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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by einstein0072004, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. einstein0072004

    einstein0072004 New Member


    It'd really help if some of you can post the download links for Mobile partner software for Huawei UMG 1831 modem.

    I've searched the internet but there are no available.

    Pls give some links which u've used for downloading.
  2. Surpreet

    Surpreet New Member

    It from,
    It is a Torrent site. try serching the phrase .. u will get it .
  3. einstein0072004

    einstein0072004 New Member

    Thanks.. i've downloaded it...

    After initializing the MobilePartner.exe... it is not showing that any device is connected. I created a profile too with bsnlnet as apn. In choose device option, there is only one option called "Device". Have i missed anything?

    When i tried to connect to the created profile, it says device is not connected or not available.
  4. Surpreet

    Surpreet New Member

    plug in Ur device.
    wait for atleast 10 - 15 seconds , Then Double click on Mobile Partner,
    Go to Tools ==> Choose Device==> UMG1831 ..
    and its done .
    Choose profile , and connect
  5. sureshraj_mali

    sureshraj_mali New Member

    I have blogged on unlocking Huawei data card, and also have included the links for firmware, Mobile Partner, and unlock code generator. You can download the required softwares here. I am using the Huawei e1550 with BSNL 3G/2G and its working fine. I am not sure how useful this would be for you.

    Suresh Mali's Blog: Use Idea Net Setter(Huawei e1550) with BSNL, Airtel, Docomo, Vodafone, Aircell
  6. Rinks99

    Rinks99 New Member

    Unlocked idea net setter E1550 at Rs.1850 for sale....

    If anyone from mumbai wants unlocked idea net setter with latest dashboard which has gps, call, video call, sms & mms plugin, etc. then contact 9820994214 soon.
    Its urgent.
    Modem with purchace box and bill.
    U can use any sim in it for 2g and 3g services.
    Cost Rs.1850.
  7. acewin

    acewin New Member

    I also need mobile partner for my huawei E1750
  8. acewin

    acewin New Member

    Mobile Partner for E1750 ver. 11.302.09.01.539

    this mobile partner has got call feature. I got it uploaded from a friend.
    This is different than what is available in my device. My mobile partner did not had call feature, after installing this I am able to make calls and receive them as well.
    I understand now why it crashes on vista or 7, you have different device drivers for all different devices, no standard mobile partner s/w
  9. prabhaharindia

    prabhaharindia New Member


    how do i download mobile partner software?
  10. smonabtech

    smonabtech Guest

    plz help.i bought the huawei aircel modem.model is:E1750C.
    In this reliance sim is workinh.but bsnl sim(2g) is not working.what to do
  11. smonabtech

    smonabtech Guest

    Plz suggest is working in huawei aircel modem.model is e1750C.where bsnl is not friend told me to downlod mobile partner.but i m unable to do it
  12. abani

    abani Member

    Please help me how reliance sim is working in the Aircel E1750C data card

    Just now i unluck the Aircel E1750C data card but when i incert other sim it not woking, please tell me process need to changes in the data card setting.
    I loss much more money for this plz help me,

    When i change a sim it the APN is still shows "aircelinternet"

  13. anilsethi04

    anilsethi04 New Member

    search in google mobile partner u will get many linkis downoad from there.
  14. preferity

    preferity New Member


    When you put a new SIM you have to create a new profile for that SIM(Service provider)

    You will find this option in connection / profile.Add new profile
    Dial no *99# and put apn for particular service provider.
    BSNL-- bsnlnet
    Airtel-- etc

    Then select that profile and connect. Done :cool:
  15. abani

    abani Member

    Thank you

    Thank you it really work
  16. 3Glover

    3Glover New Member

    I have bsnl 3g data card (TERACOM LW273 ). I have installed MobilePartner, but it is not able to find the device. Please hep...
  17. dushie

    dushie Member

    Mobile partner is only compatible with Huawei modems and will not work with other brand of modems.
  18. Surpreet

    Surpreet New Member


    I dont think so , It should Probably find it.
    but if it does not work u should try Web connect manager it is for usually for T Mobile devices but should work....
  19. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    I agree..each vendor specific software works for that particular vendor modem only....

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