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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by niraj8241, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. niraj8241

    niraj8241 New Member

    hi guys is there any way by which i use my bsnl broadband to make free pc to mobile calls for free. if any one knows please help me if u can.............
  2. rock_daring

    rock_daring New Member

    Site for SMS

    is a site through which u can send SMS to almost all the opearator in India (for free).

    For making calls (PC-Mobile) there are many paid services but free!!!
    I don't think so. But still there might be someone lucky enough to find it.
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  3. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    There are no free PC to mobile services. Period.

    The cheapest relaible PC-to-landline/mobile service is by Yahoo. Yahoo charges 8c/min (0.079 to be exact) for calls between India and US, 1 c/min for calls within US and US/Europe.

    Skype is better in terms of quality but twice as expensive when it comes to India-US sector.

    At 8c/min Or (Rs. 3.20/min), this is really cheap. The only issue is that BB is required from the call originating side - but then we are talking about calling from PC; so that is assumed.

    The reason why PC to Landline/Mobile calls cannot be free is because the provider for the terminating line will always collect call termination charges. Consider this, if you were running a telecom company would you provide free calling to your subscribers?

    Just tell me one thing - if I am telephony provider, why should I allow anyone to use my network for free? I exist to make a profit and not to provide community service.
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  4. suman_sett

    suman_sett New Member

    You can send SMS to different mobile services for free , that also restriction to number of characters on your message. But there is no such PC to mobile calling service Free. At least till today I have not come through or came to know about such service.
  5. kartikoli

    kartikoli New Member

    jaxtr - login this is the site from where you can SMS any where in the world you just have to register and start sending message for free.:)

    as far as free calls are concerned there is no site in my knowledge as of now even i have been looking for it.

    its true here's the call records proof in 0.04 cent i can talk as much i can 1 min or 100 min!!!!!!! and good thing is u don't have to buy credit they give free on sign up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! call free


    talked to Canada Brampton for hours in just 0.08 cents!!!!!

    another proof
    see dialer calling to Canada

    i have 656 hours and 33minutes of talk time!!!!!!!!!!!

    another proof
    calling to canada
    i have 636 hours and 33minutes of talk time!!!!!!!!!!!


    can talk for 26 days continuous.

    see with eyes open now!!! i can call in India too, the 0.0 minutes u see because i was checking the phone ring.


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    I would like to know how to make free calls from pc to mobile in any country as I have a lot of calls to make every day and free pc to mobile calls will save a lot of money for me.
    If you know any calling service from PC to mobile for free then please let me know at the earliest because I am wasting a lot of money for calling mobiles every day and my girlfriend do not have computer or internet so have to call her every night on her mobile.

    it would be intersting...

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  7. Jaganathsamal

    Jaganathsamal New Member

    I cudnt find any site offering free pc to phone calls ( in india ). Although there are sites offering free sms ( india also ) & free phone calls to other countries.
  8. cool_techie_tvm

    cool_techie_tvm Amor vincit omnia

    Such dreams are always dreams for us Indians. Just today DOT had referred the issue of allowing unrestricted calling back to TRAI citing "lots of issues to be solved yet"

    Read more about it in No STD calls at 10 p/min for now- Telecom-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

    Install it from

    Since someone quoted the plugin i posted the official to the plugin!! I am not using it either ways :p

    Old Version of Firefox Download
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  9. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    still under development for voice calls. India > News > Internet > Make Free Calls Using Firefox

    Tried to download the add on. ( about 2.1MB)
    Says not compatible with Firefox 3.0.6


    Short extract;
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  10. asevelu

    asevelu New Member

    the link does not open........

    but it is for older version of firefox

    This add-on is for older versions of Firefox

    so if u want pc to mobile call then install old verion of firefox below 1.0.:D5

    where can we get these old firefox versions from?

    even i am trying to find a free facility like .. hapefull i am its going to come shortly

    dont know about old firefox .. will give it a try

    If you want to make free limited international calls, try Media ring. Checkout their website, I have been using it to contact my relatives for almost 4 months now. Only drawback is that you can talk only for 10 mins for a call, anyways you can redial again.

    It is only for certain countries isn't it? what about countries like France?

    i can call free to following landlines and cellphone in--- USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    but catch is i wont disclose the source

    free things but without a catch are very hard to find and cant be so casually disclosed.

    Seems like you used it for local calls too isn't it?

    lolz nice work on the paint by the way

    remaining time is 656 hours :p

    Could have got this picture from someone in countries like france, Uk... This kinda service is available for free even from their service providers and not possible by any other applications.

    the beauty is in sharing the secret

    He tried, but was not successful. (duration 0.00)

    i painted this pic to hide the source, i you don't believe that's ok

    Wow!!! 0.30 cents (about Rs.15) for 4 minutes call to India.

    see this i am calling to a mobile no in canada with balance of 1616 hours and 9 mins


    as i said its no free in "INDIA"

    its free in--USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    jatinder bhaiya
    Pls tell us the name of this software/website which ur using to call bhaiya.. because dad is spending lots of money speaking to my BRO in US through ISD.. Its costing a lot of money.. If u could help us out, we w'd be grateful to you..

