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    can anyone using mtnl 3g jadoo please post a review about it ive heard bad news about their coverage
  2. cooldudrules_5

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    its good speed about 150 kbps download speed at max and fluctuiating speed,can be even more as i tried only 1 calling is enjoyable.revised rates of mtnl 3g are same as 2g its very affordable service.only data usage is still costly abt 50p/ rates
    mtnl to mtnl 20p, to other network 50 p,std 75 p.same rates for video calling so good and available from churchgate to borivli and till mulund on central.soon to cover other areas in and around mumbai.
    if this info is good please reply!!
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    thanks the info was good
  4. mihir94

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    Now the usage charges hav been slashed to 1paisa per 10kb(Rs1/MB)
    You have to buy 1paisa per second voucher for rs45 with 1 year validity
  5. sanjdar

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    I tried video calling, to their auto answering, dialing 5544 but i never got connected....
  6. vorazeal

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    well above answers were not a review, but its just specification of their plan. Dont know much about MTNL service, just know their connectivity was not good some months before.
  7. trinkaljuneja

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    Better that other

    I tried in december

    in CP,Delhi i download a 700 mb movie in just 50 min (download speed very good )

    but still bad luck not available in my area
  8. sachitv

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    it 54455 not 5544
  9. Edimax-India

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    3G availability!

    In which cities of India are 3G service available?

    Thank you,

  10. Admin

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    3g is available almost all over India now except the low population areas.

    I think you also mean EVDO service?? if thats what you mean then it is available from 5 companies now and covers the whole country.

    But its too new and will only catch up in a big way after a few months.... This mobile broadband thing is going to bring about a bigger revolution then the mobile phones brought in the last decade.
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  11. rockang

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    amazing service...but one problem is there...if during a call if the network switches from 3g to 2g then all network services are disconnected...
    otherwise amazing net calling...voice clarity etc.
  12. mickey

    mickey New Member

    ^^^ yes yes yes... same happened to me.. during a video call, the sign changed from 3G to E and everything in vain....
  13. gaggan4392

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  14. Admin

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  15. mickey

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    ^^yours was a much descent way to tell it :p
  16. atharyaju

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    Don't fall pray to what MTNL claims! I have bought JADOO 3G prepaid card in mumbai and struggling to get 3G going for last 3 days. Customer service sucks big time.. Every time I call what I get is just a assurance that my service would start in 12 to 24 hours! ( Expect lot of background noise of people talking!)
    On many occasions customer care people agreed that system on their side is not working properly. They kept on giving various reasons and false promises! No one knows what the problem could be. I tried manual settings on my handset (sony k800i) switched on and off handset number of times as suggested by CSR :)
    I think MTNL is trying to add as much customers as possible by using marketing gimmicks such as luring customers with live IPL (mobile TV) , Video calling n all. In fact during video calling audio quality is so poor that u may need to have one more cellphone both the sides for clear audio! What an idea sir ji to sell more simcards!

    So be patient, and wait for private operators to start 3G in India!
  17. mihir94

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    Mine works fine :p

    Mine works fine :p
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  18. rahulr

    rahulr New Member

    Not 7.2 MBPS as marketed

    Connectivity: Ive been using my 3G Jadoo HSDPA data card for the last 3 weeks. I dont travel much so I cannot vouch for coverage. What little travel Ive done in Mumbai Ive had no problems connecting up and using the service. Occasionally if the connection is kept idle for about 15 mins, Ive had to reconnect by physically removing gthe usb model and reconnecting. Early hours of the morning (2am - 6am) Ive had more dropped connections than during the rest of the day.
    Speed: I dont believe the network is even capable of 7.2 MBPS UL. Ive never been able to crack 1.8 MBPS upload spped till date. Downloads are throttled to 384KBPS DL and Ive had no problems hitting the limit consistently.
    Ease Of Use: Thumbs up to MTNL on that front..No Issues there; simple instructions if followed to the letter and well designed connect up interface make this service a breeze..
    Customer Service: The thing with Indian Govt organisations (in general) is that with some people you will have a really good experience while other will make you want to bang your head against a brick wall. To get the data card was a big mission as none of the call centre were able to guide me to the nearest outlet. The call centre staff were very polite but rather unhelpful. I ended up making a trip to BKC office which was largely deserted apart from a few uninterested staff languishing about. I was told they were out of stock and was given the number of "the 3G guy" and aksed to call in a few days. Mr 3G in turn was really surprised that the BKC office was out of stock. To his credit he really appeared to know his stuff and was very polite as well. He directed me to my nearest dealer in the end who happened to be 10 mins away from where I resided. Finally after 5 days and 2 steps of misdirection I had my data card in hand. On the flip side, Ive had much worse experiences with Vodafone Customer Care and Marketing staff. With MTNL, atleast you're not left to deal with the likes of carpet baggers and used car salesmen..
    Cost: 2490/- for the card with 15GB data to be used in 2 months at touted UL speed of 7.2MBPS. I cant see anything in the market that comes even close in terms of value for money. The closest competition is the Photon with lower speeds, but then there isnt the 15GB carrot at the end of that stick. Another thing to be wary of is that with Mobile internet, you will invariable use more than 1M data to download a page of 1M. This is just the way the technology works. I have no stats to compare this but I'm farily certain HSDPA is the most efficient in this regard.
    Competition: There is none..for now...
  19. logiccool

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    getting good speeds in Janak Puri,West Delhi. Location matters most for 3g reviews but most of the users doesn't mention it.

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