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Discussion in 'MTS MBlaze' started by Preeti_20, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    It was only yesterday I saw a television ad for MTS MBlaze saying that they give fantastic speeds and all, but I need some real reviews from people.

    Has anyone used MBlaze? What are the speeds and overall performance like?
  2. love58900

    love58900 New Member

    Speed Issue with MTS MBlaze

    I was using MTS MBlaze 7 months ago but later stopped using it as company is not providing any service in my city (karnataka state) and they have full back-end and network support in Bangalore only. So network speed is good in Bangalore only not in any other cities
  3. mickey

    mickey New Member

    is there any service of mts blaze in Uttarakhand and Punjab??
  4. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    MBlaze Coverage


    * Dhanbad
    * Jamshedpur
    * Patna
    * Ranchi


    * Delhi
    * Faridabad
    * Ghaziabad
    * Gurgaon
    * Noida


    * Bahadurgarh
    * Panipat
    * Rohtak
    * Sonipat


    * Bangalore
    * Bedaditown
    * Belgaum
    * Bellary
    * Bommasandraind Area
    * Davangere
    * Devanahalli
    * Dharwad
    * Hosakote
    * Hubli
    * Kodagu
    * Mangalore
    * Mysore
    * Nice Ring Road
    * Suratkal
    * Tumkur
    * Udupi
    * Yalachanahalli


    * Calicut
    * Cochin
    * Kollam
    * Trichur
    * Trivandrum


    * Ahmadnagar
    * Amravati
    * Aurangabad
    * Badlapur
    * Boisar
    * Bolinj
    * Goa
    * Jalgaon
    * Kolhapur
    * Mumbai
    * Nagpur
    * Nasik
    * Pune
    * Sangli
    * Sholapur
    * Ulhasnagar
    * Vasai
    * Virar


    * Bhiwadi
    * Jaipur
    * Jodhpur
    * Kota
    * Laxmangarh
    * Pilani
    * Udaipur

    Tamil Nadu

    * Arcot
    * Chennai
    * Coimbatore
    * Erode
    * Karur
    * Kanchipuram
    * Madurai
    * Pondy
    * Salem
    * Sivakasi
    * Tirunelveli
    * Tiruppur
    * Tiruvannamalai
    * Trichy
    * Tuticorin
    * Vellore

    West Bengal
    * Asansol
    * Durgapur
    * Gangtok
    * Kolkata
    * Siliguri
  5. delhiuser

    delhiuser New Member

    Worst connection

    MTS is worst service provider, speed pathetic (download speed never cross 70-75 KB/sec), connectivity god knows & customer care is excellent in suggesting - do this, do that & if you're lucky then your problem solved. For god sake, never trust this service provider when you're roaming, most of place it provide 1X speed only if you're fortunate to connect.
  6. catch_saggy

    catch_saggy New Member

    MTS Mblaze Sucks!

    MTS is one of the worst companies to deal with. Even before I could use the MBLaze Data Card for a day, it was disconnected within 3 days! For reasons that only MTS know. Repeated attempts since the last
    5 months at conatcting their customer service has fallen on deaf ears. Even the nodal officer hasn’t replied. It’s a clear case of the company fleecing the customer and duping them of their hard earned money. officially my worst customer servic experience ever. I woul nvr recommen MTS Mblaze to anyone. Guys, it’s like donation of money to unworthy people. MTS simply sucks! their customer service will make purchasing the MTS Mblaze the worst ecision of your life!
  7. nippuankush

    nippuankush Member

    Its good

    Great Coverage, nice speed and low latency(as compared to other wireless connections)
    Speeds upto 2-2.5 Mbps
  8. ritesh_paul

    ritesh_paul New Member

    Buying an MTS Blaze means asking for TROUBLE AND FRUSTRATION IN THE COMING DAYS...whether its connectivity or customer support.
  9. neosans12

    neosans12 New Member

    working great in gujrat... i think it`s working good in bombay pune as well...

    1.5 to 2mbps speed in ahemdabad.
  10. rishi_see

    rishi_see New Member

    dont go for it!!

