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Discussion in 'Cars in India' started by Parminder, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Maruti 800 was my first car.An 800cc engine tells the tale and it does make me laugh now when i think about that car that it was a mere 800cc engine. Maruti 800 despite being a very small car with a very ligh engine is still prety good for driving around in a city like Delhi especially where traffic speed never goes beyong 60 kilometres per hour.
    I still have that Maruti 800 at home and I still use it when I go to India.


    Dimensions Overall length3335 mm Overall width1440 mm Overall height1405 mm Wheelbase 2175 mm Minimum turning radius4.4 m Ground clearance170 mm Seating Capacity4 persons Weight Unladen weight 665 kg (AC BS III), 650 kg (Std. BS III) Laden weight 1000 kg Engine Type4 stroke cycle, water cooled SOHC (1C2V) No. of cylinders3 Piston displacement796 cc Maximum output (Std.,AC) 37 bhp at 5000 rpm Maximum torque (Std.,AC) 59 Nm at 2500 rpm Power Transmission Std., AC4-forward, all synchromesh,
    1 reverse Steering SteeringRack & pinion Suspension FrontMcPherson strut & coil spring RearCoil spring with gas filled shock absorbers Brakes FrontDisc RearDrum Tyres Tyre size (Radial) 145/70 R-12 Capacity Fuel tank capacity 28 liters (BS III) Maruti 800 Std. & AC variants available in Bharat Stage III version.
    Here are some interesting articles :


    Thousands-20,687 to be precise- bought a Maruti 800 in March this year..... It is also the highest number any car brand has ever sold in a month in India.

    For years, the M800 has remained the right opening car for people who look for low cost of ownership, fuel efficiency, convenience and high resale value. Even with the air-conditioner on, this car can give you 13-14 kilometres per litre of petrol.

    Recently, in order to make the car more attractive, Maruti has installed a new engine .... “The M800 E 2 AC has been a major success. There is currently a wait list of 1,500-1,600 vehicles,” quips a Maruti official

    30 Mar, 2003 - The Economic Times - Mr Bhanu Pande Small Wonder

    Message from its recent ads - papa ki karan,petrol khatam hi nahi hoga,definitely best - has set its sales ablaze... 800 still contributes almost half of the company's car sales by volumes, just as it did three years ago.

    It was Sachin Tendulkar's first car...... "Maruti800 symbolises the aspirations of a multitude of two-wheeler owners in India and is just the product that this country needs" says Jagdish Khattar,Managing Director, Maruti Udyog Ltd.

    Even as the consumer moves up the value chain, the Maruti800 very easily takes the position of the second car driven by the wife or daughter in the family. Vijay Chandorikar,general manager, NFO Automotive, draws an analogy with the Fiat Panda in Italy. After its introduction over 30 years ago, the Panda continues to be popular as the family's second car.....

    Message from its recent ads - papa ki karan,petrol khatam hi nahi hoga,definitely best - has set its sales ablaze

    16 Sep, 2002 - Intelligent Investor - Veeresh Malik Best value for money
    ...., a large majority of our population continues to vote for the Maruti car and van. Both in terms of the numbers sold and in terms of the reasonably good quality of used cars available, Maruti stays way ahead. The recent reduction in prices simply makes a good thing better.
    So, when it comes to plain-vanilla, value for money, we still vote the M-800 the best car in India..

    But this was 3-4 years back and things have changed a lot and perceptions have changed so have choices.

