Mobile partner new look huawei E303

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by shameerphasan, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. shameerphasan

    shameerphasan New Member


    Ver :

    Whats is new ?

  2. manoranjan2050

    manoranjan2050 New Member

    download link

    plz add download link plz....................
  3. shameerphasan

    shameerphasan New Member

    huawei e303c

  4. jon08

    jon08 New Member

    Please copy your software from data card & upload free file hosting server then give this download link. It's urgently necessary for me because my MOBILE PARTNER
    (Ver: FaKiro) properly not working with Windows 7. My software release date has 2009.

    Once again please copy & upload this, i will grateful to you.
  5. atul88

    atul88 New Member

    Call & USSD functions not working with other Huawei devices!!!:(
    Plus Ram usage low:confused:confused: It uses around 65Mb:mad: while Mobile partner 16 uses 6-7 MB!;)!!
  6. gauravgtm

    gauravgtm New Member

  7. Atul Navadiya

    Atul Navadiya New Member

    can anyone upload Mobile partner 23 with USSD & Call function enabled??

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