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Discussion in 'Mobile phones' started by SunilMakkar, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. SunilMakkar

    SunilMakkar New Member

    I know that many people don't like the Indian branded mobile phones but there are some that are using them and like them a lot. I haven't used a Indian branded mobile phone so I cannot judge and I think its not right to judge a brand or product without using it. I would like some reviews on Micromax mobile phones and know what they are like, and if there are any disadvantages to the phones as compared to the big branded phones.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I find the build quality of micromax to be poor as compared to the likes of samsung.
  3. netkid

    netkid Member

    I have never user a micromax handset coz I was afraid that if I buy one it may go bad prematurely.

    My budget was 5000 so I purchased a Nokia Asha 501. I can't tell you how much I regret my decision now.

    While the build quality and battery life of Nokia Asha is pretty good but the fact that it runs on a proprietary software platform limits the number of apps available.

    It has wifi but all I can do with it is visit Facebook and surf the web with Opera.

    Mircomax offers Android based phone within similar price range and as you know the Android app store is huge. Its so popular that my cable ISP provides peering for it !

    I know some Micromax users who are using their phones for more than 3yrs. Frankly if it lasts for 3yrs its good enough for me.

    If I buy a Android phone I will also buy a wifi router compatible with my cable ISP and use my phone to download torrents during the night.

    The reason is not all torrents are cached and using the phone instead of a PC reduces power consumption significantly.
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    That is true. Android market place has tons of both free and paid apps. Nokia has also launched a few Android based smart phones recently but they have a long way to go to compete with other companies who already have a large foot print in India.
  5. Bipin chaudhary

    Bipin chaudhary New Member

    The nokia branded androids are using forked version .u can't use all android apps on them. Plus seeing the price point n features Nokia lacks . In the same price range u can get the indian brand phones with almost unadulterated android version. And they're providing update also. I'm surw those nokias never gonna get any updates..

    Mmx karbon etc maybe good but once u get any problem u gonna regret buying it. Their customer carw isworst. U need to leave device there for months.
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  6. netkid

    netkid Member

    These are the phones I have used so far
    Motorola B/W (Dont remember the model) Its still works.
    Nokia 6610 (Sold)
    Samsung c3010s (Has a strange fault, Even a new purchased battery dies within a few hrs)
    Nokia Asha 501 (Using atm)

    The 6610 went bad once but it was not only me, all the 6610s of the entire city suddenly started showing the same symptom. Believe it or not this is true. When I went to Nokia Care with my phone they told me I will have to wait for at least 20 days but I quickly thought of a lie and told them that I have to leave city the next morning to take admission for higher studies and it worked !

    I faced problems with the Samsung due to rain water getting into the circuit. Samsung's service centre is simply horrible. They do not have enough man power. I noticed their staff facing angry customers. I situation got so heated up that the owner went to the restroom due to nervousness to relieve himself !

    My point is simple, service centres of all mobile brands are simply pathetic. Yes, some may be even worse than the other.
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  7. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Older Nokia phones were very durable. I never sell or throw away my phones and I have some Nokia phones still in working condition from year 1998 but all other brands I have used are mostly not in working condition.
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  8. Bipin chaudhary

    Bipin chaudhary New Member

    The possibility of breaking down is many times more in the chinese aka Indian branded when compared to Samsung. Rest it depends on our luck. Ppl had harf times with iPhones too
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  9. netkid

    netkid Member

    I agree but the fact is most people these days change their phones pretty frequently and those Indian phones are very feature rich and cheap at the same time.

    If it lasts till the time the customer feels the urge to buy a new handset, mission accomplished.
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  10. gspal

    gspal Member

    May be. I have junked a couple of Nokia feature phones when there service centers could do nothing about. Nokia 6301 where the display stopped working. Nokia 6233 where the sound went to ZERO. However, my old Sony Ericsson 700i still works though original battery for it is hard to find. It has a tough body, but only supports single SIM. On advice of Admin I am looking up Moto G.

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