    The only other car I can think of which has a .8 litre engine is the matiz :)

    If you drive a Maruti 800 please do leave your comments on it here.
  2. Netizen

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    i have it... a nice small car easy to park and for ppl like me to buy...

    but these would prefer a zen than a maruti 800
  3. Admin

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    I heard that the good old maruti 800 has been discontinued in the India market! is this true?
    I am sure there is still a massive market for this small car in small towns of India and even rural areas.
    I am really amazed at the pace India is buying new cars lately. There were hardly any big card on the roads at Newdelhi five years ago and now you just see big cars every where with a very few maruti 800's.
  4. descorpio

    descorpio New Member

    I accept with you dude. Maruthi 800 was the car which i used to admire in my school days. I remember that when i was doing my class 5, i used to pester my parents for this car. I really love this. I have not yet bought one. But when i intend to buy a car, surely i will not go for this. This is really out of the race but an icon.
  5. IBF

    IBF New Member

    Well this was a car of dreams at some time in past but now i think people prefer to go for Alto rather then this one. But still as of my experience with this car i would say that it is really a great car.
  6. MindSide

    MindSide New Member

    Maruti 800 sales have decreased a lot in past few months. If you look at the sales reports Alto sales have increased and this shows that now Indian also prefer to have quality and dont mind paying a little more.
  7. $pinner

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    I am sure that this car would soon be a history and Maruti would stop producing it very soon as after the TATA's 1 lac rupee car this car would see a rapid break down in sales.
  8. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    The 800 stills sells but has clearly seen its prime.
  9. nansurabhi

    nansurabhi New Member

    is there any best seller award??? thn this car will get it for sure
    compact, cheap and simple in looks
  10. MoneyMind

    MoneyMind New Member

    Maruti has already won many awards. If you would ask any of showroom owners whic awards this car has won then they would surely tell you about it.
  11. Error

    Error New Member

    Yes, sales of this car have gone down in the past and i think that it would be a good time to get this car out of market.
  12. Broadband

    Broadband New Member

    Maruti 800 was a real sunshine, status and best selling car at some point in time but now things have changed and i would also say that it would be nice to get this car out from market.
  13. Xibit

    Xibit New Member

    Maruit 800 is a outdated car now a days and i dont think that anyone would like to buy it. It is not to go with other cars rather then this one.
  14. Register

    Register New Member

    Yes, you are right on this one.. Maruti is a outdated car and it is the right time for Maruit to leave the market and it would also be nice if Maruti brings in some replacement for this car.
  15. Dragon

    Dragon Guest

    Sorry Guys, According to me this car should not go out, i mean this car means alot to alot of people, most of us must have learnt driving with this car, till date this is a biggest fantasy for lower middle class family. I agreed better versions are available in the market when compared to maruti 800 but still somewhere i hold a deep respect for this Car.
  16. Zeus

    Zeus New Member

    if this car is going out then there would sure be a replacement for this one which all of us expect to be better then 800 and if it is so then i think it is a good thing.
  17. User789

    User789 Guest

    I like the maruti 800 and i dont think that there us any chance that Maruti would get it our of the market.. as this is the car which established maruti in india and i am sure that they would not take it out.
  18. StarK

    StarK New Member

    I got this car from a close family friend a month back... its a 2000 model, the deal was struck at 50k... first time i ever drove a car... learnt to drive it fully in 2.5 hrs :) . When i got the car it was all dirty and rather badly kept, and i was thoroughly disappointed with my purchase (even though i have only given 5k for now ;) ) but after i put in some efforts the car is surprisingly better looking inside and out.

    And now i must say i like it a lot, handles well, reaches a top speed of 125kmph (!!, couldn't go beyond that cause of traffic), gives a mileage of >17kmpl (again !!) and will always keep it as a second car after i proceed to buy another one (a bigger one) in the near future.
    So what if it has a .8L engine... it has good fuel economy and very less emissions (<---THE NEED OF THE HOUR) because of that... it supports an ac and moves around doesn't it?, and its the only car that can be owned for 50k bucks in a good condition :D !!

    Overall i think its a very good first car... it will always occupy a special position with me.
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  19. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    friends dont worry saadi mrooti caar can not go out like this... there was a time when in most of punjabi people mean Maruti 800 by word gaddi

    i still remember those days when each n every gaddi was marooti
  20. Dragon

    Dragon Guest

    Yes you are right

    Moreover maruti people are also doing modification to maruti 800 as per the changing need. As now Maruti 800 is available with AC...and we have the LPG option too.:)
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