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Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by planetx, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. planetx

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    Guys, I have a doubt is it possible to connect my mobile to laptop and make phone calls via laptop?

    I mean can I use my mobile as a replacement to USB modem? I don't know if its a feasible solution but I got this idea suddenly.
  2. planetx

    planetx New Member

    Helppp! I guess I gave very little details.

    My mobile model is Nokia 5230 and I have a bluetooth dongle. I want to use Laptop/PC as my hands-free and record my music classes. Is it possible? I'm able to dial and receive calls from laptop when I connect the mobile to laptop via cable. But not able to hear anything in speaker. How can I connect my mobile to the soundcard of the laptop, so that I can use my laptop's speaker and microphone to talk and listen to the other end?

    Say I connect the mobile through an audio adapter, will it solve my issue?
  3. axel

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    First you say this>>>>

    Then you say this>>>

    If u want to record theres a thread back someplace??
  4. essbebe

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    Nokia 5230

    (a) Internet USB modem model/make/number in use.
    (b)Details of your Internet service 3G or landline Adsl BB etc.

    Do you want to use your laptop for all purposes?

    Any difficulty in using Mobile phone ?
    If mobile has a Headphone output port connect a cable to any tape recorder or cd player input port/
    I think i already posted details in your earlier thread. for similar queries..
  5. planetx

    planetx New Member


    Yeah, but my problem is I'm not able to hear anything. I prefer to use my laptop speaker and mic to communicate.



    I plan to buy a USB modem if this idea doesn't work. At present I'm using vodafone service. I'm thinking of switching to BSNL as my teacher's both landline and mobile number are BSNL. It would be cheaper for me. They offer services as cheap as 10 Paise/minute.

    My broadband is Airtel. ADSL modem model is Beetel 220 BXI.

    He takes for 2 hours. So its not comfortable to use phone/mobile. Also it would be nice to record without any annoying beeps.
  6. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Your teacher has a broadband connection ?

    Then Download SKYPE and use laptop Speaker/mike

    Disconnect Airtel Broadband connection. retain Phone if needed. ( No need to log in )
    Check here and select an U/l plan. 256 Kbps or 512Kbps speed

    If you don't have to return the modem to Airtel , it can be used for BSNL Broadband connection.
  7. if i am not wrong, i guess he is talking about online music classes...
  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

  9. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    old post / thread.
    when IBF link given post gone for moderation.

    Presume now, the teacher has made enough money to buy a computer !!!!
  10. planetx

    planetx New Member

    No he doesn't have a PC. I just call his landline.
  11. planetx

    planetx New Member

    There should be some way out. I'm able to send SMS and also use my Nokia phone as USB modem when connected to the laptop to browse internet. So it should definitely be possible to make calls via laptop also.

    Anybody know what for VoIP Audio Adapter AD-77 is used?

    Also there is a software in Nokia website called Nokia PC phone I downloaded it. It works perfectly I'm able to make and receive calls. The only thing is I have to connect it properly which I'm not sure how to do it !

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  12. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    What is Your priority:
    Make Telephone calls from Laptop .
    Hear other person in Loudspeaker in Laptop via
    mobile phone wifi connection .
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  13. planetx

    planetx New Member

    hmmm, would be great if (A) and (B) but priority is (B)

    Do you mean external speakers with USB? So if I connect it to the USB port I would be able to record?

    Note: the above line will not make any sense now as essbebe has edited his above post and also removed the picture of external speaker with USB he posted for reasons best known to him.

    I also have a wireless headphone with microphone.

    Well, I purchased an audio adapter today. It has 3 options the accessory can be used to connect headphones, lineout and music stand. I haven't tried it yet, will experiment with it and see how it goes.

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  14. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Specify your priorities properly.. you are adding one more now.

    Don't say next :you want to see the Teacher on Video!
    condition :He will not have a BB connection and computer !

    Last post from me in this thread.!
  15. planetx

    planetx New Member

    If you don't want to help its fine at least don't be rude. I was quite offended by your earlier reply but I still answered you. It was no way funny. My teacher is 77 years old. He is not a kind of person who teaches for money. We both take classes from him on different days. Its quite expensive to learn through phone for two persons. I want to change to BSNL from Airtel/Vodafone. I don't see anything wrong in me trying to switch to a service which offers relatively lower STD call rates.

    I have clearly told my priorities in my very first post itself. I haven't added anything new. I prefer to connect my mobile to laptop and make calls and record it. Period.

    Heck I'm not looking for a free service. If this doesn't work out I will buy a 3G USB modem.

    i) So far I have not asked anything illogical and unreasonable.

    ii) Duh. I'm not that ignorant dude ! If he has a PC and broadband connection why I would I be looking for other options. I would have used skype.
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  16. dmellosd

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    Making Calls and Recording audio

    I do not know if this helps..... but here's my two bit of advise.

    If you basically want to record conversations from your Nokia phone there are lots of symbian apps available to record calls that you make from the phone. Install the sis file on your 5230 and then you can download the audio file to your pc. Search for call recorder apps like Free call recorder , Best call recorder, Total Recall call recorder...... you get the idea.

    Now regarding your actual question of making calls from the PC using your mobile and then recording the conversation..... there is a beta app from nokia called as Nokia PC phone. However.... development on that front has been stopped by nokia, but u can still get a beta version for download.

    Or you can install the relevant PC Suite that came with ur phone or download it from Nokia Support. Please note that i am taking of the Nokia PC Suite and not the Nokia OVI Suite because OVI does not have calling facility. In case you install PC Suite, you can go to the communication centre, select a contact, make a call and initiate the conversation. You can also receive a call. All on your pc or laptop with the phone tethered by usb cable or a blue tooth connection.

    Once a call is in progress, record your conversation using any free ware sound recorder application for your windows pc. You can try All Sound Recorder Pro or any such app. Saves the file as a wav or mp3 on your PC / Laptop. No cables / adapters / wires required.

    Hope this helps
  17. planetx

    planetx New Member

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have already tried the second one with PC suite and Nokia PC phone but no luck.

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