    dude just Google for it. you can find lotsa applications like that. here is one of the example

    !! Call Free 33 Countries PC To Phone !! - Video

    Free calls to 28 countries - Rolclub Hyip Forum, Hyip, Hyip Forum, Ddos protection, Hyip Monitor, Hyip Investment, Best Hyip Forum, dinar, dinar forum, iraqi dinar, e-gold, real investment forum, forex, investment programs, ddos hosting

    I haven't tried the above but still when you deeply get into the search then you can find it out easily :D

    these sites have a catch, just few min free not thousands of hour free!!!!

    yes i know that but i just gave him an idea

    main thing is most of the sites gives free but they demand sign up fee and also they restrict the minutes u can talk for free some restrict 300mins per week per IP.

    jatinder I tried a few but not at all satisfactory.. Most of them are having a catch as u said.. it'll really be a huge relief for everyone at home if u c'd tell us the name of the software.. It'll bring the phone bill down atleast.

    dude i can tell but now its very late, they have closed free registration sign up fee for india u have to buy 100$ credit now.

    ok fine then leave it.. its okay..

    message me ur mail id, when free registrations opens again i will mail u.
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  11. srinpraveen

    srinpraveen New Member

    jatinder bhaiya mera
    email id --->
    By the way could you tell me if atleast there is some worthy site or appln for sending free sms from india to US/Singapore? Because I tried a lot of sites but in none of them the sms is actually getting delivered to the recipient. so most of the websites r probably cheating in my opinion.. even gizmo sms wasn't working bhaiya..
    If u c'd help me by telling free sms site from india to anywhere and such that it is fully tested and working that would also be great for the time being..

    dude there is no free sms site without a catch.

    okay... Alright... thanks for the info.. atleast I won't be dreaming of free worldwide sms hereafter and waste my time...

    but ur dream of calling free and unlimited to USA is possible, but it

    @srinpraveen: treat for u!!!!!!!!!!

    go to

    DL the dialer install it and register an id u can register 3 ids per week and per id they give 5mins free!!!!!

    its not unlimited!!!!keep that in mind, if u want free then buy credit they give 300mins per IP for free to usa!!!!!!!

    here's the proof!!!!


    but remember they give max 3ids per week on ur IP and per ip 5 min free aish karo!!!!

    according to ISD rates calling to USA costs 7.20 rs a min if u get 15min free per week 7.20X15min= rs 108 u can save!!! and in month 108X4weeks= rs432 monthly savings without spending a single paisa!!!!! what more u need???

    no repo points that's why i haven't disclosed the main thing.

    cool bhaiya..
    Thanks a lot.. This voip concept is excellent... .. Looks like I've struck jackpot at last.. Thankful to you for the help.. cheers bhaiya..

    well if u felt so good then u can click on add repo on my id.

    real jackpot is still hidden:D

    """well if u felt so good then u can click on add repo on my id."""""

    What's adding repo?!! Sorry might sound silly but I didn't get you.. Is it some kind of point system used in sites like Yahoo Answers etc wherein the best answer earns maximum points or like if u answer u get points... Is it something like that?

    If so tell me the procedure how to add repo points to your "jatinder911" id? Because I tried clicking it but nothing came out related to repo points or stuff.. Tell me how to award it...
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  12. arijitdhara

    arijitdhara New Member

    untitled.PNG click here on my id hope u got it.

    I have posted the repo points with a comment.. check it out.. and I have added u as a friend..accept the request bhaiya..

    accepted, if u need any info then message me.

    where r u from?

    1.75X60mins== 105 per hour and if u do calling of 1616 hours u will be billed rs 1,69,680

    and by using the shown below is rs 0.00000000

    and in uk 1616 hours will cost rs 2,90,880


    Who calls for hours together???? time is too short my friend. It seems the so calls 1616 hrs is for 1 call only, use it or it expires.

    I am from Chennai..

    ok done..

    in 1$ u can call for 1616 hours, per call they deduct 4 cents in 4 cents talk as much u like so there are 25 calls attempts in 1$, 65hours+ of talk on 4 cent!!!!! call 1 min or 200min they will deduct 4 cents per call.

    @panch: can u call for rs 1.99 in the following???????? Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

    Would you be able settle yourself after checking these links?

    1) Link 1
    Link 2
    3) Link 3

    I don't think I should be providing more than 3 links for you.

    By the way, I have never tried this VoiceCheap or any other sites that use cheap tricks.

    P.S: Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings in my last sentence.

    @sachin duplicate.

    what u say on this


    voip cheap trick was just a free lollipop ,real things cant be disclosed.

    I use my Reliance Mobile to Call to USA & Canada @ Rs.1.75/min and UK @ Rs.2.99/min. So for 1 month, the net savings would be only Rs.1.75x15x4 i.e. Rs. 105. Considering that I would be tied to the computer, the internet usage costs, the hassles of opening a new ID after every 5 mins and of course the fact that the call would be disconnected after 5 min. I would give this a pass.

