Mts Datacard Cheating Customer

had being using my MTS with MDN 9141129365 for last 3 months and most of the times the speed is very poor , as low as 100 kps but was promised an average speed of 1 MPS.
Also I don't get the bill on time , for the month on July the bill was not Delivered and hence paid approx of 600 RS and was surprised that my connection was disconnected without even informing me. When called customer care for 10 time , got response that there is Rs 137 outstanding and hence disconnected and barred. When told that bill was not delivered, they told we can arrange the bill next month and when requested to give connection as had some work , they activated but after 10 min disconnected, then I had to call customer care but was not given connection until made payment. I lost 2-3 days and also had to make other arrangement for this duration. Was surprised again to see the bill next month ( Aug) with late payment despite their mistake and no waiver for days when the datacard was not working.

I called the customer but they are not ready to listen and just telling then don't abide to TRAI regulation and threatening me for legal action if I don't make the payment.
I told them to disconnection as had speed issue and issue with billing , they are not ready to disconnect and justing asking for money and no service.

I just get call and they are threatening me for legal action. Looks like MTS has been cheating all customer like this.


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Nevinjohn a company wont bother going through legal proceedings just to get Rs137 from a customers, too much of a hassle for less amount of money. If you can speak to someone senior at customer service, send something in writing if possiable and get a new conenction from another service provider.
MTS have never given good speed, to be honest the connection from MTS is a load of rubbish. Its obvious you need to switch to another isp! Get the matter sorted out over the phone if you can, if not then just pay off the Rs137 and kill the issue.