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Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by eludic, May 10, 2009.

  1. eludic

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    I want to set my router on Bridge mode using the static IP I got from MTNL. The guys at MTNL are anything but helpful. I cant seem to configure the router in bridge mode as I do not have all the necessary information. I am looking for the default gateway and subnet mask which I need to set in the router. If someone can provide the info, I would be more than happy. My IP is something like 120.XX.XX.5.

    I have tried using subnet mask as while gateway as however the router does not seem to accept the 59.* gateway.

    Any help received would be appreciated. Thank You.
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Mention your modem model/make. IN INDIA MAHARASHTRA BOMBAY MTNL CAT B ISP
    which page in router this was entered ?

    Your Gateway is ( modem/routers)
    subnet mask usually


    Start/ Network LAN properties
    Obtain IP address automatically.
    DNS also same or
    SAVE Apply.

    3. Post Ipconfig /all data
    START RUN type cmd type ipconfig /all

    4. If connected to Internet
    test here : h t t p://

  3. eludic

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    Thanks for the reply. I am using Linksys WAG200G. I am not trying to configure Port Forwarding or Port Triggering. I want to set the router in RFC 1483 Bridged mode where it is asking for:

    IP Address: 120.XX.XX.5
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway: [This is what I want]
    Primary DNS: The one provided by MTNL
    Secondary DNS: The one provided by MTNL

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