Maximum free usage limit in free night usage plan?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by drsharmadk, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. drsharmadk

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    I was recently told at BSNL office in my city that after 50GB of total usage (including free night usage), charges will be levied, even in free night usage plans. Therefore, after this limit, the night usage will become chargeable. I have already received a bill which seems to charge me for usage beyond 50 GB although my total day usage was well below 1.5GB allowed in my plan (BB 500 FN combo plan).
    Can anyone clarify / confirm this?
  2. essbebe

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    So far no Official confirmation for a cap on D/L upto 50 GB.

    The summary on top will show total chargeable data ( EXCLUDING) free NU.uct 1.5 GB and find excess usage during day time.
    Some selfcare portals show Day block and Night block separately.
    Post as annexure screen shot ( jpg ) of usage page.

    Mine also U/L home 750 plan.
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  3. meetdilip

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    There are no reports so far. I think they bluffed or are ignorant. In the usage details, check the " Chargeable units excluding night unlimited ". If NU usage is shown as zero, nothing to worry. If otherwise and check with the Accounts Officer.
  4. drsharmadk

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    I have gone to the billing section of BSNL in my city and the billing clerk there has verbally confirmed that above 50 GB usage, whether in Free NU plan or not, is chargeable. He quoted some TRAI rule in this regard. I am not convinced since no documents were shown. However, my bill shows my usage as being charged even when I was withing the 1.5GB limit of my usage.
    You are right- they must be bluffing. But I do not know how to tackle the issue.
  5. mvs sarma

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    I feel, any organization have to publish what they are doing , in case of deviation. after that publication only they can change charging changes.
    Legally they should not start collecting without pre informing their customers.
  6. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Try complaining here

    If nothing works,

    A written complaint with receipt to Nodal officer and / or Appellate authority may help. ID and phone no. on the backside of your bill. Make call and seek assistance.

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