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  1. fly2naresh

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    Hi guys, you have been looking for free international calls and incidentally every site you visit says so but it actually isn't free?Right!This post doesn't mislead you at all.Infact I created this in the right spirit of word " FREE! ".

    Read below to know procedure to call free. But before that here are a few answers

    Can I make International free calls? Yes indeed you can make free international calls by the internet. This is only possible through the interest and not through your normal phone.

    How can Internet help in free calls?
    Internet can provide you with a facility called VOIP(Voice over Internet Protocol). The word VOIP itself explains everything .It means your voice is transferred from you through the internet from your computer in digital format till it reaches your customer and then transferred into analogue format which normal telephones intercept and the receiver gets your voice. Everything is carried through the internet and nothing through your phone.

    I am using the internet.So,how can it be free?
    Yes you are charged internet phone charges. But Internet charges have dropped so drastically that it is so negligible when compared to your normal International phone (through telephone).

    How many types of International calling is possible?
    The answer to this question keeps on increasing day by day with invent of newer technologies. But at the moment the following are possible.
    1.Normal telephone--using which you need to sell your fortune to make calls internationally.

    2.Using VoIP phones--The way many MNC's work. But equipment charges are to be met. VoIP for business needs is completely different.

    3.Usig your computer--Speak through microphone and sign up with some provider who promises free but it isn't free!! You will have to pay. Phhh.........

    4VOIp Hardware-Get yourself two Voip Hardware and call unlimited

    5Trough free Globe --100% free calls using the method i describe over here.

    Which are the countries I can call free?

    Let me be very frank you can call to VOIP USA , VOIP Canada,VOIP China,VOIP Singapore, VOIP Hong Kong,VOIP Europe,VOIP Australia & New Zealand, VOIP Taiwan absolutely free.

    Now the procedure to follow. It can be long but that's the way to go)

    Firstly the system requirements:
    1.A system with a decent configuration .
    2.Updated Operating system with Multimedia support.

    Tools to use:
    1.Globe 7
    2.Jajah calling

    About above mentioned products:
    1.Globe 7:--
    This hugely popular product has taken the world by storm. Rated as the No.1 in VoIP products. Using this you can make free international calls (not really).
    Get a free>S phone number (a very useful number whose importance you will know below). and can watch free videos.

    Web-activated telephony. No software to download .
    Just open this site and dial the number you want and your phone number.

    First your phone rings and then the receivers phone rings. The main advantage is it doesn't use Internet.

    Free calling Procedure:--
    Now the actually points. Read below very carefully.

    1.First download the software called GLOBE 7 from the links here. Then sign up with GLOBE &the right information. Please remember that you need to give everything valid information in order to make free calls successfully. Also the information you give here must be remembered by you for confirmation later.

    Well using only globe 7 you can make free calls when you earn credits. You earn credits when you watch globe 7 videos. for ever 100 sec clip you get 0.0050 $.If you are satisfied by this earning and would like to spend your bandwidth in seeing videos then you can continue this for sure and don't read further. You can stop here. But If you want absolutely free calling go further reading.

    2.Go to the website Free Calls|Free VoIP|Internet TV|Free International Calls|Lowest Calling Rates and then go to bottom of that page. There's a link for getting a free Us phone number. Click on GOLD member tab. This will lead to a page where in you need to confirm your details you gave while signing up. (Remember that I have already told you this while signing up that you will be requiring this info). Now after confirming your details you will be given a free US phone number.

    Now you are inching towards your free calls. Just two steps and you will be there.

    3.Now go to the site JAJAH - web-activated telephony and sign up giving E-mail id and your phone number (i.e. U.S. phone number provided by Globe 7 mailed to your email-id)

    4.Thats it you enter any phone number (landline) in USA , Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Taiwan in the dialog box in jajah website. Remember that you need to sign in globe 7 application .First you will receive an incoming call in Glob 7 application then the receivers phone rings.fell free to ask any doubts.
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  2. anilmarika

    anilmarika New Member

    you have written a lengthy tutorial can u make it short .

