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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by vzx, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. vzx

    vzx New Member

    1 hour into reliance broadband connection and I came across one more very stupid login feature. "Login page"

    Currently I am on 150kbps unlimited and I see no point in having the login page. It's more pestering rather than helpful. I do understand that the login page is useful for consumers who have limited accounts (i.e. MB based accounts) but what the point of having a login page with unmetered accounts?:confused:

    For e.g.: Every time I restart my pc and try to connect (there is no dialer, so basically I just open up firefox) - let's say gmail.com - I am redirected to the reliance broadnet login page and only after I login, can I access other web pages.:mad:

    If i open some application which directly connects to internet without using a browser for e.g. google Talk, or Yahoo Messenger, then I cant connect. I have to first login and only then these apps work.:eek:

    That is really stupid. I hope they rectify this problem soon or I'll be reverting back to you telecom


    post edit: - I really would like to mention a funny stuff here... The FAQ section on the reliance broadnet homepage has a link for tariff plans. But the link returns a 404 error :p how lame?
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  2. botboyin

    botboyin Guest

    wel the whole point here by the reliance is not to set up a dialup or any such software for you... it might be a little effort but then u can always learn how to take shortcuts.

    the way i do it:-----

    Create reliance broadnet as one of my favourite.( so now u don have to type the url everytime)
    you can put this up in ur startup to get the page as soon as u login or boot ur pc.

    tc man ...
  3. vzx

    vzx New Member

    Pretty much strange behavior indeed..

    I just restarted my PC and now I dont need to login again. Although when I open the login page, it says "Login Expired" and yet I am able to connect...

    Basically their system is screwed up... and anyway who needs a login page for an unmetered connection. It should be plain plug and play type of thing. Plug it and surf.. hehe.
  4. botboyin

    botboyin Guest

    oh oh .. ya that has happened wid me too but u know .. thr is an explanation .. r u interested??
  5. vzx

    vzx New Member

    I just figured out the problem... Restarting the PC does not have any effect on the login information. It's the modem that is the root of all the problems.

    Every time i reboot my modem, the login page shows up... maybe it is because of the dynamic IP thingy

    But I'd love to hear your explanation
  6. botboyin

    botboyin Guest

    wel pretty much rightly said mr. wel my explanation is:

    thr r 3 levels of passes one cn say we hav. :
    1) our pc
    2) the converter or the modem as u said it to be
    3) the reliance server that must be located in ur city or region of the city.

    when u restart ur pc,
    the converter still holds ur dynamically assignd ip so u r still logged on till the ideal time set on thr servers ( i was told it is about 4-6 hrs) after wich we r automatically logged off.

    when we restart the converter switch,
    the ip is reassigned but to my knowledge, the switch contains a cache which holds ur previous ip so it takes back the same ip if it is still avail. hence still logged on.

    when u do the both,
    then u ll have to login back (but obviously after a while of dead period which i think should be less than 4-6 hrs as i mentioned before)
  7. vzx

    vzx New Member

    Yeah I guess so, but still I feel this is the most stupidest thing I have ever seen.

    What's more stupid is that when I reboot both my PC & Modem, and try to access the net - a very strange bug is seen.

    If I directly open reliancebroadband.com and login to my account and after logging in, open another tab/window to visit another site - I cant connect

    The magic procedure is to type in any URL and the browser will automatically redirect me to the login page and only after logging in at that time am I able to surf.

    I basically bought reliance connection for ease of use for my parents as I am leaving for USA in july. But I think I'll stick back to my old ISP "You Tele" as it provided static IP and there was no logging in (esp for unlimited acc) - only plug and play.
  8. botboyin

    botboyin Guest

    man i don know about this problem of urs since it has never occured wid me.

    probably change ur browser . try using opera or anythin --even a newer ver of IE.
  9. vzx

    vzx New Member

    Nah!! IE sucks big time. I'm totally against it. Am using Firefox for ages now and don't think the problem is with the browser. As such I have applied for a disconnection and have re-applied to "you telecom"
  10. coolkenny13

    coolkenny13 New Member

    changing browser doesnt help. AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo please dont go for youtelecom.I hope u cancell it.Im with it now and im regretting so much.I hate myself for taking youtelecom
  11. wtf

    wtf New Member

    Login Page Bypass

    have the reliance broadnet in 3 different location for work and home.

    And successfully installed the Linksys WRTGL wireless router and a home grown linux based router.

    In all cases the WAN (internet) connection is DHCP. On powerup the router acquires the external IP address and DNS information using DHCP. The lan side is using NAT where the subnet is As long this is setup correctly all the computers on lan should theoretically be able to connect to internet.

    Now there is just one more step to connect workstations to the internet. The reliance broadnet connection page. The first workstation wil see this page and has to login. Other workstations wont have to repeat this. It's pretty annoying as the connection times out in 15 minutes. The fucker who thought of this is pure idiot. We have a static ip and need to provide incoming access and the stupid network is timed out.

    It is a non standard way of authenticating, no router in the world supports it. The standard ways are PPPoE, PPTP, LT2P, Radius etc. After some digging around I found that the login page is posting "username" and "password" to this url

    So to make a workaround I wrote a script that makes this submit with the reliance username and password. And run it as a cron job every 10 minutes on one of the servers. Now the session never times out and no one has to see the dumb login screen. Of course I use linux machines so it's very easy to do it. If someone is interested I can share the script.

  12. nutty

    nutty New Member

    I completely agree with you. Customer service says that router should be set to PPPoE .. whereas installation guy says it should be static. I tried PPPoE but it didnt work. Static worked but has the authentication problem.

    Very painful. I am thinking of canceling my service ....
  13. nutty

    nutty New Member

    Does anyone know broadband service providers in India who provide a standard authentication mechanism such as PPPoE ?

    Thanks in advance
  14. vzx

    vzx New Member

    BSNL does provide you with a PPoE connection with a dynamic IP
  15. shyju.k@hotmail.com

    shyju.k@hotmail.com New Member

    HI, Auto login

    Can post the script that makes this submit with the reliance username and password

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