma

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    hi frends

    i am using these setting for increase utorrent download speed.

    it is use full for all

    if it is increase your speed, plz give me rep point


    here are:-

    Port forwarding
    To achieve the top speed in uTorrent your port must be forwarded. The forwarded port in uTorrent then the status bar in uTorrent will show Green icon. Else it will be exclamation mark.
    If it is forwarded then it is fine, else you need to change the port number to get the correct port.Choose a port number greater than 10,000. Currently I am using port number “43081 & 45682 & 46868″ and it is forwarded. Choose any number and check if it is forwarded or not. You can change the port number through clicking on that icon or by pressing “CTRL+G”.
    Save your port
    Once you got the perfect port number, make sure your option in Option >> Preference >> Connection >> “Randomize port each start” is unchecked.
    Tell windows, uTorrent is working for me
    Windows firewall may try to block the uTorrent connection with the network, thats why make sure your option in Option >> Preference >> Connection >> “Add windows firewall exception” is checked.
    Dont tell your ISP that you are using uTorrent
    Many ISP’s block uTorrent downloads, that’s why make sure your option in Option >> Preference >> BitTorrent >> Protocol Encryption is Enabled. This will surely increase your speed.
    Firewall, let the flow come in
    If you are using any firewall software, add uTorrent in “allowed application” or “allowed programs” so that they will allow uTorrent to work to get maximum speed.
    Window Firewall Allow to u Torrents
    Start >>>control panel>>>windows firewall>>>allow a program or feature through windows firewall>>>change setting>>>check mark on home & public network for u torrents>>>ok
    Upload : Download – Ratio
    I suggest keep changing the ratio as per speed, i try to keep this ratio at 0.5 i.e. if my download speed us 100KB ps then I will keep my upload speed near to 50KB/ps. keep changing this speed. NEVER make upload speed to ZERO. Many torrent trackers ban the IPs who do not upload so keep this option at least close to 50%.
    There are many other options in uTorrent, I recommend you don’t play with them. They will not affect your speed, but may cause lesser speed problem.

    First go to Options>Preferences>Network
    1. Under ‘Port used for incomming connections’, enter any port number. It is best to use a port number above 10000. I use 65535.
    2. Randomize port each time utorrent starts: UNCHECKED. I leave this unchecked because I have a router. If you do not have a router or a firewall, and want extra security
    ,check this option.
    3. Enable UPnP port mapping (Windows Xp
    or later only): UNCHECKED. I leave this unchecked because I have experienced it slowing down speeds. It is not needed if you manually port forward.
    4. Add utorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions (Windows XP SP2 or later only): UNCHECKED (do this only if you have windows firewall disabled)
    5. Global Maximum upload rate (kb/s): [0: unlimited]: 22 (for 256k connection)
    6. Protocol Encryption: ENABLED. I would recommend everyone to enable this. This can help increase speeds with many ISPs.
    7. Allow incoming Legacy Connections: CHECKED

    1. Global Maximum Number of Connections: 130 (for 256k connection)This number should not be set too low or the number of connections made to your torrents will be limited. Setting it too high may cause too much bandwidth to be used and can cause slowdowns.
    2. Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent: 70 (for 256k connection)If you see that the peers connected to a specific torrent are exactly this number, or very close, increase this number to improve speeds.
    3. Number of upload slots per torrent: 3 (for 256k connection)This depends on how much you want to upload to other users. Do not set too low or it may affect download speeds.
    4. Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%: CHECKED
    5. Maximum number of active torrents: 2 (for 256k connection)
    6. Maximum number of active downloads: 1 (for 256k connection)
    7. Enable DHT Network: CHECKEDThis is recommended to be checked to improve speeds. More people will be available for sharing if this is checked.
    8. Enable DHT for new torrents: CHECKED
    9. Enable Peer Exchange: CHECKED
    10. Enable scrapping: CHECKED
    11. Pre-allocate all files: CHECKED
    12. Append .!ut to incomplete files: UNCHECKED

    The website
    Even if you downloaded the best torrent file, if it is not giving speed then there may be problem is site which provides it. Searching for high seeder torrent is not easy but the information about number of seeders must be correct and recent so that the file will give best of its speed. That’s why choosing the best torrent site is important. I listed few best torrent sites check them out.
    Even after you tweaked your uTorrent for higher speed if your torrent is not good then how you can get the maximum speed ? Choosing the best torrent site plays important role to get the

    use it and get max utorrent download speed.

    if it is use full for you then give me rep point

    good day


    all friends

    dose it not work for you?

    no body reply but its work for me.

    good day
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  2. rsen

    rsen New Member

    I get great speeds with default settings (when bsnl works).
  3. suman.austin

    suman.austin New Member

  4. ayrus

    ayrus New Member

    REscue mE

    Thanx for ur advice:)
    i have been using utorrent since the last 15 months,i live in a rural area and since when i first downloaded my first torrent,i got a downspeed of 160kB/s(don't laugh:mad:),but now its even worse than ever,my down speed is 54kB/s,but actually my download speed should be 512kB/s,

    Rescue Me,i tried ur recipe but it wont work!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:
  5. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    ^^ Ensure that the incoming telephone line is free from cracks and crevices. Water logging is also another problem seen especially in the rural areas. Always connect the primary phone line to the splitter (instead of connecting it from a parallel telephone port).
  6. Rcom

