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Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by bonda, May 1, 2010.

  1. bonda

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    Hi Guys this is my anther Article about Mouse pad..


    A Mouse Pad makes a big difference by giving performance to the person working with an mouse on gaming or just normal browsing inside explore and to their comfort. Using an mouse pad saves your Mouse life alot, using an mouse under flat surface like Computer table or glass..
    they may work perfect but they wont last for long.. Their smooth surface gets scratch and get dusty soon and the result mouse wont perform an smoother action..

    I have found that a lot of good mouse pads over the web and some have Pam rest too, which the user can place their pam on the softy sponge in it and work with the mouse. When you buy an high end mouse and mouse pad with it, it will give you an stunning look with both the combination..
    Have you ever tried to use a mouse on light colored or shiny materials like plastic paper and velvet cloth on it, Often you will find that they don't function correctly, and when speaking of gamers who need the highest degree of accuracy the mouse pad becomes a very important item..
    Mostly gamer use to buy high priced mouse pad, which are made in rubber at the back for grip in any surface and high response...

    These are not very expensive, which means you can replace mouse pad if it is damaged. In fact you can get an decent non gaming rated mouse pad under Rs100 and look for the Mouse pad which has rubber base and an smooth stop surface without plastic sheet or velvet cloth...

    Thanks for going through my Article...
  2. HACKdown

    HACKdown New Member

    Nice one.......loved reading friend!
  3. Archer

    Archer New Member

    I don't think they supply mouse pads with optical mouse any more. I didn't get one with Intex mouse I bought and neither with Gigabyte (keyboard plus) mouse.
  4. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    If you are looking for the cheap ones, ask the shop guy, he will give for free. Good ones start from Rs500 onwards...
  5. OMGuru

    OMGuru New Member

    I agree, the cheap ones are not at all good. Lot of issues while handling mouse. If you are looking for gaming mouse pad you can have a look at brand RAZER (Sorry I don't have permission yet to post a link so, just look for "razerzone" website).
  6. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

  7. OMGuru

    OMGuru New Member

    Just saw that post, even replied to it. :D
  8. DarshanD

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    I have stopped using a mouse pad, I don't know how bad this is for the mouse, but my previous mouse pads just got ruined and haven't brought one since.
  9. Shauraya

    Shauraya New Member

    I can not work without a mouse pad, first of all the mouse gets dirty from the bottom and secondly its not as smooth to use as it should be.

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