    I am in Bangalore (Kanakpura Road) and I envy u for 75kbps speed:eek:
    mine is between 2-20kbps speed in Bangalore!!! I have no clue what to do with this now, since their customer care is not responding only!!!!!
  11. ankitjacob8

    ankitjacob8 New Member

    as promised by MTS u will never see a speed of 3mbps... max speed u will get wud be around 2mbps...sometimes u wud hardly get 1mbps speed..but overall it depends on ur location and network reveals evrything.! better to go for airtel broadband...
  12. importan_tnotice

    importan_tnotice New Member

    Do you know the meaning of 2 MBPS ? Are you just surfing around web pages or downloading and uploading ?.
    1 MB = 1,000 kbps. You are saying you get 2,000 kbps ?
    International servers sell 2 MBPS @ Rs 600 monthly, and you get that from MTS ( which can't even control it's servers from crashing every once in a while) ?
    Iam a line network engineers server MTS will give you a max of 100 kbps for just some minutes eratically ( to keep you happy) and then crash out to 15-20 kbps at best.
    You cannot do anything serious by work.
    MTS has failed to improve in even 3 years...that is why other servers and providers are hot on it's heels. Sooner or later MTS will crash out like TATA.

    Because there are less subscribers there. It also depends on which time you use the net, and what you actually do...which means if you are into menial stuff like chat and facebook and tom foolery then there's no need for any bandwidth use.Line could possibly be faster than others.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2011
  13. importan_tnotice

    importan_tnotice New Member

    Cheer Up


    126 kbps is just about the high speed they can give when you recharge...Maybe it can reach 150kbps..but I dont think so. The speed depends on the number of subscribers in your Town area...Less scribers = better speed, more subscribers=less speed. Once Office hours start then the Speed drops to around 20kbps...MTS has the last laugh above all.
    Customer Care for MTS and Nokia are rated the WORST by the Internet users all over.
    Yes going to the Consumer Court means they will argue and compromise with 150kbps while your Broadband is on..After that they will screw your line..the Network might not connect at all..And if it does..your speed will be 0.

    All of them tell lies, and fake the public.This is our Indian mentality. Anna Hazarik can go to hell cos he's got that mentality too....Winners Keepers..Losers Weepers.
    MTS, BSNL, Reliance..are all the that Kamaladi or whatever his name is. TATA went for a grand Royal dive..They started this shitty ball game of saying there speed was 1MB above.
    They dont know much about How to Download and the exclusive servers abroad against which our Indian servers are 5 years underground.
    So bear with it...Later I will tell you how to use two modems and jack them back. Also how to hack through...... and keep changing ports in avoid " waiting time" during Downloads
  14. mickey

    mickey New Member

    First of all , you dont know anything.

    1. You dont know his name and cannot say it correctly than how do you question/challenge his mentalilty. i ask you to check some Google first.
    2. Honestly speaking, the kind of stuff that we have today how much speed do you wish to get??
    3. You can ask your british masters of "why didnt they make everything systematic while leaving INDIA?" "why did they make everything such, that only wireless broadband seems to be the future, here??" go ask them..
    4. What is Indian mentality??
    5. Don't loath the civil society of this country when you are not aware of the statistics.
  15. avinash.ekhar

    avinash.ekhar New Member

    MTS sometimes work, sometimes not

    I brought MTS On feb 2011, It will stop working after i brought.
    For one month it shows only 40 kbps speed, after complaining several times it still not working. Then i stopped using it.

    After 2 month again recharge it with 999 recharge. At that time it provide me spped upto 2 mbps. but after using it for 2 month its again showing speed of 40 kbps.

    Do not use 999 recharge or otherwise use 800 recharge.

    I get mixed experience about it, sometimes it will give 2 mbps but after few monts it will not working.
  16. Nithin M

    Nithin M Guest

    MTS MBlaze - Hi-Speed wastage of money


    If you want to simply waste around 2000/- you can buy MTZ MBlaze. This is a worst connection. You wont get the proper speed and customer support. I bought this two weeks back and recharged for 999/- for unlimited downloads (12GB for 3.1 MBps after tht 155 kbps - fair usage policy). But i never got more than 80kbps down speed. I ve made the complaint 5-6 times but no response.
    Please dont take this connection if you are looking for a decent speed without any interuption..
  17. varun5833

    varun5833 New Member

    if someone has enough money to waste .. then one can opt for mts .. reason being very low speed .. not more than 100kbps and also customer care is very pathetic .. customer care representatives are illiterate .. even a rickshaw puller can join mts and become team leader at their customer center .. i hate mts and want the company to loose all the customer and want the chairman to beg on traffic signals
  18. Kiran

    Kiran New Member

    Dont take Mblaze or any Mts products. There policies are totally deceitful, exspecially there postpaid.
    I was tricked to lose 2000rs by them.
    By the way there customer care is the worst of the kind, they talk nicely, but sno action, they lie superb

  19. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    I have been using MTS for about a year now.
    I get average speed of around 0.8 to 1.2 mbps even on roaming.

    but with the recent judgement, the licences of MTS stands nullified.

    even though MTS is backed by the power of Govt of Russia (owner of parent Co.) and expected to fight back legally, it is possibly not the right time to take a new connection.
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