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Discussion in 'Cars in India' started by Parminder, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Gypsy has long been the favourate of young lads and is the official geep for a number of government departments like Delhi police, Punjab police and lot more including a number of para military forces, partly because they cannot afford anything better and partly because of the low maintance costs and some of the profits from the sales remained in India.
    Maruti's Gypsy is sold in Uk and some other european countries in a different name and they are all made in Gurgaon :)

    here are a few pictures and some specs of the good old Gypsy.

    This not merely for the picture sake, Gypsey actually runs pretty well in these kind of terrains


    Length4010 mm

    Width1540 mm

    Height1875/1845 mm*


    Front Track1300 mm

    Rear Track1310 mm

    Kerb Weight 985 kg/1, 040kg*

    Gross Vehicle Weight1585kg/1,620kg*

    TypeG13BB MPFI 16 Valve Gasoline



    Maximum Power80 bhp @6000 rpm

    Maximum Torque103 Nm @ 4500 rpm
    TypeFive forward (all Synchromesh), One reverse

    Transfer gearboxTwo-speed

    Typeconstant mesh

    Transfer gear ratioHigh : 1.409; Low : 2.268

    Front and RearRear Leaf spring with Double action damper
    BrakesWith Booster

    TypeF78-15-4 PR 205/70R15
    Fuel tank40 L

    Engine oil 4.0 L
  2. Netizen

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    nice life history of gypsy here...

    and also would tell is one of the toughest vehicles on the road...
  3. Dante

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    the vehicle is good....
    but i really wonder how they came up with the word GYPSY....
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    Word gypsy comes from south eastern Europe from the 15th and 16th century when people who didint have houses and used to travel all around europe and did small time circus kind of shows to make a living.
    Word gypsy is considered to be offensive in UK and some other countries by law when refered to as those people who dont have a permanent house and they are now refered to as The travellers.
    You could end up in jail for calling some one a gypsy or a gippo.

    PS: whatever i mentioned here was not meant to offend any one I just tried to explain the meaning of word gypsy to those who dont know why this jeep is called gypsy :)
    If any part of this post is offending you or you feel may offend some one please send me a message it will be deleted.
  5. suvi

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    Their mileage was really low, if I remember correctly. Only some very rich guys could afford to spend all that petrol for it. May be they came out with better, less oil consuming engines of late.
  6. IBF

    IBF New Member

    A true offroader i would say. It is great for college gooing students but the biggest problem with it is that it has a really low fuel economy which is not a good thing otherwise it would had been widely liked by everyone..
  7. MindSide

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    I would say that this is not the true off roader. It is just a cheap vehicle which have cheap maintenance cost. Otheriwise i dont think that it has anything good.
  8. $pinner

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    I do not really like this car. I dont think that it would be able to survive for a long time if Maruti does not introduce some more luxurious features in this car.
  9. Register

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    Gypsy is a thing of past now. This car is just good with policec people but not with the normal person as because it is not available in diesel and it has a very bad average on pertrol which is not good for youngters... and people who have small earning.. .
  10. User789

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    I new modern looks diesel version gypsy would be something which would get this buty back to life ..... i hope maruti would do this thing..
  11. Logik

    Logik New Member

    Ya Gypsy is mine fav in Jeep Segment....i love those perticularly Army ppl have......the different no plate & diffrent color....secksy
  12. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    Gypsy used to be the only jeep cum suv long back it was from the stable of maruti and used to be a great hit during that period until tata introduced safari and subsequently sumo, etc. And now mahindra rules the roost with its scorpio. Now maruti has stopped producing gypsy!
  13. Dragon

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    But still we can say that:

  14. just4kix

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    Not necessarily true and definitely questionable in case of automobiles. Gypsy was a good vehicle then but it is very fuel hungry.
  15. gypsyfreak

    gypsyfreak Guest

    Its not a cheap vehicle firstly. It costs around 5.5lacs, although it isn't very expensive on maintenance. And yes, Maruti does manufacture brand new gypsy's on orders against 100% payment. It gives a decent mileage of about 10km/l if you drive it on 2wd. And if your driving 4wd don't even bother checking the mileage. Just keep an eye on the fuel meter so you know when to refill.
    It IS a true off roader and can go through some of the terrain that you wouldn't even imagine. The only requirement is for the driver to have the balls to take his ride on such rough terrain.
    Doesn't have many luxury features but when your driving up a hillside in the rain with the top off your really not looking for any kind of luxury!
    It ain't a car for the common people. Its for only those freaks who have a passion for such magnificent works of art and who don't care about economy and luxury!
    If you want luxury and economy, why don't you pick up the Swift Diesel? It comes for almost the same price tag!!
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  17. Dragon

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    Yes, I second that:)
  18. Robdale

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    No matter what's the price? but one day i am gonna have it. Its my fav. car, i just love it. The second one i like is Swift. I've gone thru the swift thread but i didn't found the specs and performance (details) there. Can anyone put those details there with a picture of car.
  19. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

  20. Robdale

    Robdale New Member

    Thanks for the link :) I will check it out.
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