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Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by darryl_co, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. darryl_co

    darryl_co New Member

    Does anyone know how the password selection is done by mtnl for its wifi router wireless internet access?
    The SSID used is MTNL.The encryption is wpa.
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Mention model number of wifi router used.
    Some have multiple ssids, and
    MTNL default need not be used ( If greyed, and no editing possible )
  3. darryl_co

    darryl_co New Member

    I am not asking for the password of the GUI but for the password of the wifi network.How is that set by the MTNL person who sets the router.Please Share!
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Mention modem/router model/number.

    Modem ID usually admin PW admin ( default)
    EXAMPLE below from Trendchip HG520
    SSID Name seen in Wireless page ( default ID given by someISP s)

    Security code WEP/ wpA etc given also for above default SSID)


    In some routers these cannot be changed. ( example AIRTEL ISP)

    If Multiple SSID option available you can use your own ID and security key.

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  5. darryl_co

    darryl_co New Member

    I do understand what you are saying.Let me explain my qestion in an another way.If you were to install 10 to 15 wifi routers at different customer places, you definately follow a fix method for installation.Like the SSID selected by you be the customers name or the service providers name as in this case is selected as "MTNL".Then for the encription you would select wpa and for password maybe the contact mobile number or the serial number of the router.I mean to say you would follow a fix method so that if a customer called you saying I forgot my password and asked you how to get it he or she may be guied for password retreival on phone.
    Same way I am asking does anyone know the method used by MTNL to set wifi access passwords in the routers?
  6. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    SECURITY KEYS in WIFI routers

    Random generation by computer program, and stored in your profile at MTNL.
    For WIFI routers also ( if you buy /rent from MTNL) the random generated key is used for default SSID MTNL.

    In Airtel the default ssid is AIRTEL or MNGMT and the wep key is 0987654321
    in some wifi routers.

    Wifi security keys can be accessed in the router anytime and changed even daily by the user.
    Or if you are controlling the wifi routers, ( denying access to the user) you can change it ONLINE and inform the user.
    using Mobile number bad practice. If your neighbour knows your mobile number , he/she can access your wifi network if in range! or get Spam calls.
    from person/s unknown, .
    ISP's and even forums like this never give the password recorded in their data base on PHONE, and send only to user's email address. a random generated PW. ( same way in YahooMail Gmail etc )
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