    Hi Dear...
    Is there any GOLD member tab @the bottom of ""?
    Anyway I can't find it.Then how do you get the U.S. phone number provided by Globe 7?

    Hope to hear from you soon..

    THE skype and dialpad offer free calls years ago, you can take a look to if they still offer such free servcie.
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  3. fly2naresh

    fly2naresh New Member

    you didn't get my point tutorial works world wide.I'll explain you in need to know these things.

    1.GOLD MEMBER: GLOBE7 is providing free US PHONE NUMBERS to its users in the name of gold member.if a person calls to this free US number,you get a incomming call to your globe7.sign up for gold member is if a person in US CALLS to the free US number, he will be charged only local rates.

    2.JAJAH: JAJAH is providing FREE calls between their members registered with their mobile numbers lying in the free calling zone.the free calling zone includes US ,THAILAND,CANADA etc.

    now the question is can a person outside the free calling zone like INDIA make free calls?

    my answer is yes.just follow these steps.

    suppose you are in INDIA and want to call your friend in US.

    3.First you need to register for GOLD MEMBER with your globe7 account for free.after registering you get a free US phone number.

    4. with that free US PHONE NUMBER register in jajah for free.your friend who is in US(any free calling zone according to jajah) has to register his mobile at jajah.

    5.first you should be online in your globe7 to which free us phone number is provided.after that login to your jajah account with which your free US PHONE NUMBER is registered , now to make a call to your friend in US ,type the phone number of your friend and click on "call" in your jajah.first you get a incomming call to your globe7,accept the call and wait,after some time your friend will get a inocmming call to his mobile.your friend lifts the call.that's all enjoy talking to your friend for free.......
  4. canubeat

    canubeat New Member

    Sorry, Gold member service is no longer valid

    What about grandcentral

    ok then i have another option

    most of the voip softwares are providing us numbers so i can put those into the jajah

    i hope this type also works

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  5. kartikoli

    kartikoli New Member


    hey u have given a long discribtion so i should cut short...

    for free calls (not exactly) go to jaxtr - login and register
    then verify your no. and send invitation to the email id u want to call and ask him to join as well

    now u will be given the toll free no. to call your friend from your mobile which will cost local tarrif to you.

    you can also SMS any where in the world for free (exactly) follow the steps

    just register
    send free SMS any where in the world

    hope u will benefit from it.....:)
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  6. Masula

    Masula New Member

    Come on....
    There is nothing FREE in this world.....VOIP service is provided by a company which owns or buys DID numbers (Direct inbound Dialing), and they offer you those FREE numbers..99% of the time there is a catch in that... The VOIP company has to pay to phone companies to route calls to destinations.. and they wont let us call for free.. cos they have to pay....

    The above description is really good but its basically taking a US based phone number from the voip service providers and making US/Canada number to US/Canada number calling....nd may be to certain select countries in europe and asia... Try calling a UK based mobile phone number with VOIP... u will be ripped off like anything...
  7. manojjonam10

    manojjonam10 New Member

    Thanks for posting the information.It is indeed really useful in acquiring knowledge about this stuffs.I had bookmarked this page.

    Hello everyone,

    Have u guys heard of Majicjack?? Let me explain a little about it. It is a USB drive, size of matchbox when connected to ur computer or laptop with internet connected the device turns into a USA or Canada phone number. So you can call unlimited outgoing n unlimited incoming to any landline or mobile in USA or Canada. It even offer a Free US or Canada phone number, Free caller ID, Free call waiting, Free voice mail, Free directory assistance, call forwarding.
    Best suited for Call centre, BPO, Internet Cafe, home, etc.
    One time payment of Rs 3,000/- for year service of the features above mentioned. No monthly bills, no need to buy skype phone, works with any traditional phone, works anywhere in the world,

    skype killer, vonage killer hehehe
    U wont regret after purchase:27:

    we the call biz center working for the last 5 years in CALL
    TERMINATIONS in Pakistan. We are Offering Best rates,
    Providing VoIP services/wholesale termination, having excellent
    working creditability.

