Megaupload web site closed.

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  2. coolbuddyin

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    Its very sad
    USA using finanical muscle power to arrest people on others land

    its like arresting taxi driver for dropping a don to airport on a taxi and
    arresting post man for delivering anthrax powder containing mail

    But brighter side is they did not file case against end users who downloaded pirates stuff,
  3. mickey

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    My dear coolbuddyin, No!

    problem is megaupload was on a very terrible blacklist.. and i read articles about it been going to be fkd up soon by Amrikkans because SOPA/PIPA is not coming out. So Amrikka shows first muscle here..

    Don't be worried if they also catch torrent websites very soon:p
  4. coolbuddyin

    coolbuddyin New Member

    So no more pirated stuff avaiable on net in few years down the line

    Good news for many
    Bad news for most

    I have a small doubt

    What exactly amount to Pirating. Watching movie or listening mp3 which was downloaded or
    distributing the stuff is actually a crime?

    If we store a DVD rip of a movie on PC and own the same DVD ,its not a piracy. ISnt it?
    Storing DVD rip without owning DVD is piracy isnt it?
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  5. mickey

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    Watching the movie with all the people inside your home is not piracy cause its private watching... Now you put a screen on the colony's boundary wall and live movie like a cinema for all the street people thats piracy.. because you havent taken public broadcast rights from em.

    storing dvd rip is piracy because company's source format is dvd and not ripped ones.. you got the rip from some website(torrent) and you dont buy it.. so its piracy...

    Megaupload is doing the same by broadcasting the files which are not open source..
    And they dont pay to the companies which have intellectual rights over the files there..
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  6. MichaelFramer

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    Its really sad if such websites are banned, They are really good and provide many useful things free of cost. Mega upload was a good site sad to hear about it :(
  7. just4kix

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    Mickey has answered most of the queries. Although I do not claim to be an expert, I have read many articles on video piracy and here is a gist of my understanding (note that I could be wrong):
    • Very first - remember this. When you buy a DVD or BD, you have not purchased the movie. You do not own it. What you have done is, you have purchased the rights to view the movie in the privacy of your home. Your home includes your family members.
    • If you watch a movie at home (and perhaps even invite your friends), you are not pirating. The viewing is still a private viewing.
    • You can lend the disc to your friend. You must lend the original. This is not piracy. Just as a book, where two people at different locations, cannot read the same book, the same applies here.
    • Copying. Now this is a very disputed area. Most people claim that they should be able to copy a disc at least for backup purposes, if not anything else. They say that if they have purchased the original and create a backup but do not give/distribute the backup, they are not committing any offence.
    • But according to the MPAA/RIAA/Studios, etc. you cannot create a backup copy also - even for you own use. This is especially true if the disc is copy protected and mosts DVDs/BDs are copy protected. When a disc is copy protected, to create a copy you have to break the copy protection - and that is a crime.
    • The rest of the acts are easy to understand:
      • you cannot rip a disc and upload this to any server
      • you cannot rip the disc and convert the content to other AV formats
      • you cannot download the ripped disc or converted formats
      • you cannot play the disc at public places
      • you cannot rent the disc
    We could discuss the topic to greater details.

    I respectfully disagree.

    When a taxi-driver is ferring a criminal, he is not knowingly doing it. If he does, and does not report this to a police, then there is "aiding and abetting".

    When a postman delivers a packet of anthax, he does not know that. He is thus not participating in a crime.

    However, sites like Megaupload, Rapidshare, etc. know what their sites are being used for. They feign ignorance saying that they are only providing hosting and storage. Sometime ago a site called as eSnips was storage house of songs and videos. They found what users were doing and they did the right thing - while they did not remove the files they disabled downloads. The others could now listen but not download.

    Suppose I have a warehouse. I lease it to someone and it is used for illegal activities. I am deemed responsible even if I am not participating in the crimes. It is my responsibility that my property is not used for crimes. On the other hand, if my plot of land that had no barriered access was used by other for farming opium, then I may be able to claim ignorance somehow (even then it will be difficult).

    On the other hand, if my car is stolen and that is used by others for criminal activities, then I am not responsible. This has been done against my will.

    Megaupload and sites like these are a typical case of "aiding and abetting".

    I am sorry but I have no symapthy for the case. I am not in favour of piracy. But my reasons are not what are typically stated such as "every man associated with the movies gets his fair share". That is all bull-crap. I believe that I should have the best quality and the original. And that is the sole reason why I do not download (any more) but buy.

    Read this: Anti-piracy crackdown: NZ police raid Megaupload founder’s mansion | Firstpost

    ... and you will know what I mean ...
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  8. mimi143

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    Could any one tell me weather its a crime to watch movies online (streaming live) from sites such as MegaVideo or
  9. ulysses

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    CEO CFO ,chief tech officer of megaupload are already in jail. you can join them if you wish and ask them if it is a crime?:p
    most upload sites have stopped movie/US Tv serial downloading links!
    fileserve,filesonic,megaupload and filejungle too .
    few smaller ones are still giving downloading links.
  10. mickey

    mickey New Member

    amrikka is a very bad nation.. :mad:

  11. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    In one short word - Yes.
  12. mickey

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    i just saw the fbi banner ON Megaupload... also seen in pirated rips :D
  13. shreyasbadas

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    it's a very sad thing thing.

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