    Rcom Guest

    I do no tweaks and still i get 100% speed
  7. arjunaryas

    arjunaryas New Member

    Dude! you are getting the exact speed,what you should be getting. Your plan must be 512kb/s,then don't think that you will get 512kb/s downloading speed. You can only get a maximum download speed of 64kb/s and uploading speed around 50kb/s. You know some isp's provides good speed to new connection but its only for few days. They do these things just for customer building.
    A basic rule is followed in unlimited broadband connection which is download speed ratio to your plan speed and its is very common in almost every isp= 1:8
    It means 512/8=64kb/s(download speed)
    And don't think that this ratio must be similar to above ratio in all plans,It varies from plan to plan and if you want this ratio to be low that means you need to buy a higher plan and that's going to be limited plan(not unlimited). There are lots of plans which provide the ratio of 1:1 but those are premium plans and they will suck your lots of money.

    If you are getting around 64kb/s then it means you are getting a good speed according to your speed.I am too a user of that same plan.
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  8. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    A small correction, 512 Kbps = 512/8 = 64 KBps

    B =Bytes, b= bits

    1 Byte = 8 bits
  9. axel

    axel New Member

    Then I should get 32 kbps.I get 270 sometimes on a 256 broadband.
  10. rajatmumbai

    rajatmumbai New Member

    well.. you wont get a great deal of improvement in torrent speed as our internet speed sucks anyway.

    Still try this.
    Half-Open Patch - For Windows VISTA / Windows XP (NOT required for Windows 7)

    It wont necessarily increase your speed.. but might help you get connected to more peers.
  11. axel

    axel New Member

    Do you know any tricks for--
    How to get minimum seeds but maximum peers???
  12. rajatmumbai

    rajatmumbai New Member

    Not sure why would you want to choke down on seeds. just limiting the upload wont work for you?

    Anyway if you are still willing to cheat.. google for SB-Innovation ( small bandwidth innovation ) they got lots of tricks.

    Beware dont use them on any of the private trackers though.. you will get kickout.
  13. originaltechnogeek

    originaltechnogeek New Member

    guys...plz dont laugh,,,at max, my download speed is 50 kbps..n upload at 10-20 kbps...plz advice how 2 improve download speed in torrents.. (AL THIS IS FOR TORRENT N NORMAL DOWNLOAD)
  14. zerotolerance.big

    zerotolerance.big New Member

    What is it ? 50 kbps 0r 50 kBps ? What plan are you using? You will get 90% of your max speed in torrent downloading. What torrent client do you use?
  15. originaltechnogeek

    originaltechnogeek New Member

    2 zerotolerance

    zerotolerance,,,,it is 50KB/sec....the plan i m using is MTNL 495KB/sec unlimited plan... i use utorrent...
  16. zerotolerance.big

    zerotolerance.big New Member

    Look man, if you are using MTNL 495 KBps unlimited (approximately 4Mbps) it means you are paying around Rs 3500 per month??? Is that right? One more thing is that, all plans are shown like 512 kbps and 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps and 4 Mbps by MTNL and you are telling that you are using 495 KBps { That means (I doubt though) you are using 4 Mbps plan and if it is 4 Mbps plan you should tell your speed as 512 KBps not 495 KBps } If that is the truth, it also implies that you are getting 1/10th of your actual speed. If you are paying 599 Rs per month then you are getting good speed .I suggest, first go to and test your speed and post some screen shots here. Try to download something from Filehippo with Internet Download Manager(IDM) and see what speed you get. If you do not get your full speed while downloading with IDM there could be many reason behind this slow speed like some TCP/IP parameters and Max MTU size etc. But if you get/don't get full speed there and Utorrent is also slow, I will share my experience to improve this speed.

    Is your Utorrent port is open?? look at right bottom of Utorrent, there should be a green mark if port is open. If port is closed you will sea a yellow mark there. Place your mouse on that green/yellow mark it will tell you if port is open or not.
  17. originaltechnogeek

    originaltechnogeek New Member


    i m paying like 1000 rs per month unlimited...i went 2 d site u recommended...i m also attaching d resultes...pls help....d speed is 2 slow..

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  18. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    @ originaltechnogeek

    Can you state the plan on which you are currently in? It seems the fair usage policy has been enforced on your account (because you exceeded the default limit associated with the plan) and hence, the speeds were reduced to 256kbps.
  19. originaltechnogeek

    originaltechnogeek New Member

    i dont remember d plan much,,,but d speed has always been d same since i started using mtnl....btw....its unlimited download for d same price...
  20. thehost

    thehost New Member

    so you aren't on a plan with fup

    You have posted a screenshot of your speed test where speed is way lower than 50kBps but I'm sure it's because you had something else running the same time.
    Anway, from what you said, it seems you get around 50kBps, you are on an unlimited plan and that your plan has something to do with the "495".
    I looked at the mtnl website and this is what I came up with, look at this page,
    MTNL Broadband Combo plans
    It gives 48kBps from 8AM to 6PM and around 64KBPS thereafter. Plan name is mtnl combo 495 and its an unlimited plan.

    I think you are on a 512kbps plan which is same as 64kBps (8b = 1B). Are you sure you are on a higher plan. I dont know about mtnl but if they have something like bsnl's selfcare website, you could check there you plan or you could call them and ask or maybe its there on your bill. I'm really sorry if this didn't help.

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