    High quailty and capacity of direct-white routes are available
    Any interested party can get in touch with us

    We work only with prepay customers

    Hey there's another one that about 500 free minutes to India.

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  8. nethack

    nethack New Member

    I have made calls to US... with some hacks and without some hacks...

    "Icall" software is perfect to make calls to US, without any hack....

    but the real question is "is there is any way to make calls to India using ANY free VOIP service"?

    Jaxtr was giving this facility to a very limited extent..
    but i assume they have stopped that too.

    for US based Real numbers u can search abt "toktome".
  9. vineesh

    vineesh New Member

    Im using VOIP Cheap and i find it very resonable, Rs1000 for 3 months and you get to call almost unlimited,their plans keep changing every day,someday cell phones are free and another day the landlines are free,it really serves my purpose
  10. nethack

    nethack New Member

    I have used VOIP Cheap to call US for free, for more than half hours continuous...
    u r paying 1000 for what?
  11. vineesh

    vineesh New Member

    1000 for registration ,so that you can avail credits.....Buying credits entitles you to 90 Freedays (unless stated otherwise). This means you can call all countries in the free* destinations list for 90 days at no costs. When the 90 days are over, you will keep your credit, and the normal rate will be charged for these destinations.
  12. nethack

    nethack New Member

    have u tried icall for US and Canada.

    "All phone calls that you make to the USA and Canada are completely free, all calls that you receive are completely free regardless of where the caller is located. As well, all calls between iCall users are free."
  13. suvi

    suvi New Member

    I have used iCall to call US and got like 10 minutes or so before it gets disconnected. And we have to listen to some advertisement in the beginning. But when I try to call again, it is not going through.

  14. mickey

    mickey New Member

    best such service was provided by get a local number to call an isd buddy...

    but when you dont have credits you cant rock on :lol:
  15. freecaller

    freecaller New Member

    I've tried free calling a lot, but they'r all limited. so i use all the limited free services from all the providers to fill up my quota.
    Jaxtr is good but its credit is for a limited period.
    There's Tpad, gives 20c free calling, just for registering, and the credit wont expire.
    Also try Freecall. it gives 1 minute free calling to the US, UK, HK, Aus ... for upto 200 minutes a month. Unfortunately u have to dial out every 1 minute.
    As for the hack that started the thread, u can get a free US number from It gives u a free US number, has a voice mail and can even take fax msgs ( your virtual office in the US)
    Happy calling
  16. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Yahoo! Voice charges 0.01c per minute for calls within US, 0.01~0.02c pm between US-Europe. This is like almost free. Why bother with other 'free' calls with dubious terms and conditions?
  17. pisces_m

    pisces_m New Member

    good said Yahoo Voice charges you 50 paisa/minute ( as per prevailing Dollar Rate. 1cent/min)for a call to US which is i think cheaper even then a local call. So why worry for all these hacks.

    These hacks are to be used only by them who 24X7 make international calls.
  18. san_narula

    san_narula New Member

    You can also try It is an Aussie company, the call rate is 7 aussie cents untimed for U.S Landlines and Mobile which means u get charged only 7 cents for one call does not matter what the length of the call is. I comes out to be roughly Rs 2.
    Also you do not have to download any software because the website has the dialer.
  19. freecaller

    freecaller New Member


    Just found Voipstunt -
    It says.."With VoipStunt you can call and sms anywhere in the world at the lowest rates possible. And best of all, you can call or sms several popular destinations for FREE*! "

    Checked the *, u need to start with a credit of $12 and start ur free calls.
  20. NatashaMazhar

    NatashaMazhar New Member

    Hi All.

    I have recently stumbles across a site called Map Your Number (mapyournumberDOTcoDOTuk) It may not be free but it offers the cheapest rates available to call abroad, they put all their calls through Bt which means you will recieve the highest quality connection possible.

    All you need to do is register using three simple steps on their website and they can have you up and running within minutes, its an easy and cost efficient way to call you friends and family abroad.

    Give it a go guys and see what you think!!

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