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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by rising21sun, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. rising21sun

    rising21sun New Member


    I am very new to this. I am trying to get magic jack and reliance/airtel internet connection for my parents( who live in India) so that can make a call to me(I live in US) .

    Could you please tell me what kind of broadband bandwidth will it support? I want them for unlimited plan and which is the better one.

    Any kind of information will be good for me.

    Thank You.
  2. Jupiter

    Jupiter New Member

    I would not recommend you to get Reliance Broadband connection as they are not reliable and more over if you get any problem with your broadband connection then it would be hard for your parents to get it working again.
  3. rising21sun

    rising21sun New Member

    Thank you for telling me.
    Could you please tell me which internet connection provider will be better and what kind one as i want unlimited?

  4. invincible12345

    invincible12345 New Member

    answer to ur question

    i think airtel or mtnl/bsnl connection will suit you the best. These connections rarely get faulty. I hv been using mtnl for the past 2.5 yrs and encountered a problem only once which they took 20 days to solve.The only problem wid mtnl/bsnl is in the case of it being faulty, the customer care is very inefficient and it may take weeks to fix ur problem...
    based on the tariffs at and ::Airtel::Mobile Services Home Phone Broadband Data Cards Internet Wireless Internet Voice Office Solution Blackberry Email Services for You and Your Business plz make a choice between the two..

    mtnl unlimited 256 kbps is for Rs. 799+50(for modem) per month.
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  5. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    which city your parents are living in..
    i think Airtel and BSNL are best options.. for unlimited plans and services and cust care both are good...
  6. greekveer

    greekveer New Member


    Hi, the cheapest is to send a magicjack to India if they have an internet connection. Try it at, they ship to anywhere in the world.
  7. MJUser123

    MJUser123 New Member

    Magic Jack works fine in Hyderabad with BSNL 256k connection. Try BSNL or contact me for more info.

    MJ User.

    Contact Details Removed ~smoothvibes~
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  8. newprouser

    newprouser Guest

    Ya.. my relatives r using that wid BSNL 250 plans without any probs... but ur better off using unlimited plans.
  9. gazprince80

    gazprince80 New Member

    I Understand that BSNL and Airtel are the best for a standalone home DSL line to use MagicJack. Has anyone tried the WiMax service or any service using a wireless laptop card/usb device for using the MagicJack?
  10. karthi25

    karthi25 New Member

    MagicJack works in chennai

    MagicJack works in chennai, with BSNL broadband
  11. ashraf_zaidi

    ashraf_zaidi New Member

    go in for airtel unlimited plan as the connection is pretty solid and will never go down. also they have agood CC. BSNL or MTNL , i would not suggest, as if anything goes wrong u are at the mercy of their whims and fancies.

    FOr airtel plan refer to this site
    :: Airtel :: Broadband Services - Tariffs - For You
  12. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    I hope u are aware of this
    Magicjack EULA excerpts,
    "You also understand and agree that use of the magicJack device and Software will include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for the magicJack device to work...Our computers may analyze the phone numbers you call in order to improve the relevance of the ads......."
  13. samin86

    samin86 New Member

    works finee

    Hey man...i highly suggest you get it....Im from the u.s. and am in dental school in bangalore....I have an airtel 1Mbps Unlimited connection....and my magicJack works amazing!!! I've talked on it for hours and hours...and have not had a problem...can hear everything properly....

    I'd suggest getting a 512 kbps connection....thats what they recommend...if you go will just make the quality less....

    as far as the advertisements...they are nothing....its not like a pop up or anything....the software it installs is very simple to automatically starts up when you plug in the usb.....the dialer is in a window...when you keep it doesn't even take up 1/4 of the its nice....after you can just minimize it...and talk away....there are little advertisements within the says call so and so country for however many cents...its really nothing..not bothersome at all...soo

    this thing is simply amazing...i keep my laptop on all day long...magicJack always plugged in...have been here for 6 months now...not a problem....other than when the damn lights go out...:/

    i give it a 4.9/5........and only 4.9 b/c nothing is perfect in this world...

    hope this helps!
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hey I'm a little confused. Does this work in Argentina? I mean Argentina is in Central US. Is that also counted in "calling US" I mean, if I pay $42 for the year, would that allow me to call Argentina too? SOMEONE PLEASE lemme know.

  15. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Can magicjack beused to call anywhere except US and CA

    i have a question..... can the magicjack be used to call anywhere otherthan us and canada?
  16. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Magicjack Rocks

    you can make calls to any where in the world, but it will be charged. Only calls to USA, Canada are free. It is an awesome product. I just love it. lemme know if you wanna but it in India /Blr.
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    $1,567,000 urchms


    i stay in Bangalore and i want to order a Magicjack for myself in Bangalore.
    can u please tell me where can i get it in bangalore, india.
    please reach me at my mobile :
  18. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Can I use magicjack with a datacard through airtel or some company or do I need a LAN connection ?
  19. alkis

    alkis New Member

    There is a new call diverter for landline and cell phone
    through skype free. the name is "Rylwy"
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  20. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Hi, I just came back from New York where i bought a magic jack to call my friends in the US. I use Airtel. But I find it very difficult to call using the landline. But wen i use the headset its perfect. Have been using it seamlessly using the headset for the past 2 days.

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