    As for the Repo points, it actually works the other way round.
    If u contribute womething that the members really like, u can be rest assured that they would shower u with Repos.
    But if u try to fish for Repos u would only be left with nothing.

    ^^ Nothing.

    The links I gave are not just some made for fun. They were actually written.

    My friend, dhaneshv is a senior member of the forum and deserves a little more respect than u are showing here. A forum has its own Etiquettes. May be u should like to go through this
    Perfectly understandable. But then, pl. do not spam.

    jatinder can you post me link where its specified that every week 2 ids can be created for voicecheap.. I googled it but without much success..

    Please look into the links I have given in this post:

    ya I checked it dhanesh..
    Today I was able to make 2 ids each worth 5 min and speak with my bro in US for 10 min. So wanted to know if 2 ids is the threshold limit for 1 week and also whether we can create 2 more ids next week...

    Any idea..??

    If it's so, why don't you just try to get/create new accounts?
    You could have tested it by the time you asked that here.

    till now I've made numerous ids, i think u can make 2 more next week!!!!! but i don't give guarantee for that it depends upon their server i suggest u to not to try more attempts of making id,otherwise ur ip will be locked!!

    For my ip address to be locked, they have to detect my ip address.. what if I keep changing my ip address or use a proxy? There might be some loophole in Voipcheap right which we can exploit I feel... Any suggestion jatinder..

    As of now its banning me from creating more ids. Am seriously doubting if we can create 2 more ids after a wk now.. What's the time interval between creating new ids in your case? 1 wk or 2 wk or how many wks?

    Please read This If You Can

    As I have already said, I don't/haven't used any of these online free voip servics or so. But today, I just accidentally stumbled upon a site, which I know that many here might be already familiar about. I had also heard that name in some places.

    So, coming to the point...
    This thread suddenly came into my mind and thought to post this to see if it comes of any help to you. Please check :Voipbuster | Free calls and nearly free sms worldwide !

    It seems to offer more than anything jatinder had mentioned in this thread, and please be aware that I have not tested/used this. But, it's reviews in the internet showed upto be mostly positive. So, I just wanted to recommend this to you.

    And, I would like our other experienced users here to comment on this or any other good service so that we could close up this thread, which is currently seeming to lead to undesired discussions.

    dude voip buster and voip cheap shares iax servers if u get locked on voip cheap u will be also locked on voip buster that's why i have not provided buster link.

    apart from ip address they also know ur machine id, and other stuff when u register so its not easy to fool their server!!! if u can exploit then it will be good for ur pocket!!!, well i give u an idea if ur friends have internet connection u can use their pc to make bulk ids or some cybercafes etc, if u can accumulate 20 ids on 10 pcs u can have 100mins of free talk time which costs rs720 if u call from cell well that's enough for ur 2 months usage!!!

    i never keep log of it that how may days i have to wait to make new ones because i've used this voipcheap once, after that i started using another one which gives unlimited calling so never bothered about it.

    okay jatinder keep me posted in case some new voip service comes up with unlimited call time.. thanks..
    And dhanesh thanks for the valuable links provided.
    Now moderator can lock this thread..,

    how to create call

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  13. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I am closing this thread because it is giving new members a false impression.

    Note that without hacking it is not possible to make free calls from PC to landlines/mobiles. This is because every provider charges a call termination charge.

    And since we do not permit hacking discussions, end of story.
  14. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    The only thing that comes very close to free pc to mobile calls that I know of is voipbuster.
    If you sign up for voip buster and add $10 to your account then you are allowed to make free calls to a lot of countries including USA and Canada for 180 days that is 6 months from the day you charge your account.

    I dont personally use voip buster from my phone but I have friends who do and they save up a lot this way.

    Free PC to mobile calls? well not 100% free but voip buster does make it extremely cheap. Voip buster free calls may or may not include your country in those free calls so you might be better off checking the list of free calling countries before you sing up.

    I checked India and it is not free to call to India.
  15. ashishtabla

    ashishtabla New Member

    Yes..for india no free call but for USA or CANADA and few more country we have many choices.Like oovoo,icall,and many more provide without loading amount .Just join and get free time to call .
    If i am correct jaxter provide 1 or 2 minutes free call to india but you have to enter your valid mobile number.
    Now a days if you are in INDIA and calling withing INDIA we have many cheap plan from various mobile operator.For abroad i found skype provide better clearity if you go for paid service.
  16. alkis

    alkis New Member


    There is a new call diverter for landline and cell phone

    through skype free. the name is "Rylwy"

    your incoming calls from your landline and cell phone will follow you for

    free anywhere you travel, to another internet connection,

    and you can make calls from your original landline anywhere

    In the world as if you are near your landline.
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    Good afternoon!! Excuse for wrong an arrangement of words simply I from укройна and I use the translator!! I earn on entering calls on mobile operators! =)) whether wished to take an interest you нетли at you interesting do not have at you services for border or for as another's type камутатор how free of charge to call that that of type at us is called камутаторы, колбеки, sites with a free call and numbers on which to call and they call back???? If there are interesting themes write please in аску 480411024 зорание thanks!!
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